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A Medal for Leroy By Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman,

  • Title: A Medal for Leroy
  • Author: Michael Morpurgo Michael Foreman
  • ISBN: 9780007487516
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Inspired by the true story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British army, this is a stunning new novel of identity and loss by Michael Morpurgo, biggest UK children s author and the bestselling, award winning writer of War Horse, now a smash West End and Broadway hit as well as an Oscar nominated movie Michael doesn t remember his father, an RAF pilot lost iInspired by the true story of Walter Tull, the first black officer in the British army, this is a stunning new novel of identity and loss by Michael Morpurgo, biggest UK children s author and the bestselling, award winning writer of War Horse, now a smash West End and Broadway hit as well as an Oscar nominated movie Michael doesn t remember his father, an RAF pilot lost in the war And his French mother, heartbroken and passionate, doesn t like to talk about her husband But then Auntie Snowdrop gives Michael a medal, followed by a photograph, which begin to reveal a hidden history A story of love and loss A story that will change everything and reveal to Michael who he really is
    A Medal for Leroy Inspired by the true story of Walter Tull the first black officer in the British army this is a stunning new novel of identity and loss by Michael Morpurgo biggest UK children s author and the best

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    1. A great children s book that tackles tricky themes in a careful way It was inspired by the true story of Walter Tull who I know a lot about , a black soldier in WWI who although was very brave was not awarded a medal for his outstanding courage due to the colour of his skin I admire the way Michael Morpurgo tackles important issues and doesn t sugarcoat his books My son bought me this book for Christmas as he knows I love this author A great choice

    2. It is a few years after the war has ended and young Michael not the author is growing up in London, living with his French mother Christine All he knows about his father is that his name was Roy, he was in the RAF during the war, flying a Spitfire and he had been shot down over the English Channel His mother had one of his medals and let Michael keep it in his room She told him that his Auntie Snowdrop really Martha had the other medals and would be happy to show them to him when they visited he [...]

    3. Those readers expecting an animal story involving the courage and faithfulness of an animal in a war setting will be disappointed, as Jasper, the black and white terrier depicted on the book jacket, is peripheral to Morpurgo s latest tale Instead, the novel focuses on the story of a black officer serving the British forces during World War I, a rarity in that era, so those stories went largely untold It is also a story of stigmatism resulting from racism and illegitimacy Illegitimate offspring, [...]

    4. A medal for LeroyThis book tells the story of a young boy Michael growing up in the 1940 s Michael lives in London with his French mother His father was killed in action during World War 2, just 6 months into his marriage to Michael s mother Michael s father grew up with his two aunties, auntie Snowdrop Martha and auntie Pish Mary Once his father was killed his mother made an arrangement to bring Michael to visit his aunts Although, Michael and his mother was not entirely trilled with these arra [...]

    5. A grey cover with black soldier and a small black boy holding a dog did not interest me The novel A Medal for Leroy begins in Belgium in March 2012 I was introduced, sort of, to Christine, Maman, pa, Auntie Snowdrop, Auntie Pish, and Grandfather Leroy and a dog named Jasper I am not sure who the first person narrator is After reading this, I wondered, What is happening here Next, the story flashes back to London in the 1940 s where the narrator, Poodle AKA Michael, a young French English boy who [...]

    6. This is the second of Morpurgo s books I have read The other being War Horse and I am already seeing a re occurring theme, that is how ordinary people have to suffer the harsh realities of War most prominently the loss of loved ones It is also a book about heroic soldiers and how prejudice both in government institutions and society prevented them from being recognised as so The story revolves around a young boy Michael and his family which is made up of his mother and two aunts Through the char [...]

    7. A Medal for Leroy was a great story The chronology of the events of the story grabs the reader s attention not only to make them think about what is happening in the story but also to help the reader feel just as confused as the main character Michael feels Michael knows that his father died during World War II, but he is blind to important facts about his family s history Over the years Michael s maman mom and his auntie Pish and auntie Snowdrop tell him numerous things about how successful hi [...]

    8. Proof that less is Short, straightforward and succinctly told.Morpurgo writes about war as it affects good, ordinary people, in this case both the First and Second World Wars war as the cruel thief, robbing said people of so much, and most especially of each other.This children s novel is also about prejudice, racial and social We re taken back to a time is it truly over in the western context when black heroism in war went largely unacknowledged, and when for so many classes and cultures there [...]

    9. I have yet to figure out why, with some books, I read them in fits and starts, but with other books, I just sit down and scarcely look up before I am done This was a read straight through book It isn t a page turner, which might be a good reason for reading straight through And, though there is a mild mystery to it, that wouldn t be compelling enough by itself to explain it I suppose, with me, it has to do with whether I find the characters and their situation interesting I figured out the twist [...]

    10. Another great historical novel from Michael Morpurgo, this one inspired by the life of Walter Tull the first black officer to serve in the British Army in the First World War.

    11. Oh how I love Michael Morpurgo s books This beautifully honest book is inspired by the real life story of British World War One black officer, Walter Tull He was commissioned as an officer, the only black one, and he died a hero s death, charging ahead of his men with great bravery His fellow officers men wanted to have his heroism honored by a posthumous medal but the cold hearted and racist officials would not award the medal Similar injustices were meted out to Australian indigenous men in WW [...]

    12. History reimagined to show us the tragedy of war and the injustice of racism Morpurgo evokes with a simple story all sorts of emotions, questions about loving lies, and the restorative power of truth

    13. I guess I should ve seen it coming that twist, and I suppose I suspected but reading it and confirming it made it all the special As a black person it s nice to have an author who touches up on all these subjects that modern day people tend to just overlook and pass as the past.

    14. Fiction,Richard a boy is central character ,his father died in WW1.It faces some issues such as death in war,colour prejudice,bravery with lots of twists and turns along the way.Lots of suspense that makes for a good read that s not too long.

    15. i read this book a couple of years ago i wanted to read it again because i wanted something easy to read and i wondered why i loved it so much its was a great book for a girl my age when i was 10 or so but it doesnt do anything for me now.

    16. Buku untuk bahan siaran besok di RPK 96.3 Pukul 7 pagi membahas buku buku bertemakan perang Jangan lupa dengarkan yaaa.

    17. Suitable for tweens, this is a story about the impact of war and finding out the truth about your family plus there s a bit with a dog.

    18. Ik had het boek in een half uurtje uit De kaft van het boek heeft mij wel misleid Ik verwachtte een spannend oorlogsverhaal, maar dat is het absoluut niet Wel bleef ik geboeid wat is het uiteindelijke geheim Achteraf lees je waarop het verhaal gebaseerd is, dat maakt het wel bijzonder Bijzonder genoeg om hem t ch eens te promoten in een groep 7 8.

    19. Growing up in England right after WWII, Leroy frequently goes to visit the aunts who raised his father, Aunt Snowdrop and Aunt Pish Leroy isn t terribly fond of having to eat bubble and squeak and custard with them, but he likes playing with their dog Jasper He knows that they miss his father, who was killed in a plane crash during the war, as much as he does Several years after Aunt Snowdrop dies, he gets a picture of his father in a frame, and finds a long note from his deceased aunt in the ba [...]

    20. Morpurgo s literary framing device his story within a story is back In this instance it works well, maybe because it s so short Michael, Poodle to his friends because of his short curly hair, grows up during the Second World War His mother is French, his father was a pilot who died during the Battle of Britain His father was brought up by his aunties, after his grandfather died during the First World War.Auntie Pish is short tempered, mean and has a tendency to be negative about almost everythin [...]

    21. This is the lowest I have rated a book for a long time, and I hate to do it, but I promised myself I would always be totally honest with my reviews.There was much to recommend this book, but for me it fell short.I tried to put my finger on what I found lacking I think initially I d been anticipating another tale of a heroic animal in wartime and this wasn t what this story was about So from the outset it didn t meet my expectations Still, I tried to ignore that and look at the book on its own me [...]

    22. I received an eARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thanks to Netgalley and Macmillan Children s Publishing Group Visiting with Auntie Pish and Auntie Snowdrop has never been Michael s most favorite activity Auntie Pish is a bit too severe for his taste and Auntie Snowdrop seems to follow Pish s every command But after Auntie Snowdrop dies, Michael is gifted with a parcel which reveals a most amazing story It turns out that these two woman have possessed a quiet strength all along [...]

    23. What a moving book from a giant of young people s literature Keep some tissues handy when reading this I won t give too much away, but the story involves a man called Michael who is in a field in Belgium We don t know why he is there but as time goes by he tells his story and his family s story, relating to his grandfather Leroy Michael, a mixed race man grew up with his French mother Christine, but would regularly visit his Aunts Martha and Mary known as Auntie Snowdrop and Auntie Pish Michael [...]

    24. Michael Morpurgo, author of War Horse, has written a warm, wonderful piece of historical fiction His story is inspired by the life of Lt Walter Tull, the only black officer to serve in the British Army during World War I Leroy is modeled after Lt Tull in broad strokes he grows up in a London orphanage, joins a soccer team, then volunteers for military service Leroy s story is told by Michael who learns about it from a written account left by his great aunt Michael s explanation of his family s s [...]

    25. A MEDAL FOR LEROY is a nice story but I have to say that the recommended guidelines given for it are than a bit skewed.For 10 year olds Really I mean we have some really horrendous prejudice going on in this book, and there s a mother pretending that her baby belonged to someone else who was killed , and people lying for decades and I can t imagine that a 10 year old would be fascinated by this, nor that every parent would want to sit down and have to explain how these things happen.The story i [...]

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