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Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation By Gail Simone Brad Walker Jimmy Palmiotti,

  • Title: Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
  • Author: Gail Simone Brad Walker Jimmy Palmiotti
  • ISBN: 9781401212315
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the pages of DC s smash hit Villains United comes the saga of a mysterious new team of misfit adventures that walk the line between good and evil and takes on the dirtiest, craziest missions in the DC Universe Their first mission to rescue one of their own from a North Korean prison before he s executed leads them to the realization that someone is trying toFrom the pages of DC s smash hit Villains United comes the saga of a mysterious new team of misfit adventures that walk the line between good and evil and takes on the dirtiest, craziest missions in the DC Universe Their first mission to rescue one of their own from a North Korean prison before he s executed leads them to the realization that someone is trying to have them all killed But who has it in for them
    Secret Six Six Degrees of Devastation From the pages of DC s smash hit Villains United comes the saga of a mysterious new team of misfit adventures that walk the line between good and evil and takes on the dirtiest craziest missions in t

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    1. Swiftly moving past the cruddy title Six Degrees of Devastation , which sounds like an emo high school band s name I was hoping this book was going to reveal to me the brilliance of fan favourite Gail Simone s Secret Six series that I d missed with the last Six book Cats in the Cradle and the first issue of the New 52 re launch that I d read And it didn t If anything, Six Degrees was worse than both and made me completely give up on the series Six Degrees is labelled as Volume 0 meaning, at leas [...]

    2. I absolutely loved Villains United, so I really have no excuse for taking so long to read any of Simone s Secret Six work And what I liked in Villains United is also what I liked here Simone handles her morally questionable characters really well I m especially attached to the wonderfully awful Ragdoll And, as a special service to her readers, Simone added a character she could make even creepier Mad Hatter He s been very inconsistently handled over the years, but I think he works best as a deep [...]

    3. In this collection, the Secret Six try to recover from the betrayals and losses they suffered during the Villains United story They also pick up a new teammate here and there, and Simone makes it all work I loathe the character of the Mad Hatter, but she makes me sympathize with him, especially by having him pick on someone his own size during a battle with Dr Psycho This collection also explores some of the hilariously unapologetic moral depravity of Ragdoll, who has become my favorite DC chara [...]

    4. Secret Six was one of the bright spots in DC s roster around 2007 Gail Simone took a bunch of D list villains and turned them into gold, spinning tales and back stories that gave the book a depth that other writers could never have Secret Six is a perfect example of what can be done with the leftovers when a master chef gets ahold of them Damn fine work.

    5. Really enjoyed this, but then again it s rare that I don t enjoy anything Gail Simone does What she does well here is to take those second rate throwaway characters and not only breathe new life into them, but make them sympathetic, three dimensional bad guys Vandal Savage as always chews up the scenery throughout the story, Cheshire is gloriously written, and the Mad Hatter wanders around in a bizarre poetic daze Deadshot and Catman, two characters I have always liked are at home in the spotlig [...]

    6. There is an endearing honesty to Gail Simone s team, the Secret Six This is a group of damaged ne er do wells who initially come together as a team of mercenaries motivated largely by the dollar signs dangled in front of them Surprisingly, they all didn t die and have formed a family for themselves and continue to chase those dollar signs In a lot of ways the Six are a darker, damaged, version of The Rogues This allows for Simone to write a miniseries that would be described as pulpy in a good [...]

    7. 9 10 Portray Hatter s ability, sexual, accurate portrayal of deadshot Ends with them beating vandal savage and rag doll pushing hatter off a cliff

    8. Hoping to read up on the works of Gail Simone, whose writings I have never before read, I checked out a couple of trade paperbacks from my local library One of those was this Secret Six collection In this book, a team of supervillains work together to go on missions, when they are targeted by the nefarious Vandal Savage, forcing them to take direct action against him.It was, in a word, rubbish.I grant that Simone has a modicum of talent when it comes to writing dialogue and depicting funny situa [...]

    9. I ve been struggling to get through this for two weeks now picked it up every day or two and just couldn t get engaged by it Don t understand this I love everything that Gail stands for as a career path to comics writing, and as a wonderful person , and I ve enjoyed her writings before even found them amusing.For some reason I just couldn t get pulled in by this the characters seemed dry and stolid, most everyone a little too tightly wound I thought I d enjoy Savage after her last outing, but i [...]

    10. Once again, with much trepidation, I branched out in the DC Universe for a change of pace.I ve heard a lot about this title for some time, so I thought I d give it a shot However, I was a bit weary of doing so as I ve mentioned before, aside from a braod, general knowledge of the Big 3 Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman , I know next to nothing about the characters that inhabit the DC Universe And even less about B and C string villians of that universe.But, none of that really mattered with this boo [...]

    11. Over the years I became a big fan of the Secret Six a band of renegade villains thrown together through plot and eventually held together through a variety of personal ties, villains with feet of clay and hearts of well, not gold, but perhaps cast iron doing bad things but for reasons and in ways complex than it might seem This is the first volume collecting 1 6 of the series from back in 2006, and we have sex, violence, and multiple counts of betrayal and just when you re ready to root for som [...]

    12. I adored the Secret Six Catman and Deadshot were a weird but awesome team up And Ragdoll If I was going to be gruesomely murdered by anyone in the DCU I would want him to do it He s psychotic yet insanely cute at the same time Polite, too Exactly what you want when your number s up Who wants to be hit over the head with a boring brick or pushed out of a tedious window No, I want to strangled by a villain with personality a villain who has dark twisted sexual fantasies about butterflies Gail Simo [...]

    13. This volume continues the dark hud fun that Simone began in Villains United although I am sorely missing the repartee between Ragdoll and Parademon Still, the team does gain a few new interesting members We ll see how long they last My criticism is with the uneven artwork It s definitely not as good as the first book, but it gets the job done, I suppose I suppose it s not required, but I can t imagine reading this without having first read Villains United It s essentially volume 2 of the Secret [...]

    14. Any book which has a scene in which everyone is yelling at each other, and everyone is naked, and it all seems perfectly natural, deserves at least 3 stars My only regret is that The Mad Hatter can t stay in this group but let s face it Would you like to write a monthly rag wherein every episode you had to find a new and exciting way to use the books Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass I figure everybody s got at least a few things to add about Louis Carrol s works but you got to b [...]

    15. To properly enjoy this book, you ve got to get past all of the absurdity, like characters named Catman, a team with six in the name that constantly only has five members, Scandal Savage being the daughter of Vandal Savage actually rather than get past it, you have to embrace it.Gail Simone throws together some very C list villains into a faily enjoyable book By the fifth issue, she has all the characters, including the creepiest Mad Hatter you d imagine, clicking.Brad Walker provides suitably ov [...]

    16. It has detailed art work that really brings the actions and themes to life, but the images are the best part of this I would give it two and a half stars if the site would let me, because while I enjoyed it, it was hard to get emotionally invested in this Some of the story arc was just plain silly and unoriginal, but I can deal with something when it s been done before so long as it s done well Unfortunately, the writing is a bit of a drag, which makes it hard to commit to it There are great mom [...]

    17. Reprints Secret Six Limited Series 1 6 The Secret Six brings in the Mad Hatter and question who is trying to kill them Secret Six is a fun book and deservingly got a series after this mini series there was a lot left open The characters are fun and are very reminicent of Suicide Squad DC and Thunderbolts Marvel where villains turn heroesrt of The art is good and the character are interesting.

    18. The Secret Six return, again showing that not all who wear a costume are heroes As the team is getting back into the swing of things, they are targeted by former foe Doctor Psycho and Scandal s father, Vandal Savage With Knockout nearly killed, the teams adds the Mad Hatter to the roster in hopes of coming out on top Backstabs and betrayals abound in this precursor to the ongoing series.

    19. Not a bad book by any means and the series has plenty of potential, but it didn t quite get me in Gail Simone is pretty awesome at establishing interesting character dynamics, but the characters themselves maybe didn t interest me enough in this arc to be really psyched about what i read Admittedly better than a three star batman comic.

    20. This is the first main series that the Secret Six got and it as a fun ride In this you can see how the members are still changing and the fun that happens because of that So hang on for my favorite comics.

    21. A good beginning to a new series The team are bad guys and sickos but because of the quality of the writing the reader ends up on their side This is the one where Randall Savage wants his daughter and the Mad Hatter joins the team An intriguing read.

    22. Like junk food that can be satisfying compared to hunger, I did not expect much, the art did not promise much, but I really enjoyed reading this book Villians vs villians, Fun stuff

    23. kinda twisted and creepy thanks to the mad hatter and ragdoll characters especially But I do enjoy rooting for the villains for once.

    24. Great antiheroes Very entertaining with some interesting, complex relationships Definitely a monthly title for me.

    25. Ok this book was too hard to pick up without the history I don t follow the story and can t really figure out the characters Not a good standalone book

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