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Qui a tué Roger Ackroyd ? By Pierre Bayard,

  • Title: Qui a tué Roger Ackroyd ?
  • Author: Pierre Bayard
  • ISBN: 9782707318091
  • Page: 343
  • Format: None
  • Penzler Pick, August 2000 Edmund Wilson, the famous literary critic, once inquired disdainfully in an essay explaining his inability to develop the mystery reading habit , Who Cares Who Killed Roger Ackroyd In a single sentence, with its reference to the notorious plot of Agatha Christie s sixth novel, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, he struck deep at the collective spirPenzler Pick, August 2000 Edmund Wilson, the famous literary critic, once inquired disdainfully in an essay explaining his inability to develop the mystery reading habit , Who Cares Who Killed Roger Ackroyd In a single sentence, with its reference to the notorious plot of Agatha Christie s sixth novel, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, he struck deep at the collective spirit of a community of like minded souls the detective fiction readers of the world Ever since 1926, when the novel in question was first published, helping to insure its author s reputation as the ruling queen of crafty crime, mystery fans have indeed cared Passionately But until the arrival of this provocative rereading of the case, written by a psychoanalyst and translated from the French, it is likely that not one of them ever doubted the validity of the solution as worked out by the redoubtable Hercule Poirot After all, if the author s own detective had incorrectly followed the clues laid down for him, what kind of unsteady ground was the reader left standing on Although Bayard makes it clear that those picking up his book don t necessarily have to return to the original text he does give a very concise summary of the principal characters and actions of Christie s story it is an exercise, really a pleasure, that I urge you toward The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is such a landmark of the genre that it is not just a bit of nostalgia, a form of genial time travel, but also a reminder of what the Golden Age of the mystery novel was all about the matching of wits between writer and reader, with puzzles that truly puzzled and were made all the satisfying by the operative credo of fair play To address the actual plot of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is to risk spoiling the fun Let s just say there is an English village, King s Abbott, in which a bluff country squire, the much mentioned Ackroyd, resides until his untimely death, stabbed by an unknown assailant Unfortunately for the murderer or so one used to think, pre Pierre Bayard there is also in the village a retired Belgian police inspector, the unparalleled M Hercule Poirot Poirot s celebrated little grey cells, those he uses to form his theories of a case, steadily power the investigation to its startling conclusion, one that has always been as magnificent for its shock value as for its apparently irrefutable logic That Professor Bayard s delicate probing of the book s structure manages to turn it convincingly in a fresh direction, toward an actual murderer never even suspected, is a triumph of scholarship that is at once playful and serious How we approach classic texts should never be as static an experience as we generally allow it to be, a truth proved anew by Who Killed Roger Ackroyd It now joins a list of other similarly clever literary treats, among which I include Rex Stout s Watson Was a Woman and Frederick Crews s The Pooh Perplex Otto Penzler
    Qui a tu Roger Ackroyd Penzler Pick August Edmund Wilson the famous literary critic once inquired disdainfully in an essay explaining his inability to develop the mystery reading habit Who Cares Who Killed Roger A

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    1. This is truly a find I recently recommended Bayard s other book How to Talk About Books you Haven t Read and am equally enthusiastic about this one In this short but dense text, Bayard deconstructs one of Agatha Christie s most famous Hercule Poirot novels The Murder of Roger Ackroyd It helps to re read Christie before embarking on Bayard Spoiler alert for those of you who haven t read Christie which is a mistake and you should add it along with The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The ABC Murder [...]

    2. Reads like a Doctoral Thesis in psychology Filled with spoilers of almost the entire Christie oeuvre And his new solution I won t spoil it is fairly lame and, like Christie, comes only in the final few pages Christie, however, is entertaining.

    3. A really interesting re evaluation of the Agatha Christie book The Murder of Roger Ackroyd in which Bayard suggests that another character is actually the murderer, not the character accused by Poirot and accepted by posterity Bayard compares Ackroyd to similar Christie novels Endless Night and Curtain as well as other works such as Oedipus Rex He examines the nature of delusions, Freud s psychoanalysis and the act of reading A fascinating evaluation of both the classic book and the relationship [...]

    4. Agatha Christie nin sundu u nerme ve y ntem akademik bir bak a s yla ok sa lam bulgularla ele tirilmi Fakat yazar n alternatif olarak sundu u nerme de t pk orjinalini ele tirdi i noktalarda oldu u gibi tamamen yorum ve y nlendirmeye dayal kalm Eksik bilgi verilerek yalan s yleme zerinden yaz lan bir polisiyede sonuca gitmenin imkans zl noktas nda kal nabilirdi.

    5. The book proposes a very tasty alternate solution which shows considerable promise The psychologic profile fits better, the choice of suicide by Shephard becomes logical, introduces a love component to the story, the entire ridiculous business with the dicataphone is not needed But it fails.The book proposes Caroline Shephard as the murderer with Dr Shephard as the blackmailer explaining she killed Ackeroyd to protect her brother Many things fit perfectly but not the clue of displacement of the [...]

    6. Meh Not nearly as good as anticipated I can t get over his declaration that Poirot is delusional sorry if that spoils it for you And I see no reason why it s better to say that Sheppard just knew that Ackroyd had been murdered because he _didn t_ get a phone call from Ackroyd and that s why he hot footed it over there than to believe Poirot that Sheppard set up the phone call to cover his need to get back to the scene of the crime Otherwise, I could go along with his selection of alternate murde [...]

    7. the disection of the text of the Christie s classic mystery is wonderful to read but I can t accept his premace that Poirot s deduction of Dr Shepherd as the murderer is a psychotic delusion I trust Poirot s little grey cells but an interesting read all the same

    8. Way too many spoilers This is written for an academic audience familiar with the entire Christie canon I had to skip pages at a time to avoid list after list ruining twist endings.

    9. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is not just one of my favorite Agatha Christie books but one of my favorite books of any genre The ending is just so fantastic The clues are there for the reader to pick up on, but you don t Or at least I didn t But Mr Bayard is here to say, the very ambiguous writing leads to the wrong conclusion He actually refutes Dame Christie s endinge one she has gone on record of saying is true While I believe it true what they say an artist loses ownership of her art when it s [...]

    10. Pas mal je n ai pas encore termine le livre, donc la critique pourrait etre amen e changer, mais je reste dubitative sur cette fixation que fait l auteur tout un chapitre sur le livre Une nuit qui ne finit pas, et surtout sur son extraordinaire intrigue qui est en tout point semblable celle de Mort sur le Nil que l auteur ne cite m me pas dans ce chapitre Je ne dis pas cela parce qu , alors que je n ai t surprise par aucun des multiples spoilers pr sents plus t t dans le livre, je ne connaissais [...]

    11. Comme toujours, virtuose et profond Avec un fil conducteur de livre en livre le lecteur comme co createur de l ouvrage Le lien entre roman policier et psychanalyse est frappant Passer d Agatha Christie Freud via Sophocle est passionnant.

    12. Interessantissimo saggio, che propone una soluzione alternativa al famosissimo giallo della Christie L assassinio di Roger Ackroyd La parte centrale su delirio e psicanalisi mi risultata un po ostica, ma la soluzione alternativa risulta plausibilissima, anche se mi distrugge un mito.

    13. This short book is really a thought exercise What if Hercule Poirot got the solution wrong in The Murder of Roger Ackroyd Bayard walks through every step and clue in the mystery, and he logically explains an alternate ending I don t have a strong opinion on which ending is correct the best argument is that the one Christie wrote is correct because it s canonical and that s all that matters Regardless, I enjoyed reading it and putting my mind through the paces This book is best when Baryard stick [...]

    14. No one I have read combines tongue in cheek interpretation with deadly serious analysis quite like Pierre Bayard I think that Bayard s alternative solution to this mystery is a bit delusional nevertheless, I had fun reading his spin despite some pretty turgid literary theory that gets in the way I ve now read the three Bayard books that have been translated into English all have been worth reading Definitely start with How to Talk about Books you Haven t ReadBy the way, there s no point reading [...]

    15. Though heavier in the theory department than the subsequentSherlock Holmes Was Wrong , Who Killed Roger Ackroyd still shares some of that other works same flaws, in that Bayard occasionally pushes some of his theories and postulations to the near breaking point Still, enjoyable in its own right, though definitely not recommended for Christie fans who have yet to make their way through the majority of her works as spoilers aplenty abound.

    16. First, re read The Murder of Roger Ackroyd It had been a year and a half since I had read it, so I brushed up with David Suchet PBS you can find it on Netflix doesn t follow the text exactly, but you ll be reminded of the characters, and Bayard fills you in on what you need to know about the plot anyway I feel that Bayard is onto something here He points out the numerous flaws in the original work But he could have taken it a step further This was the book Christie published right before she dis [...]

    17. Read this in preparation for mystery book discussion at Addison It is an academic book, not particularly light reading, and a translation from the French The author is a psychoanalyst and professor of French literature in Paris There s quite a bit of Freud and other psychoanalytical background information making this a tough book to skim And even though it is only 160 pages including footnotes, I truly did want to skim it The final section with the author s interpretation of who actually murdere [...]

    18. Bayard, a noted French Psychoanalyst, deconstructs Christie s famous novel and suggests, no, declares outright that Christie s solution was wrong Hercule Poirot s little grey cells undergo a psychic blindness resulting in him fingering the wrong killer All of the major characters and a number of minor characters have their psyches probed and the result is wonderful In the end, I entirely agree tat the doctor s wife, and not the doctor himself, most likely killed Ackroyd

    19. Very interesting, very dense Skip to the last three chapters of you just want the answer to the question and don t want to wade through the deconstruction of the text which I didn t feel added to the answer although interesting in its own right.

    20. I love anything this woman wrote Whether it s Miss Marple, Hercule Poirot, or Harley Quinn.I will read it.

    21. Loved the revisionist conclusion actually satisfying than the original The psychology used to get there was less fun to read.

    22. I found this book too tedious to finish Much of what I did read was just a re hashing of Christie s book and then and then and then Not enough meat on the bone.

    23. Fascinating meditation on the mystery genre and the function of mystery plots I m surprised that Bayard doesn t compare Caroline Shepherd to Honoria in Murder Is Easy So many parallels

    24. French psychoanalyst and literature professor Bayard deconstructs Agatha Christie s famous mystery and comes up with a new, and believable, suspect

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