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The Wolf Who Stole Christmas(Xmas Tales 1 - Lengendary Lovers) By Vanessa Jaye,

  • Title: The Wolf Who Stole Christmas(Xmas Tales 1 - Lengendary Lovers)
  • Author: Vanessa Jaye
  • ISBN: 9780991780303
  • Page: 461
  • Format: ebook
  • Once upon a Christmas time, Santa s daughter Holly had to choose between two men a love sick Jack Frost, or a tightly disciplined werewolf name Furio Sure, she could melt the powerful Elemental s lonely heart but can she bring out the animal in a wolf afraid to love again Free Book Paranormal romance, short story, Christmastime, North Pole Setting.
    The Wolf Who Stole Christmas Xmas Tales Lengendary Lovers Once upon a Christmas time Santa s daughter Holly had to choose between two men a love sick Jack Frost or a tightly disciplined werewolf name Furio Sure she could melt the powerful Elemental s lone

    One thought on “The Wolf Who Stole Christmas(Xmas Tales 1 - Lengendary Lovers)”

    1. This does read like fan fiction, yet there is a slight nod to a daughter being pressured to date a jerk if this idea had been given room, the story would have been a bit better.

    2. Book source Free on Santa s daughter Holly has a lovesick Jack Frost after her, but she has eyes only for the werewolf engineer, Furio Unfortunately, Furio hasn t made a single move toward her In fact, in the two years since she s known him, she hasn t been able to get him to talk about himself at all When Santa invites Jack to dinner and tells Holly to be nice to him, so that they have snow for Christmas, Holly resigns herself to a grabby hands meal She had no idea the results that dinner would [...]

    3. This is a short and sweet novella with just a hint of the erotic The story progresses swiftly but does not lack a plot that involves and pulls you in The characters are actually very well realized in a short period of time and make you feel what they are feeling The dialogue is good and keeps the story moving forward There are a few problems with words being wrong or grammar, but it is minor and does not take anything away from the story Holly is the only daughter of Santa and Mrs Claus She has [...]

    4. An adorable short story about Santa s daughter, Holly Holly is in love with Furio, the werewolf who works for her father and Jack Frost is in love with Holly.When Santa invites Jack for dinner and asks Holly to be nice to him because they need snow for tomorrow, Christmas Eve, it set a series of events into motion, that make this book a fun, short book

    5. This was a nice change to all the usual xmas stories out there This one is a little naughty and nice, which was perfect The only thing I wasn t thrilled with was the fact that Jack Frost was a jerk I love Jack Frost and he is one of my favorite characters, but i understand why it was written this way and like I said I do like the story.

    6. Not a bad story, kinda on the cheesy side Would be fun to read one snowy evening around the holidays when you want to steam things up a bit Was nice that there was an actual plot and not just gratuitous sex, not that that isn t always a bad thing Like I said short, sweet and steamy.

    7. Can I have a werewolf please I am a sucker for Christmas love stories and it was PARANORMAL too Yes I loved Holly and Furio story it was short and sweet I even liked Jack Frost

    8. Very sweetVery sweet, great short read themed stories Great for this time of year Looking forward to reading Would recommend

    9. Santa s daughter, Holly wants Furio wolf but Jack Frost wants her Shifting dirty talking reindeer Enough said Read the book Its free, short and has a HEA.

    10. A sweet erotic short Great for the Christmas season Good ole Santa s daughter, Holly can t stop the feelings she has for a certain broody werewolf, Furio But Jack Frost has his eyes set on Holly.

    11. A quick Christmas shifter story Romantic and festive Free at the moment as well so get it before it goes up in price.

    12. It was a very weird way of looking at a santa , his daughter, inventor, wife,frost, and how they could fit into a shifter world I enjoyed it

    13. Jack Frost and the wolf man just gave a new meaning to roasting by the fire on Christmas.It s heating up in snow land and Holly is really happy

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