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The Dragons of Winter By James A. Owen,

  • Title: The Dragons of Winter
  • Author: James A. Owen
  • ISBN: 9781442412248
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Archipelago of Dreams is no but the battle to save it has just begun in the penultimate book in the acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series.The Caretakers are at war The Archipelago of Dreams has fallen to the Echthroi, and the link to the Summer Country has been lost The Keep of Time must be rebuilt, and the secret lies somewhere in Deep TimeThe Archipelago of Dreams is no but the battle to save it has just begun in the penultimate book in the acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series.The Caretakers are at war The Archipelago of Dreams has fallen to the Echthroi, and the link to the Summer Country has been lost The Keep of Time must be rebuilt, and the secret lies somewhere in Deep Time at the beginnings of the World, when the Summer Country and the Archipelago were one and the same Fortunately, there is still hope the Grail child, Rose Dyson, and the new Cartographer Edmund McGee have learned how to map time, and through a precarious balance of travel to the past and the future, they have a chance of repairing the present.Rife with allusions to history s great literary figures and personalities, from Gilgamesh and Medea to Edgar Allan Poe and H.G Wells, this absorbing adventure, the sixth in the Imaginarium Geographica series, leads its heroes to a land where all secrets may be found Known at the beginning of time as the City of Jade, history came to call it Atlantis And it is there that the Architect of the Keep may have trained the young angel who built the city an angel named Samaranth.
    The Dragons of Winter The Archipelago of Dreams is no but the battle to save it has just begun in the penultimate book in the acclaimed Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica series The Caretakers are at war The Archipe

    One thought on “The Dragons of Winter”

    1. I have to say this was rather anti climatic, overall The final few chapters, to be exact There s a lot of that talking instead of fighting stuff, and then it turns out it was only talking Again there were numerous unanswered questions With everyone casually turning into dragons, I have to ask myself how does that work What is happening How can they do that What Although we see less and less of the original main characters, I did like the new characters introduced, and I have high hopes for the T [...]

    2. Interesting story line and concept The book features an alternate world where famous authors and scientists live on as ghosts or portraits that come alive, but I recall only one female author being mentioned by name Agatha Christie and 0 female scientists, but dozens upon dozens of of males The male characters also were often indistinguishable from one another Twain had none of his southern style, language or irascibility He was written the same as Chaucer, Burton and Newton Two of the main char [...]

    3. Taken from the jacket cover The Caretakers are at War The Archipelago of Dreams has fallen to the Echthroi, and the link to the Summer Country has been lost The Cabal renegade Caretakers who have become agents of the Shadow are amassing power to open our world to their masters Only by rebuilding the Keep of Time can the two worlds be reconnected, but not even the vanished Dragons knew how the Keep was built, or who built it and the Echthroi are coming Caretaker Emeritus finds a trail that might [...]

    4. Very excited for the ending of this series Book 6 was the most unique so far, and while it had some very satisfying moments, it also left a lot unanswered Curious to see how Owen wraps it up.

    5. All I can really say is OMG Goats I m sure that eventually I ll be able to say , but I m still in shock over how awesome this series book is

    6. Just wowI am just awed how each book is just as great as the last one All I can tell you really is to just read the series, it will change your life

    7. Este o sexto e pen ltimo volume da saga Imaginarium Geographica E estou sem conseguir prever nem de longe o que h de acontecer em seu final Espero ansiosamente pela resolu o da hist ria e que ela esteja a altura do que Owen nos presenteou at aqui.No come o da leitura, estava me sentindo um pouco perdida, porque fazia algum tempo desde que eu tinha lido o ltimo volume e esse o grande problema em acompanhar trabalhos ainda em progresso, quando h bastante tempo de espera entre um volume e outro Sen [...]

    8. Overall, as this series goes on, I m struggling to keep the multiple story lines and characters straight A few years ago I discovered the novel Here, There Be Dragons by James A Owen This is the first book in the 7 books series known as the The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica which follows the lives of Jack, John and Charles as they battle the forces of evil in an effort to save the World Quite a tall order for three unknown gentlemen from Oxford.This is a wonderful series of books tha [...]

    9. The Sixth book in the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica is very much like all of the rest, steeped in literature and ancient myth There are references that will make you giggle in their cleverness and others that will make you scratch your head and go do some research You will squeal in bookish delight as beloved authors come into play for the first time and you discover plot devices stolen from even beloved stories This series is a Bookworms dream Sadly there is only one book left to [...]

    10. I definitely enjoyed reading The Dragons of Winter by James A Owen In this sixth adventure, our Caretakers well, some of them travel to the FUTURE They travel to the future first seen or experienced by H.G Wells Bert Well, that s the future they THOUGHT they were heading to In reality, they end up someplace very, very different, a what might be world of darkness The time they spend in this world is very interesting to me, and they do meet an interesting Bradbury inspired underground community Bu [...]

    11. I m starting to see a pattern to the way I read long series The first book I devour The middle books drag on I swear, no pun intended Then, sometime after the halfway point, the slope points down and I breeze through the last few books.By the time I got to Dragons of Winter, the slope had begun, and this was a fast read All the assorted threads of story are starting to come together Owen s typical start a lined finish it dramaticallygambit was used to better effect in this book than in previous [...]

    12. By this point, the series has outright stopped making sense and has become a convoluted mess And indeed that wouldn t be much of a problem I mean, that pretty much describes any Stephen King book and yet we love him for it if Owen were a better writer and managed to hold the reader s attention This book finally marked the moment when the series quit being entertaining despite some fun details here and there, mostly in the form of the spot the reference game I mentioned in earlier reviews What st [...]

    13. This series is just layering historical figures, literary elements from so many varied sources, fantasy and fiction in ever evolving layers At times, it seems like too much stuff is crammed into one book, but overall this had been such a rich, engaging, interesting series An incredibly unique set of books that keep you so involved and on the edge of your seat In this book, the goal was to try to find the Architect of the Keep of Time, and for the first time, a main story line carried over into a [...]

    14. Very complex as any multiple timeline fantasy can become especially when there is time travel by so many methods and characters from both Shadow and Light.A slower read because of the intricate interweavings, but I was still quite satisfied by the end of this portion of the saga of the Imaginarium Geographica as there is the development of Chronology equivalent being created recreated Intended for young adults, this is equally engaging for adult readers, since a large percentage of the character [...]

    15. It was a long reading In a busy month, I read it little by little on bed, before falling asleep And, to my surprise, I enjoyed it than the previous two or three volumes I read it thinking on endind what I started since there were only two books left, but, since the story got a bit better I m actually looking forward to read the next volume But I m still upset that the Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica aren t about the imaginarium geographica at all any, so only three stars.

    16. Originally posted on BlueAnteaterThe sixth in the Imaginarium Geographica series.Alright, I ve given up trying to figure out all the intricate timey wimey plots in this series I m just gonna sit back and enjoy the literary ride Really liked the new characters, as well as though it was quite confusing the time travel bits Penultimate books are always a quick read, but Owen managed to keep things interesting.

    17. This volume felt a bit stretched at times Especially with the addition of yet another secret society That being said it wasn t a bad book The dystopian future which had a nice homage to Fahrenheit 451 in it was well done The battle of one ups manship between the heroes and villans was an interesting twist on what the reader would expect Personally I loved the battle goats You will have to read it to find out why The set up for the next, and final, volume was well done with a nice attention grabb [...]

    18. I have loved this series since I first began reading it with my boys The way the author combines history, fiction, mythology, etc to create a new story worth waiting for is breath taking This was a wonderful continuation of the story, and when you read it please don t forget the epilogue That is the most important part of the story, so says the author I m thrilled to know the last is out already The blessing for forgetting a series while waiting for the next to come out The library will bring me [...]

    19. This was a major disappointment He d planned to finish the series with this book, and he as good as says in the afterword that he d rethought that, but he tried to cram everything in anyway It was incoherent and confusing Is there another book coming Ugh I liked the series, but this was absolutely shoddy work.

    20. Such a surprising read I have loved reading this entire series, but the Dragons of Winter have made me realize why I love this series There is true storytelling that goes on in the Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica , with tricks and trails, witty humour, and delightful and sometimes despicable characters I love them all It s a great read, especially for those who love literature.

    21. This book was so so so so good Absolutely amazing I love the way high fantasy is blended so well with historical and mythological elements This series should be read by everyone I can t wait to read the last one

    22. So much has happen since the first book, but with the books getting deeper into time travel Things start to get tense as the story processes I have stick to this great series so far and hope the last book wrap it up with fireworks at the end.

    23. I seem to spend the first 2 3 of the book saying, why am I reading this, why am I reading this, why am I reading this and then it gets better so that you say to yourself, well, I can finish this series and be done.

    24. Two chapters in, I wasn t sure if I was going to finish this one By the end, I knew I d be reading Book 7 Definitely kept me interested

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