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A Night with the Rock Star By EmmaRose,

  • Title: A Night with the Rock Star
  • Author: EmmaRose
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The stunning conclusion to the Taking Stage series After her decision to leave Max, Therese is heartbroken and empty Despite her decision, her sister has other plans for Therese
    A Night with the Rock Star The stunning conclusion to the Taking Stage series After her decision to leave Max Therese is heartbroken and empty Despite her decision her sister has other plans for Therese

    One thought on “A Night with the Rock Star”

    1. The book picked up right where the last one left off This series was a total cliff hanger It kept me anxious every time Can t really wait to see how it ends.Aww My heart broke for Therese and Max Can t they just live happily ever after I m a little sad since they broke up But Nikki made me laugh Totally It was so hilarious I can actually imagine Sarai s being tied up and beaten by Nikki That s tough.And with Max s confession I was like OMG Oh.My.Gosh So fuckin sweet I want you in my life, Theres [...]

    2. Therese accepts that she cannot be with Max because she doesn t want the drama However, after Max shows up and they talk and she decides she cannot carry on a relationship with him any, her sister redeems herself in this book and gets Therese and Max back together I enjoyed the series, however I wished they would have just made this one book and each book like a chapter But otherwise it was good and kept my attention.

    3. Let me just say, I love Nikki The sister who defended her sister who is plus sized Ya know the one we all thought was narsasistic and belittled Therese for plus siezd I also loved, Max Yum Gorgeous hot rockstar who wants Therese all to his fine ass self Yum again Sarai well she got what she deserved and I loved it Maybe I m being a vindictive beyotch but hey Karma is a Loved the ending I would have loved it if Therese actually had a backbone though She to learn to stand up for herself

    4. YAY got my happy ending.Overall I loved the series, and this last book though everything happened really fast and in a short amount of time the books were well written I LOVE the fact that the rocker chooses someone who HAS flaws, and isn t a perfect size It is very refreshing to read books like this one.

    5. reviewing all 5 books in one I enjoy this series, eventhough I think that most of the time the story felt rushed I kind of hated Therese for giving up just like that when the ex started going cray cray with her, I mean it s not even Max s fault yeah having a popular, hot rockstar is crazy as shit and scary but you can t have your rainbow w o a little rain p

    6. Endearing love story About time a size 12 female is featured as the heroine and love interest Therese is a gorgeous girl, sweet and intelligent Max is the rock star who falls for her The pursuit is worth reading this series Fully recommended

    7. I loved this whole series All five books It was a quick read and it did leave me wanting but I really enjoyed it Well worth it Thanks for a great read

    8. Would have given higher rating if the series would have been just one book with a bit development Overall I liked it

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