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Looking Back At Me By Wilko Johnson Zoë Howe,

  • Title: Looking Back At Me
  • Author: Wilko Johnson Zoë Howe
  • ISBN: 9780957171701
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Wilko Johnson talks with Zoe Howe about astronomy, education, Canvey Island, Mick Green, and wielding a red and black Telecaster for Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, and his own three piece r n b bands.
    Looking Back At Me Wilko Johnson talks with Zoe Howe about astronomy education Canvey Island Mick Green and wielding a red and black Telecaster for Dr Feelgood Ian Dury and the Blockheads and his own three piece r

    One thought on “Looking Back At Me”

    1. More of a coffee table book with long anecdotes I saw Dr Feelgood back in the late 70s after Wilko had left and I d half followed his career I was sad to hear the other day that he s been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer Would like to get tickets for his farewell tour He s clearly something of a polymath and I enjoyed the tales of his travels in India He was obviously a talented artist and the later sections about his interest in astronomy were also good.What was never really discussed [...]

    2. I loved this After seeing Wilko supporting Status Quo in Wolverhampton in April 2014, I became a huge fan He had so much energy, wildness and love for good old fashioned RB Awesome stage presence Blew Quo out of the water His band are terrific Have always admired Norman Watt Roy s phenomenal bass playing Dylan Howe was amazing, too Anyway, after that gig I wanted to find out about Wilko and Dr Feelgood I d only ever seen clips of Roxette on BBC4 programmes Reading Looking Back at Me I came to l [...]

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