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The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback By Stephen Jones,

  • Title: The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse! Fightback
  • Author: Stephen Jones
  • ISBN: 9780762445981
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in the near future, this sequel to the innovative mosaic novel Zombie Apocalypse weaves together various voices in the form of essays, reports, letters, official documents, and transcripts relating to the fightback against the New Zombie Order.Set in the near future, this sequel to the innovative mosaic novel Zombie Apocalypse weaves together various voices in the form of essays, reports, letters, official documents, and transcripts relating to the fightback against the New Zombie Order.
    The Mammoth Book of Zombie Apocalypse Fightback Set in the near future this sequel to the innovative mosaic novel Zombie Apocalypse weaves together various voices in the form of essays reports letters official documents and transcripts relatin

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    1. Go into a bookstore and throw a rock If you don t strike an employee or a James Patterson novel chances are pretty good you ll hit a book with zombies in it triple score if you hit an employee holding James Patterson s new zombie novel All right, put down the rock I m just saying there are a lot of books about zombies, but I highly doubt you ll find one quite like Stephen Jones Zombie Apocalypse Fight Back Well, I think this is a sequel of sorts, actually but that s it.Presented as a compendium [...]

    2. I was going to do a review of each individual section each one being written by a different author but it honestly strikes me as a waste of time There s no real reason to read this book if you like each individual author You should read this book if the premise interests you.And I just don t think the premise interests me very much This book documents a zombie apocalypse from a wide variety of primary sources letters, diary entries, transcripts of videos, a Twitter feed, newspapers, official mem [...]

    3. As horrified as I was reading the first book in the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE series by Stephen Jones, I have to say I felt the same way after reading this book Not horrified by what happened horrified at how much potential it had lost.This book, ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Fightback is the second book in the series that I mentioned earlier It is also likely the last book I want to read in this series Nearly every aspect of this book is very similar to the first book, simply titled ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE Rather than o [...]

    4. So I was pleasantly surprised, with the corny title and the cover of the last one and still terrible name and considering how creative the book is, so so cover of this one , and ordered this sequel Now I have discovered that there are FIVE MORE of these, and yes, all are currently on their way to my grasping hands I feel like these Mammoth Collections have rarely let me down Still the same format found files, plays, art work, diaries, letters, texts, transcripts, police reports, emails, and note [...]

    5. As with the first collection, Zombie Apocalypse , this book contains many differing accounts of the fall of humanity and the rise of the zombie Overall the collection is pretty solid and there are a few tales that I thought really stood out.Paris When it Sizzles by Anne Billson High fashion and flesh eaters Who wouldn t want to know how zombies fair on the streets the French capital city The undead hordes versus Gallic indifference is a sight to behold One of the things I enjoyed about this nove [...]

    6. Just like the first book Zombie Apocalypse in this yet to be finished trilogy this was REALLY hard to put down I will say that it wasn t nearly as good as the first one, but almost Once again the anthology but with one cohesive story format works out perfectly And with the improved graphic design of the book the found documents come off as even believable I guess I could describe it as a sequel, but I feel that doesn t describe it exactly right It does continue and add to the story, BUT doesn t [...]

    7. This is the second book in the Zombie Apocalypse series Fightback is not really a sequel but a standalone book in the same style as the first book It is a mosaic novel, an interesting collection of eye witness reports, emails, twitter, diary entries, newspaper reports and the list goes on It really sucks you into the action and seems to hold your attention like nothing else To be honest, I think you could quite easily read this one without reading the first book as the first part refreshes the [...]

    8. Zombie Apocalypse is in my top 5 books I absolutely fell in love with the storytelling in the first book, so much so that I could forgive the silly smart zombies at the end The sequel is certainly good, but there is something missing, that completely charmed me with the first I definitely liked the juxtaposition in the endings cause I ll find any excuse to use words like juxtaposition , and I loved the detailed backstory on Moreby What I just don t like are intelligent zombies That s just me th [...]

    9. Here is book two of the now planned Zombie Apocalypse trilogy If you ve read the first one, you ll know what to expect from the tone and format of the first If you haven t read it, you ll need to because firstly the format will come as a surprise to you and much of this book will not make sense anyway Like the first, the story does not progress in a conventional narrative format but through collections of documents, emails, official reports, letters, tweets etc.Only this time, the earlier part o [...]

    10. 1 I read the first book, and I absolutely LOVE the found footage genre when it s applied to end of the world situations It s kind of similar to World War Z, so if you ve read that, read these books I was pleased to find a second book as the first one was left open.2 There s a good variety of ways the story is told, from a Twitter feed, to emails, to newspaper reports, to jokes by an undead comedian Each one carries the story along just like in the first book.3 I found the expansion of Thomas Mor [...]

    11. From AntonySimpson Zombie Apocalypse Fightback is the sequel to Zombie Apocalypse I was disappointed with Zombie Apocalypse , but I still picked up Zombie Apocalypse Fightback and was pleasantly surprised.First let me explain the premise of Zombie Apocalypse Fightback Following the breakout of the Human Reanimation Virus HRV at All Hallows Church in south London the book tells the story of Thomas Moreby patient zero leader of the zombies and that of the human struggle for survival across the wor [...]

    12. I was kind of disappointed in this book I LOVE zombie stories and will read any and all I come across, but this one did not keep me interested I had hoped that after all the setup and such in the first one that I didn t like, that this book would be firmly entrenched in the action But it wasn t It basically was another version of the first book I really don t understand why it started before the outbreak again, and it took so long to get back to the outbreak being in full swing I get that it wa [...]

    13. This review may contain spoilers What s it about Zombie Apocalypse Fightback is the long awaited sequel to the bestselling Zombie Apocalypse Another mosaic novel which weaves together contributions from big name horror writers in the form of essays, reports, letters, official documents and transcripts to create a compelling narrative In the first book, old school, flesh eating zombies spread The Death around the world Now, the fightback begins.Who s the author Stephen Jones is the creative mind [...]

    14. Let me start by making it clear that I have not read the first book Zombie Apocalypse Let me also state that this did not impact on my enjoyment of this highly unusual novel.The inventive use of emails, letters, articles, reports and transcripts, rather than a traditional narrative, taps into the modern multi media age to superb effect The reader is presented with a fate accompli in the form of eye witness accounts during an outbreak on an apocalyptic scale the likes of which the world has never [...]

    15. The last chunk of this book really saved it for me It wasn t nearly as good as the first book I m being generous though and giving it four instead of three or three and a half stars because of its originality.I love that Neil Gaiman contributed to this volume, although his was perhaps the shortest entry in the book The rest were all very long which was unfortunate at some points, because so many of them were boring to read I like how many of them referred to people from the first volume However, [...]

    16. This isn t a traditional anthology It s in the style of found documents and the multiple authors contributed I was disappointed with this one I d read Zombie Apocalypse and thought it did an exception job of showing a civilization in decline before the zombies even showed up Since this is a sequel of sorts, I thought it would pick up about where the other one left off but instead a lot of the book covered the same territory from other points of view but there was very little indication of a soci [...]

    17. Spotty, despite a stellar line up of contributors, including Neil Gaiman, Christopher Fowler, Simon Strantzas, and others of equally high calibre Jones s first Zombie Apocalypse anthology was excellent, and much underrated, probably because many fans of the genre prefer carnage to atmospheric horror and political satire This time, on the other hand, the collection is less consistently successful Reggie Oliver, who appears unable to take a literary misstep, is nearly alone in crafting a genuinely [...]

    18. The sequel was a mistake Where the previous book mostly concentrated on the accounts of the survivor, this book focus is on how the zombies created and one mastermind thinking zombie which just exasperated me, This book tried to explain the origins of zombies it in a supernatural way, which is kinda lame and make me lose interest in the plot very fast It got very boring And when it was shown this way, I really hated it Maybe it is unfair to expect every zombie story , the reason of the infection [...]

    19. This book was okay, I tend to like the multi author approach but the way the zombies were handled and the way the contagion evolves is beyond ludicrous to me I know that zombie novels at their genesis are an exercise in suspension of disbelief, however I have always said that the existence of the walking deceased IS my suspension of disbelief and I want something at least quasi plausible at least I didn t feel that In fact roughly around the two thirds point in the book I had serious thoughts of [...]

    20. first off, i have NOT read the first book yet now that s out of the way, i want to begin with saying how much i LOVE the style it was written it has twitter esque narration, emails, call transcript to name a few now, the best part for me about this book is it has a different take on zombies compared to the original zombies that Romero did, anyway i won t go into much details so as to avoid spoilers, but it is a breath of air so to speak the downside it did bore me at the beginning, the pacing wa [...]

    21. Sometimes you discover a book that is brilliant Clever, enthralling and new Thats how I felt about the first book in what became this trilogy Unfortunately, I really don t feel it needed to be extended The first book was enough This second offering was a just a longer repetition of that initial idea It gets 3 stars because the concept is still great I love the collaboration amongst so many authors in such a variety of styles, from tweets to emails I also appreciated the revelation of Thomas More [...]

    22. Started off good It appeared to be building up a good story, but throughout the book it became obvious that there weren t any direction of the story and eventually it deteriorated into rubishI do like the way the compilation of stories, documents, diaries etc work to present the story and I did enjoy the first book It appears though the author or rather authors were tired of writing the book and just wrote whatever at the end to finish the book A pity It could have been a good book Really not wo [...]

    23. Loved it Even better than the first It continues a few of the story lines from the original, and it leaves a great opening for a third book Much like the first, it s a great idea for a zombie novel Not a straight narrative, but a bunch of news clippings, texts, tweets, diary entries, etc that tell the story of how the zombies change and how humanity fights back Freaking awesome

    24. Enjoyable and some of the segments were entertaining and creative than others, still had links and references to the first book Cannot wait to see what happens in the third.

    25. 2.5 THe first book was much better This one was so disjointed and all over the place I have lost total interest in the series.

    26. A slow start that builds up to an exciting story This book of short stories flows together so well you can t tell it s a book of short stories.

    27. It takes forever to get going It gets better once you get to the scientists and Fright Club If you liked the first one then this is an ok sequel If not, don t bother.

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