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The Bohemian Love Diaries: A Memoir By Slash Coleman,

  • Title: The Bohemian Love Diaries: A Memoir
  • Author: Slash Coleman
  • ISBN: 9780762786985
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Infused with southern charm, this irresistibly weird and wonderful story chronicles Slash Coleman s upbringing in a warped but warm hearted household of eccentric artists Descended from a posse of off beat immigrants including a grandfather who danced at the Moulin Rouge and raised near the capital of the Confederacy during the 1970s and 80s, young Slash sets out to fiInfused with southern charm, this irresistibly weird and wonderful story chronicles Slash Coleman s upbringing in a warped but warm hearted household of eccentric artists Descended from a posse of off beat immigrants including a grandfather who danced at the Moulin Rouge and raised near the capital of the Confederacy during the 1970s and 80s, young Slash sets out to find true love Unfortunately, he s his own worst enemy Obsessions with Evel Knievel, rock band KISS, and crisscrossing the country to find the girl of his dreams set his quest for happiness on a hapless course Hilarious and profound, Coleman slowly comes to terms with his father, a genius sculptor and volatile alcoholic, and his mother, a Holocaust survivor who makes him promise never to reveal that he s Jewish A touching portrait emerges of a young artist whose passionate spirit refuses to be suppressed A swift kick to the funny bone, The Bohemian Love Diaries and its laugh out loud perversity conjure Jonathan Ames and Augusten Burroughs with a tender edge, revealing what might have happened if John Hodgman raised Holden Caulfield in Chuck Palahniuk s attic It will leave you howling.
    The Bohemian Love Diaries A Memoir Infused with southern charm this irresistibly weird and wonderful story chronicles Slash Coleman s upbringing in a warped but warm hearted household of eccentric artists Descended from a posse of off

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    1. Storyteller Slash Coleman has put the stories of his life into book form If you re at all familiar with his work both in the NYC and Portland storytelling communities, as well as the national storytelling circuit, you might know some of the stories in the book His funny, off kilter, but highly confessional way of telling translates well to the written and longer format of a book, though I am eagerly awaiting the release of the audiobook of this book, which Slash narrates himself Reading this boo [...]

    2. Condensing one s life into less than 300 pages before one s fifty seems like an iffy choice But if half the anecdotes in this book are true, Coleman is no stranger to iffy choices.There are some legitimately funny bits here, yes But the pacing is off and the narrative jumps too much to allow for sufficient character development Add to that freneticism the tic of using pop culture road marks as descriptors I hang a right on Division and pedal furiously with the traffic while thinking about Great [...]

    3. I have really been on a memoir kick as of late I love reading about other people s lives The Bohemian Love Diaries is definitely less serious than some of the other memoirs that I ve been reading While I don t mind super serious memoirs, it s always nice to read some funnier stories This book was definitely refreshing Slash Coleman s book of essay like memories opens on a hilarious tale of his super eccentric father trying to buy beer from a convenience store And that s all I m going to tell you [...]

    4. Slash ColemanThe Bohemian Love DiariesLet me start by saying that memoirs really aren t my thing But I do love hearing people s stories and I ve read personal accounts that were so brilliantly penned they have left me breathless Sadly this is not one of them.Mr Coleman, aka Slash, takes us on a thirty year journey starting with his dysfunctional childhood in Virginia where he was raised by a hopeful artist dad and mom trapped by her past The journey continues through a failed college career and [...]

    5. I was given a free copy via the publisher in exchange for an honest review It s seven minutes after midnight, and I m standing in a silver shopping cart with a bad wheel inHarvey s Meat Market and Grocery facing a Standoff Sandwich With those opening lines, I knew this memoir was going to be totally different from the other memoirs I have read It s a barrel full of crazy.Coleman writes in such a way that I felt I was reading a Dali painting If you like your biographies on the quirky side then yo [...]

    6. C chi lo ha definito il nuovo Nick Hornby mmmhhhh diciamo che sta molto lontano A tratti piacevole,ma si finisce col venir sommersi dalle nevrosi del personaggio senza capirle bene.Si pu vivere benissimo senza leggerlo.

    7. Jewish, hipster, gypsy trickster lit Funny, sad, great story telling I thoroughly enjoyed this bumbling romp.

    8. Normally when I see a book having a memoir added in small letters under the title, I run to the other end of the book store And I cannot deny that it was hard to suppress the familiar feeling of slight dread, liberally mixed with foreboding of a long and boring task, when I opened the first page Of course, I have perused the dust cover of The Bohemian Love Diaries first, just to find out an elegant way to skip most of the book and still produce a believable book report And of course, the dust co [...]

    9. In The Bohemian Love Diaries A Memoir by Slash Coleman, Slash details his journey to self discovery through hilarious anecdotes from his childhood and beyond He struggles to come to terms with his eccentric alcoholic father, his Holocaust survivor mother and his own off beat artistic tendencies The book itself is eccentric at times weird and hilarious and at others slow and tedious it s a book I enjoyed reading when I wasn t sure what I wanted to read No matter how I was feeling it was always th [...]

    10. What can I say about this book How about I fell in love with Slash, his family, and the moments that shaped him into who he is today His stories are awkward, eccentric, hilarious, and even bewildering at times but all too human Give Slash a little time and you will love him like I did I fell in AND out of love with his girlfriends along with him, I joined him on his crazy escapades, and became part of his funny, strange family I cherished the moments when he wasn t afraid to take crazy chances a [...]

    11. Slash Coleman has one of the most authentic voices I ve read in a long time From the moment I started reading this book, I was drawn into his world, seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling although I sometimes didn t want to the whole of his experience expressed with an open heartedness that is rarely found His descriptions of people are incredibly vivid, I could not wait to meet the next character He starts on page one by describing a store clerk like this She resembles a stick of beef jerky in a ma [...]

    12. When I was first contacted about this book, I had to look twice at the author s name At first I saw Slash hmm, not THE Slash I knew from Guns N Roses and then Coleman hmmm, not my oldest son, who is also named Coleman It was from the delightfully quirky author Slash Coleman, regarding his equally quirky memoir, The Bohemian Love Diaries And I m glad his name caught my attention because I have been delightfully entertained by the story of his life Coleman tells his life s story with no holds barr [...]

    13. I have been on a memoir kick lately so I was excited to receive The Bohemian Love Diaries It offered an insider s view to the eccentric world of Slash Coleman, from a seven year old boy to a grown man and the struggles along the way The son of an artist, Slash is plagued by a similar curse of creativity and is unsure of the outlet in which to express it This struggle takes him across the country and back, often with a lovesick heart in tow Although intriguing, some of the chapters felt clipped w [...]

    14. I have to start this review with a disclaimer I received The Bohemian Love Diaries by Slash Coleman as a free book, and am doing the review as a courtesy That being said, it s one of the best books I ve read recently I enjoyed it and laughed a lot while reading The book is reminiscent of books that I ve read by David Sedaris, and if you like Sedaris, chances are very good that you will like Slash Coleman However, Slash Coleman has his own story to tell and he certainly does it in his own unique [...]

    15. Had to remind myself I was reading memoir because it reads like fiction Slash is a gifted story teller who drew me in from the very first paragraph to the final page He s had a weird, fascinating, introspective, immensely unique and entertaining life One of those truth stranger than fiction lives I really don t use the phrase laugh out loud funny, but this was Plus the amount of personal growth, which includes the highs and lows of his life, was refreshing in its honesty The author literally ope [...]

    16. The first two thirds of this book were incredible Great stories told like a true storyteller I laughed out loud on the airplane while reading this multiple times Additionally I have multiple friends who share the same sort of impulsive behavior of the author perhaps I ll call it mental illness light , and it was actually interesting to see how he viewed the events and consequences in his life versus how most of us would see it The last third of the book started to lose me, but the first two thir [...]

    17. The first two thirds of this book is as raw and soul baring as Nick Hornby and simultaneously as clever, funny, and absurd as David Sedaris It s among the best coming of age stories I ve read and would make an excellent Wes Anderson adaptation The last third after the author has come of age, so to speak loses steam and gets a bit muddled But it s still well worth your time Eagerly awaiting from Slash Coleman.

    18. I won this book in a first reads giveaway Coleman is a talented writer who has led a life rich with stories to be told The book lacks flow, but I think that consistency is sacrificed to achieve a level of realness A life of a bohemian artist with borderline mental health issues doesn t necessarily have a logical flow I also really enjoyed the inter generational aspect of the book and the development of insight into his parent s relationship that comes with age.

    19. Everyone has a story, but how you tell that story is what will be the deciding factor that shines a spotlight upon the past you Author Slash Coleman has a spot light so damn bright upon him you would think his alter ego was Batman However, the story he tells will literally cause Batman to hang his head in shame And that is AWESOME.Read Full Review at musingwithcrayolakym 3

    20. I wanted to rate higher but this is a book I could put down, not something I wanted to devour His writing was vivid but at times confusing An autobiography that made me wonder, Really Seriously A quirky family, to say the least, but the author s response to and reaction to life s happenings were sometimes strange in the extreme He seemed to encounter enough oddball people for a 2 lifetimes He does lead you into his time and space I just didn t want to be there.

    21. When I recieved this book through the Goodread s First Reads program, I wasn t sure what to expect The back cover promised a quirky and heart felt read This book was all that and Coleman s writing style pulled me in immediately I got lost in the words and followed the story long before I realised the truths it spoke about my own life This is quite a book If you re thinking about reading it, do yourself a favor and go along for the ride.

    22. I liked this a lot better than I expected to Typically, I m not one for bios or memoirs, but occasionally I branch into the genre I m glad I did, this was a fun one to read The book is a set of stories from Coleman s life, all told in an offbeat style that reminded me a lot of Kerouac His quirky family was fun to read about, and one can really get a sense of what made him the man he is by reading these stories.

    23. I wasn t quite sure what I would make of this book but I was pleasantly entertained The style of writing is quite unique and the way that the story unravels keeps you reading to the end I really enjoyed this and it was easy to picture the characters and get inside a few heads Brilliant book which I would read again.

    24. Tailor made for any David Sedaris or Augusten Burroughs fan This memoir moves beyond the my crazy childhood made me this way , into the realm of adult romantic relationships and the challenges that they hold for all of us A total pleasure to read Laugh out loud funny with a slightly tragic twist This guy can write one heck of a breakup scene.

    25. I didn t expect to like this but I actually loved reading it So much of it was so insane I couldn t help thinking there s no way this could be true I loved his Dad most of all If I were casting a film, Terry Bradshaw would play Dad Have no idea why.

    26. This book was really entertaining I always enjoy reading memoirs of people who live their lives less traditionally and this hit the spot The story telling is great and I laughed out loud throughout the book Great summer read

    27. Fair.would not have picked up if not for the local connectiond always good to support half jewish authors.

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