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Tempting the Billionaire By Jessica Lemmon,

  • Title: Tempting the Billionaire
  • Author: Jessica Lemmon
  • ISBN: 9781455573776
  • Page: 275
  • Format: ebook
  • BUSINESS OR PLEASURE Crickitt Day needs a job any job After her husband walks out on her, she s determined to re build her life and establish a new career When swoon worthy billionaire Shane August hires her as his assistant, she jumps at the chance to prove herself Despite her growing attraction to her boss, she vows to keep things strictly professional No flirtBUSINESS OR PLEASURE Crickitt Day needs a job any job After her husband walks out on her, she s determined to re build her life and establish a new career When swoon worthy billionaire Shane August hires her as his assistant, she jumps at the chance to prove herself Despite her growing attraction to her boss, she vows to keep things strictly professional No flirting No kissing Definitely no falling in loveShane August is all business, all the time He s a self made man who s poured his heart and soul into his company, and he d never allow himself to get involved with an employee Then he hires sweet, sexy Crickitt and he can t keep his mind or his hands off her But no matter how much he wants Crickitt, Shane fears that painful secrets from his past will always come between them With fate working against them, can these two lonely hearts learn that sometimes mixing business with pleasure is the perfect merger
    Tempting the Billionaire BUSINESS OR PLEASURE Crickitt Day needs a job any job After her husband walks out on her she s determined to re build her life and establish a new career When swoon worthy billionaire Shane August hi

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    1. 3.5 starsDebutCrickitt Day, once successfully self employed and happily married is now reeling from the loss of both her career and her marriage Out with her friend Sadie one evening at a local club, she catches the eye of Shane August Shane, unbeknown to Crickitt is a billionaire entrepreneur and president of August Industries, an organisation that helps smaller businesses to expand After interviewing for weeks and desperate for a new personal assistant, he offers the position to Crickitt.I ver [...]

    2. 5.5 left me smiling stars This book is the defination of fluffy LOL really sweet and fun book Loved both Shane and Crickett.ey made an adorable couple espically Shane loved his down to earth attitude and Crickett s no whining policy will definatly be reading from this author and herLove in the balanceries

    3. This book got on my nerves First of all, Shane first sees Crickitt in a bar, crying her eyes out Sounds attractive right Well Shane certainly thinks so He s immediately drawn to her so because his buddy likes Crickitt s friend, he decides to be a good wingman and dry her tears while his friend does his pick up bit Somehow through her tears, Crickitt comes off as someone who would be a good assistant so Shane offers her a job Crickitt needs a job, but she thinks his offer is too good to be seriou [...]

    4. Tempting the Billionaire was escapist romance at its best We all know that we re not going to bump into a billionaire who will, in the space of ten minutes, realize he has the perfect six figure job for us And in real life, even if that did happen he wouldn t be a hot, Greek god of a man he d be overweight because he doesn t have time to exercise while running his Fortune 500 company Oh, but to read about things we know will never happen is half the reason we pick up books in the first place And [...]

    5. At first glance, this sounds like your typical romance novel hot not so rich girl manages to crack through the tough veneer of the hot, oh so rich guy But a few pages in, you ll find Jessica Lemmon s debut novel, Tempting the Billioniare, isn t typical at all Hero Shane August is hot and rich, but he s not the kind of tough, cold, aggressive alpha male that tends to define the genre Instead, he s a big ol softie who bakes his own cookies, leaves a month s rent as a tip for a breakfast bill, and [...]

    6. I enjoyed the journey of Shane and Crickett s romance Jessica Lemmon is a terrific writer that draws you in to the emotional conflict I d read in a blog that Henry Cavil was the author s inspiration for Shane, and so that s how I saw him throughout.Pretty yummy

    7. if you like Christian Grey or Gideon Cross prepare yourself for Shane August Great book super cute No BDSM or weird stuff very romantic and sweet I really enjoyed this book moving onto book 2 now

    8. This isn t typically how I find employees, but he shrugged I need a personal assistant And someone with your background and experience is hard to come by Crickitt is no stranger to heartache After nearly a decade of marriage, her husband declared that he no longer found her lovable or desirable, leaving her heartbroken and confused about herself and her future That one night, when she was crying at the bar, she never expected to be approached by the tall, mysterious stranger When he asked how he [...]

    9. I was close to giving it 5 stars, but the ending was a bit eh for me Shane started to annoy me and view spoiler that almost plane crash Really hide spoiler

    10. Originally posted on What I m ReadingYesterday I finished Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon First off, I probably could have finished this book in a day, but alas life always get the better of me at times Seriously, I really wanted to sit down and finished the book I mean I loved the story Here s why We meet Shane August, who happens to be a hot billionaire Who wouldn t want to meet him However, he tends to put up a wall when it comes to women It s always best to be prepared for anythin [...]

    11. Oh man That was one hell of a painful read So many pages with clunky sentences riddled with over the top metaphors.I don t know Maybe I am a cynic but if I am at a club bar what have you and I am a man and there s a girl at a bar crying her eyes out, I wouldn t think of her as a prime target for seduction or anything other than a tissue This book is boring as hell Nothing happens There is no discernible conflict other than they both know that they want each other but they shouldn t be together b [...]

    12. I really liked how the story started The first chapter sucked me in I continued to enjoy the story, but then toward the end it lost me and I love these stories.My problem and this is a problem I have with all books that do this I really liked Shane I loved that he was rich and successive, but yet he was modest and very generous not only to Cricket but to others However, the ending where he kept running from Cricket claiming that he needed to work out his issues When he ran, I hated how Cricket a [...]

    13. NetGalley free read.I liked it Thought it was cute, but I had issues with the character s issues I sort of understand that Shane s family life was problematic, which caused his issues with commitment But why include his extended family if they aren t there to acknowledge that his upbringing was screwy and to be there to reaffirm that he s not alone His interaction with his family was awkward and clunky As for Crickette horrible name , she was just a doormat He kept pushing and pulling She should [...]

    14. Eh this one was just ok The beginning is cute but I lost interest in the second half The billionaire hero doesn t really come across as a billionaire to me He could have easily been a millionaire

    15. Notes I read the eARC of this book and will need to verify quotes against the final version.My Synopsis I think I m doing this all wrong To tell the truth, I saw you crying and I wondered if I could do anything to help If you ll let me She turned to him, her eyes softening into what might have been gratitude, before a harder glint returned Tossing her head, she met his eye Help Sure Know anyone who d like to hire a previously self employed person for a position for which she has little to no exp [...]

    16. Tempting the Billionaire is one of the sweetest reads that I ve come across this year.The story isn t something entirely new or novel but as I said s sweet.This book is simply about two people meeting on chance and then somehow they bond together almost instantly.Their bond grows stronger and so do their feelings.But since both of them are fighting some demons in their lives they resist it.And in the end.ey succumb to it and have a happily ever after.That s it Sweet and simple.The situations put [...]

    17. Leave your assumptions at the Lamborghini when you pick up Tempting the Billionaire It s tempting to assume that any billionaire in a romance will be domineering verging on autocratic with even a little slippage into dictatorial but Shane August is a team player Perhaps it s the nature of August Industries, a company that partners with budding entrepreneurs to ensure that they succeed instead of fail It s worth noting that the failure rate of new companies in their first year ranges between 33 t [...]

    18. This is a great debut from Jessica I expected going in to find the typical billionaire with a houseful of servants, maybe he d buy the heroine a car or two, but no Nothing than a driver because Shane is so down to Earth I have to disagree with the comments saying Crickett is a doormat She was intelligent enough to realize anything going on with Shane was personal and deep and had nothing to do with her Only the strongest woman can wait a man out like that It took a lot of bravery for her to kee [...]

    19. A brilliantly written book with extremely adorable characters though I felt it was missing a certain touch of unique ness I felt like I d read it in some areas I d still absolutely recommend this book to those that are a fan of the genre and are in the market for a quick, fun, interesting read I loved the characters, particularly the leading male Despite the fault, I still LOVED reading this I would 100% rec, particularly if you re new to the genre Full review to come

    20. While this story has a typical storyline of boss employee forbidden love and one with a family history holding them back from having a relationship, writer did a good job not being too predictable in getting to the assumed ending Characters had a good dynamic and I was kept interested page to page Not a lot of steaminess, of a classic story well written and an enjoyable light read.

    21. Crickitt is a relatable character and Shane is sweet as the chocolate in his homemade cookies I found myself rooting for them to work as much as Crickett Plenty of LOL moments Can t wait for Jessica Lemmon s next book

    22. This book was so much fun I love Jessica s voice and found myself smiling throughout the story Looking forward to the next in this series

    23. The romance genre is oversaturated with billionaire plots and even though I had my doubts, Jessica Lemmon s Tempting the Billionaire was a pleasant surprise.Crickitt Day is down on her luck and needs a job Hoping to chase the blues away she agrees to a night out with her best friend Sadie While at the bar Crickitt breaks down into tears as she takes stock of her life and what she s lost Across from Crickitt is Shane August and his cousin Aiden Shane reluctantly agrees to go out with Aiden to hel [...]

    24. Crickitt day has just came out of a nine year marriage Jobless and heart broken she is at a crossroads in her life One night her best friend, Sadie takes her out to a club Emotionally drained she finds herself crying at the bar Meanwhile across the room is Shane August, owner of August Industries and his cousin Aiden Shane is out on the town with his recently divorced cousin, whom is trying to get back in the dating seen They both spot Crickitt crying While Aiden believes she is an easy target, [...]

    25. I generally LOVE Billionaire books, so I figured that I would love Tempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon too For the most part I did like the book This is the story of Shane Anderson, Billionaire He runs a company that helps other people market their products and get their foot doors that would normally be closed He is at a bar one night with his cousin Aiden and sees a woman across the bar crying, Crickitt Day Crickitt s husband has just divorced her and it seems like her life, both person [...]

    26. When billionaire Shane August goes to a club with his cousin he notice a woman crying at the bar He start a conversation with her and when she tell him she needs a job, he offer her an interview After an interview and a date, she become his personal assitant Shane and Crickitt are determined to keep things professional despite their mutual attraction, but fate has others plans for them Not to mention there s something in Shane s past that stop him from opening up completely We usually say don t [...]

    27. You can find this review at My Favorite ThingsTempting the Billionaire by Jessica Lemmon is NOT what I expected and I was very pleasantly surprised I expected light hearted and fluffy and it wasn t Don t get me wrong, it s not a sobbing, emotional wreck causing book, it is witty and touching, but there are some really intense scenes that will have your heart in a vice grip.Crickitt is still getting past her failed marriage and dealing with those wounds Meanwhile, Shane has been on autopilot for [...]

    28. I d actually give this a 2.5 better than a 2 but not quite a 3 REVIEW Romances, by nature, are formulaic Boy meets Girl in a meet cute that either sets up the novel to be gang busters or ho hum It can either get better or worse from there One or both of them is damaged, almost beyond repair In my opinion, it s always better if BOTH are broken toys, so to speak They both feel an inexplicable pull, but for whatever reason, do not come together There is conflict, emotional, physical, you name it, b [...]

    29. Tempting The Billionaire is a fun and sexy escape read that will hook you from beginning to end.After the end of her almost ten year marriage, Crickitt Day had the lowest self esteem imaginable She quit her high paying job and doubted her every decision Now after using most of her savings she needs to find another job, but with what she believes to be little to no useful skills she is having a hard time finding one that pays well.Shane August is looking for a PA, but after he was featured on a m [...]

    30. Posted on Romancing the Books blogReviewed by JoAnneReview Copy Provided by the PublisherI recently started reading romances with billionaires as the main character and focus of the plot and Tempting the Billionaire didn t disappoint While a cute premise with the main characters of Shane and Crickitt fighting their chemistry and attraction every inch of the way I couldn t help but root for them to finally connect after surrendering to what their hearts knew even if their heads didn t always agre [...]

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