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A Legacy of Secrets By Carol Marinelli,

  • Title: A Legacy of Secrets
  • Author: Carol Marinelli
  • ISBN: 9780373131440
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Business Pleasure What the Corretti playboy wants Personal assistant Ella is never without her Santo Bag not the latest designer must have, but emergency supplies to handle whatever the devilish Santo Corretti throws at her But no pair of sunglasses will cover the darkness in her boss s eyes this morning.Scandal is circling Santo s family is in tatters HisBusiness Pleasure What the Corretti playboy wants Personal assistant Ella is never without her Santo Bag not the latest designer must have, but emergency supplies to handle whatever the devilish Santo Corretti throws at her But no pair of sunglasses will cover the darkness in her boss s eyes this morning.Scandal is circling Santo s family is in tatters His brother is languishing in a jail cell and his latest film s on the rocks All Santo wants is a little TLC Except, Ella s heart is not part of the playboy fix it kit.But what Santo Corretti wants he gets
    A Legacy of Secrets Business Pleasure What the Corretti playboy wants Personal assistant Ella is never without her Santo Bag not the latest designer must have but emergency supplies to handle whatever the devilish Santo

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    1. This is the 1st book of 8 in the Sicily s Corretti Dynasty Series by Carol Marinelli and tells the story of Santo Corretti, playboy, filmmaker, womanizer and also best man for his brother Alessandro s wedding which of course so did not go so well Ella, Santo s SUPER EFFICIENT PAleft Australia after a very traumatic event in her life and decided to visit the country where her mother was born Having to find work, she was hired as Santo s PA, which she saw as a stepping stone to doing what she has [...]

    2. Clearly, I am a biased reader since I m also a Presents author and I ve written the seventh story in this series But I really enjoyed this book Carol Marinelli writes with passion and intensity and I loved it I know what all the stories are about because I worked with the other authors and yet hearing what it is and seeing it done are two different things I love the playboy trope, and I thought Santo was awesome I wanted Ella to be a little forthcoming with him, but she did it in her own time a [...]

    3. Ella is hired by Italian Santo Corretti to be his personal assistant She becomes so much The only good thing about this book involved ice cubes Would I recommend this book Yes, I would Would I read this author again Yes, I would

    4. Initial thoughts What I liked Everything More accurately I absolutely loved this book and completely fell in love with it It was so amazing The story between sexy Santo and fiercely independent yet vulnerable Ella with deep pains in her past especially after a traumatic event that recently happened in her life What I didn t like Not a thing Absolutely nothing was wrong with this book, story, or characters This story was complex and fit so completely together to make this compelling love story th [...]

    5. Families no matter how rich or how poor all have secrets Some secrets can tear the family apart and it can take years to repair the damage, other secrets can destroy lives to the point of no return and never to be undone But such secrets all have the same effect, they emotionally and physically destroy the person from the inside,and can make them cold hearted and unfeeling In this read I was shown by the author that secrets are sometimes a good thing, but also when the right person comes along t [...]

    6. A Legacy Of Secrets by Carol MarinelliThis is the first book in Sicily s Corretti Dynasty Series There is a prequel available for free by Carol Marinelli titled Uncovering The Correttis.Ella has decided to escape her nightmare life in Australia, and travel to Sicily to have a fresh start Embarrassed by her families dark secret she is praying no one discovers the truth She is determined to make a name for herself in the film industry as a director, and will let nothing get in her way, not even he [...]

    7. At the top of her game, Carol Marinelli delivers emotional depth, her unique take on emotional conflict, passionate love scenes and flawed characters with depth and originality.That said I m not a fan of the Boss PA trope and the playboy isn t a favourite hero of mine although in the right hands he can win me over The opening didn t immediately grab me either If not for the emotional depth it would have been nothing out of the ordinary But without it, Ella could have come across as heartless or [...]

    8. First book of Sicily s Corretti Dynasty series.Normally, I d give 3 stars for this kind of story But somehow I was quite drawn to this one Maybe because I always like this kind of theme An arrogant playboy boss and his PA And those ridiculous requests and orders I really liked the idea of Santo Bag It s just that sometimes both characters can be very annoying I can t find the exact words yet But I kinda liked the fact that I can go like and dislike both hero and heroine, in good terms Well, ever [...]

    9. Considering the set up and setting, the book is nowhere near as dark and melodramatic as you d expect It s pretty light with dark accents , and the dynamic between the hero and heroine didn t seem conventional to me Overall, it was very enjoyable, particularly because the hero seems unusual He s rich, but there s an element of screw up in him that you don t normally see in HPs Not a major screw up, but a bit enough to make him seem almost human I d probably give it 3.5 stars, despite the inevita [...]

    10. Rating 3.5 starsOkay the hero came across as a sex crazed pig most of the book and the heroine was pretty closed off but for some reason I enjoyed the book.To be honest I am sure the hero was a walking talking STD and it was weird that the heroine would sleep with him seeing as his PA having witnessed his super slutty behaviour Plus he was cheap as well and a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen, as he had always slept with his PA s the heroine having rejected that possibility early on.But s [...]

    11. UPDATED APRIL 2016 First read in June 2013 I decided last week I wanted to re read the story in this series where we discover WHY the bride Alissa runs away from her wedding but to do it true justice i believe you really need to re read the entire series before you get to the one A Legacy of Secrets is Book One and I enjoyed every page I think I even liked Santo and having read the whole series I understood about the background stuff that is cleaverly revealed thru the exciting story A fast pa [...]

    12. I tend to like storylines of admin PA heroines working for alpha male bosses, and this was a great one The heroine is efficient at her job but opens herself up to passion while hiding the deep scars of her past The hero is a playboy who learns to open his heart to real love.I have to admit the head hopping in the writing style made it rather confusing, especially in the last quarter of the book, but the characters were very well developed and the romance had good emotional conflict The external [...]

    13. This is the 1st book in the Coretti family series They re all written by different authors that s sometimes a mistake IMO I read the Sarah Morgan story, which is 2nd in the series first In that story, Santo came across to me as a serious, driven, mature man He s actually a shallow playboy in CMs book, which is a shame He could have been actually like Sarah Morgan s interpretation been a far interesting character Instead, we get the same old trope about the hardworking PA, who falls for her car [...]

    14. I liked this one Santo is a member of the infamous Corretti family which is riddled with scandal Santo didn t have a huge secret, but he was huge playboy When his PA, Ella, ends up breaking her own rule of not sleeping with him, the end up confessing hidden feelings of love after a typical interim of not being together and misunderstanding about something else I m curious about the rest of the family and am anxious for the release of their stories

    15. I really liked this book The first book in Corretti Dynasty series, loved Santo a lot, he is arrogant yes but he also cares for Ella The chemistry between Santo and Ella is very good.I don t know why but I found Ella changing her mind often very cute and sexy and the way Santo deals with her is also cute.

    16. I would probably have not read this if I had not gotten it as a part of a reader panel I thought I d try something different.A thoroughly dislikeable couple, a storyline that was not as interesting as the back cover copy, and worst of all, it felt poorly edited to me.Did not enjoy this one at all.

    17. I laughed a lot in this one Some of it, a lot of it was very emotional but there was some funny romantic parts as well that made me laugh, giggle and smile It was all around a decent and good novel to read.

    18. One of the best Harlequin s I have read in quite a whileFull review to followC courtesy of Harlequin via Netgalley

    19. 3,5 Syukak banget sama sampulnya Santo ini beberapa sifatnya hampir mirip dengan Ferrara tentunya ada penambahan poin plus seperti humor yang mirip kek sepupunya si Luca dan sifat gentlemen dalam men treatment wanita Waktu Ella merajuk itu loh sampe bengkak dan terpaksa pake kacamata pas Santo tau langsung membujuk Ella dan kekesalan yang diluapkannya kemarin langsung lenyap.So sweet abis meluapkan kemarahan besoknya langsung terlupakan.

    20. Buku pertama dari seri Dinasti Sisilia, buku yang menarik dan bikin jantung naik turun gemez Sukaaaa Berkisah tentang Ella yang separo Italia dan Australia Hidupnya di Australia penuh trauma, jadi ia memutuskan untuk pergi ke Italia mengunjungi keluarga ibunya Tapi sampai di Italia dia bimbang, apakah harus menemui bibi bibinya atau tidak Untuk mengisi waktu akhirnya ia mencari pekerjaan dan diterima sebagai Asisten Pribadi Santo Corretti Pria arogan dengan reputasi sebagai playboy kelas wahid y [...]

    21. This review was posted at Tsuki s Book Blog on July 15, 2013I read the first two books in this series out of order and I m glad I did since this one didn t work for me as well as the second one While I liked this one it wasn t enough to make me read book two Book two was enough to make me go back and read book one though and good enough to get me to look for book three.Ella is Santo Corretti s personal assistant and she hates it He is a complete playboy with zero boundaries, zero respect, and ab [...]

    22. Ella decided that the best thing for her to do was to put as much distance between herself and her father as possible, to that end she was leaving Australia for Italy and desperately trying to get her mother to go with her Disheartened that her mother chose to stay with her father, Ella leaves and attempts to make a life for herself abroad She gets the job of a personal assistant to Santo Corretti of the Sicilian Corretti s a name synonymous with scandal Ella makes it clear from the start that s [...]

    23. Sicily s Corretti Dynasty, Book 1Ella was tired of trying to save someone who didn t seem to want to be saved She finally sets out to realize her own dreams Getting her foot in the door of Corretti Media is the first step in seeking her ultimate goal a director in motion pictures However, Ella finds that she may not get that achievement with the charismatic Santo, but she could still find her lust fulfilled since she is looking to walk away anyway Santo has just watched his family life go throug [...]

    24. la historia es ligera y muy amena, pero no me ha emocionada tantonque Santo es todo un conquistador me ha dejado claro que se es posible mejorar en ciertos aspectos de la vida Buen libro

    25. This book tell the story of Ella, a PA to a filmmaker Santo Despite his playboy s reputation and demanding attitude, Ella s relationship with him are solely professional level But thing changed when she spent a night with him after the wedding day disaster of his brother Despite her vow of not to giving involve and commit herself in a relationship after the abusive marriage of her parent, she soon became attached to Santo and there are expectation on Santo unknowingly by her until Santo choose s [...]

    26. 3,5 kaaa santo n g suka ellarrnto g memaksa atw merengek agar ella mw bhub lebih dgn xdy ngaku klo dy menginginkan ella tp dy g memaksa merayu ella.dy tw alasan2 ella menolakx n hanya butuh waktu ella sadar ap yg dy tolakkata2 santo ngena bangetrasain lw ellaha ha ha evillaughella g mw bhub dgn pria ap lagi klo dy bekerja sbg pegawai c pria dy g mw kjadian am ibux terulang lgirgantung pd pria yg memberix pekerjaanella g mw itu terjadi padax makax dy mati2 an menolak santody akhirx mw bhub intim [...]

    27. Menjadi asisten pribadi taipan perfilman sangat menguras emosi Emma, sang heroine Dihubungi di jam2 yang tdk biasa, kerja full timer, mengirim hadiah perpisahan untuk mantan2 yg tersakiti, dan menghadapi emosi Santo, sang hero, yang spt roller coaster Sebenarnya tujuan utamanya bukan mjd asisten pribadi, melainkan sutradara yg handal Tetapi itu tdk bisa dicapai begitu saja tanpa pembelajaran.Ketika Kurang lebih 2 tahun dia berharap bs mjd asisten sutradara tapi tak terwujud, akhirnya sang heroin [...]

    28. Ella has an abusive father who regularly hits on his wife After he turns on his daughter and puts her in the hospital, Ella leaves home Australia She s saved enough for her mother to come too, but can t convince her mother to leave Despite the odds against getting a job in film, she manages to talk her way into a related job with Santos a movie producer who is a typical alpha male who s in Sicily where her mother is from originally Ella and Santo s banter is fun even though a lot of this situati [...]

    29. BLOG adictaxictoxicoNormalmente los primeros libros de una saga de este tipo no me gustan porque dejan muchas cosas por resolver y siempre los protagonistas no logran gustarme, sin embargo eso no me paso con esta historia aunque los dos primeros caps no me gustaron a medida que fui avanzando me fui enamorando cada vez mas de Santo, ese hombre no tiene pelos en la lengua y dice todo lo que piensa, cosa que me fascina, aunque en su familia hay muchos secretos supongo que los iremos resolviendo con [...]

    30. No te he dicho que te quiero record l entonces Creo que lo acabas de hacer Bueno, lo repetir para m s seguridad le dijo mientras la abrazaba Te quiero Es la primera vez que se lo digo a alguien Te quiero tanto quepasar el resto de mi vida demostr ndote que puedes confiar en m Ohhhh Santo Ya estoy amando esta serie, y reci n empiezo Puedo querer y necesitar leer mil cosas, pero a veces, mi necesidad de alg n libro de Harlequin es mayor Y siempre encuentro algo

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