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Farewell Fear By Theodore Dalrymple,

  • Title: Farewell Fear
  • Author: Theodore Dalrymple
  • ISBN: 9780985439477
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. 42 essays on wide ranging topics books, society, welfare state, crime etc Some better than others.p201 I can take a risk myself that I have no right to demand that others take It is typical of governments that they should not understand the distinction.p203 if you give too many examples you become boring, if you give few you are accused of being anecdotal.p210 But decades of decline, the welfare state and easy credit have changed all that very large numbers of them, far from wanting to stand on [...]

    2. This book is a collection of newspaper articles written by Dalrymple This one has many recents articles so it includes commentary on American issues as well as the typical British problems.Highlights A discussion of art in the chapter Beauty and the Best A critique of modern environmentalism in Destructive Preservation The entitlement mentality in Steel Yourself Censorship in thank You For Not Expressing Yourself Fiscal irresponsibility in Let Them Inherit Debt Dalrymple s incisive diagnosis of [...]

    3. A volume of cutting realism about the human condition A favorite exposition from the volume ere is nothing delightful to the human mind, or at least to any human mind, than to do evil in the name of good Even the dullest of understandings is lightening quick in its capacity to rationalize sadistic urges in the language of morality To roam through these essays is to take a journey with the most ruthless and generous expositors of human nature as it really is Dalrymple is a mordant wit and a tren [...]

    4. A collection of interesting essays Many reflections on current events, often on various aspects that bring up philosophical matters Others, reviews of books And some pure reflections, as on feeding birds.

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