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¡Bien por los Siete Secretos! By Enid Blyton,

  • Title: ¡Bien por los Siete Secretos!
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Qu calor Con las ventanas y la puerta cerradas, el cobertizo donde se re ne el Club de los Siete Secretos es como un horno Por ello deciden trasladarse a lo alto de un rbol en el Bosque de los Vientos Es un sitio ideal fresco y oculto de los curiosos
    Bien por los Siete Secretos Qu calor Con las ventanas y la puerta cerradas el cobertizo donde se re ne el Club de los Siete Secretos es como un horno Por ello deciden trasladarse a lo alto de un rbol en el Bosque de los Vientos

    One thought on “¡Bien por los Siete Secretos!”

    1. This was yet another of the Secret Seven novels I missed as a child, but have now caught up on This is a really quick mystery, as the first part of the book deals with the Seven finding a cooler meeting placein the hot weather, and deciding to build a tree house These sort of things are what makes these books the idea of independent play and the ability to be able to trot off and do stuff I was a sheltered child, I would never have been allowed these freedoms The mystery is quickly resolved, and [...]

    2. This title is 3 of 15 novels in the Secret Seven Series, originally published in the late 1940 s and 50 s I would categorize it as a cozy English mystery for kids Many reviewers of the English version have remarked on how dated it seems Of course the Brisitsh characters and their circumstances are not those of 21st century American culture However, I tend to agree with one of the reviewers who remarked that since she herself as a child reader hadn t noticed the disparities, she doubted most kids [...]

    3. This book is about a group of children called the Secret Seven who are a group of children who likes to solve mysteries in their village.It was during one summer vacation when the Secret Seven were very bored and had nothing to do So they decided to go into the woods and build a treehouse to stay in All of the members were having fun and relaxing in the treehouse They brought snacks and games from home to eat and play all day long One day, Pam, one of the Secret Seven members decided to leave he [...]

    4. Secret Seven Book 3 Well Done Secret Seven Wow The Secret Society is really doing some great job Hats off This one was a lot better than its previous counterpart The plot is something like this As the summer heat approaches, the secret seven build a fanciful treehouse to escape into pleasing shades and coolness with drinks and biscuits The secret society soon discovers a strange boy along with his cat who trespasses into their domination and they soon get to know about the boys Uncle, who always [...]

    5. Secret Seven no.3, in which the kids actually do have to do a bit of sleuthing.Oh yeah, and their parents let them stay up to go on a crime sting with the local cops How awesome was childhood in Enid Blyton books

    6. The secret seven 3 is an amazing book A few mysterious words make this book what you wouldn t guess it was.

    7. Revisiting the books of my youth out of a feeling of nostalgia I loved Enid Blyton when I was younger and can t wait to re read these with my own children.

    8. This is the third installment in the Secret Seven series by Enid Blyton The book is called, Well Done, Secret Seven.After the events of the previous novel, the Society have had nothing to do so during their holidays, The Secret Seven want somewhere different then Peter and Janet s Shed so they head out and build their very own tree house at Windy Woods After their success at building their tree house they find out that some of their food has gone missing Then one night Peter and Colin head out t [...]

    9. The Secret Seven have a new meeting place a tree house But someone else is secretly using it too The gang are furious that someone has found their hide out and is pinching their food and goodies, but when they find out that the intruder is in big trouble and needs their help, The Secret Seven are on the job to crack the cryptic case and help this mysterious intruder I, for one, thought this book was much better than the first two I read, just because of the way in which the story wasn t rushed I [...]

    10. The Secret Seven build a tree house27 April 2013 Another short Enid Blyton mystery where the Secret Seven manage to prevent some bad people from ruining somebody s lovely day However it takes about half of the book for the adventure to start because the first half of the book has them building a tree house because the shed in which they meet in is a little too hot However, it always makes me cringe when English authors talk about hot days in England because they are pretty much non existent, in [...]

    11. Having enjoyed Enid Blyton s books as a child, I thought I would re read one of them This book is the third in the series and tells the story of the Secret Seven having yet another adventure In this book, they encounter a young boy, Jeff, who tells them that he has overheard a criminal plan The Secret Seven must act to stop this plan, and save the boy I quite enjoyed reading this book, as it is written in short chapters and it is quite fast paced I feel it would be good for individual reading, p [...]

    12. Another thing I found on the shelves at home, my mother s childhood copy, this time A pleasantly quick and easy read, I recall that when I was young I preferred the Famous Five, because their adventures were exciting, and that memory seems fair, although this is rather lovely A world in which small children wander off into the woods in the centre of the night is always surprising these days, but the story is solid as ever, and the adventure genuinely rather compelling in this case I think I d l [...]

    13. This is an enjoyable and mostly fair mystery It s a bit sentimental some people might call it manipulative.When their shed gets too hot, the Secret Seven decide to meet elsewhere They find a tree in a nearby wood, and use wooden planks to create a transient tree house that they disassemble after each meeting But their meeting place is found by a young boy who has an injured kitten and who is in trouble.The copy I read was a Children s Large Print edition, ISBN 0 7540 6027 6, with 98 pages Finish [...]

    14. Enid Blyton is an amazing childrens author, bestselling in the world Although almost undiscovered by Americans.This series The Secret Seven Features 7 children who form a backyard club They love to have meetings with SecretPasswords, etc Soon, they begin to fall into mysteries This series is for the younger reader than the other series Enid Blyton wrote for children 8 10 years old maybe.Great reading introduce your children to Enid Blyton today

    15. Ah this was the one where they build a treehouse for their club house how funny it is, these books i grew up with they built a treehouse, i wanted to build a treehouse they had secret passwords, i made secret passwordsi wanted to be a part of their adventures and i was when i read them i recommend these books for any child under 10

    16. The mystery adventure in this one is not very interesting The best part of the book is when the gang builds a treehouse The complete of lack of actual detective skills in the Secret Seven is beginning to annoy me slightly they need to get Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes in to give them a talk so that they re no longer completely reliant on coincidences to solve their mysteries.

    17. This is one of my favourite secret seven books, although I thought it was abit strange that Enid Blyton decided that the Secret Seven would be fans of the famous five and said how great they were because it seemed a bit weird that she was writing that However this doesn t make the book any less enjoyable.

    18. How can you not adore a writer that teaches children to behave well, to tell the truth and to work for the good of society I love this book and all of Enid Blyton s stories Yes, it does have traces of class superiority and obvious racism, but, the values are of that age, and there is an innocence in the stories that come across through the years.

    19. This book was rather interesting that I could read it in less than an hour.I somehow occasionally hope that I could have created such a group so that the group may fing lots of fun solving mysteries by connecting the clues which we are sure of.

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