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Le Temps Viendra: A Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I By SarahMorris,

  • Title: Le Temps Viendra: A Novel of Anne Boleyn, Volume I
  • Author: SarahMorris
  • ISBN: 9780987384119
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
  • Anne is a young, 21st century woman in the midst of a life long love affair with the 16th Century and the enigmatic Anne Boleyn Whilst indulging her secret passion on an exclusive Anne Boleyn Connoisseurs Weekend , she is taken seriously ill at Hever Castle Falling into a deep state of unconsciousness, Anne becomes ensnared in a time portal that transports her back inAnne is a young, 21st century woman in the midst of a life long love affair with the 16th Century and the enigmatic Anne Boleyn Whilst indulging her secret passion on an exclusive Anne Boleyn Connoisseurs Weekend , she is taken seriously ill at Hever Castle Falling into a deep state of unconsciousness, Anne becomes ensnared in a time portal that transports her back in time to England, 1527 She awakens to find herself in the body of her heroine, Anne Boleyn at the time, a young woman on the brink of an historic love affair with the mighty King Henry VIII.Anne finds herself at the centre of Henry s world, yet increasingly vulnerable as the figurehead of the emerging and ever powerful Boleyn faction Whilst she learns what it is to walk in the footsteps of the woman who would change English history, she is also engulfed in mixed emotions and only too aware of how her relationship with Henry mirrors that of her 21st century relationship with Dan, her married lover.Soon Anne begins to lose her own sense of identity as the boundaries between the two women begin to blur As she is sucked back and forth between her two great loves and two increasingly fragile lives, Anne struggles to change her heroine s terrible fate on the scaffold whilst trying to prevent her own modern day life hurtling inextricably toward disaster Le Temps Viendra A Novel of Anne Boleyn is a timeless story of passion, ambition and betrayal it is also an enduring story of an intense love forged between two souls who are bound together for all eternity.
    Le Temps Viendra A Novel of Anne Boleyn Volume I Anne is a young st century woman in the midst of a life long love affair with the th Century and the enigmatic Anne Boleyn Whilst indulging her secret passion on an exclusive Anne Boleyn Connoiss

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    1. In reading this I am reminded how much I enjoy the telling of Anne Boleyn s story.Of course one can never enjoy the tragic ending but you just can not help but be inspired by her courage,intelligence and spirit.This particular take on her story is told from her own viewpoint which makes it twice as interesting to the Anne Boleyn fan.It was well written and I easily found myself pulled into the Tudor world in which she lived and died.Absolutely worth reading for the insightful look it provides in [...]

    2. Apart from my endless fascination with Anne Boleyn, I have always been intrigued by the idea of time travel, so imagine my delight when I discovered that Sarah Morris was writing a novel, Le Temps Viendra, combining the two.On several occasions, I have visited historic sites and wondered what it might be like to be suddenly hurtled back hundreds of years to the court of Henry VIII, to see with my very own eyes the magnificence of Henry s palaces and witness the politicking of courtiers vying for [...]

    3. Le Temps Viendra a novel of Anne Boleyn is such a beautifully written book of a modern day woman, caught up in two such very different worlds The 16th Century world of Anne Boleyn and then into our progressive 21st Century world.This book has been so well researched that you cannot fail to be transported right back into history and into the heart of Anne and Henry s love affair You will be able to visualise all the amazing places they resided, know all the individuals that surrounded them and fe [...]

    4. British history, in particular the Tudor era is a passion of mine, with Phillippa Gregory, Jean Plaidy and Ella March Chase among my favourite authors, so when I came across Sarah Morris on Facebook, it was a no brainer to follow her journey of writing Le Temps Viendra, and ordering the book as soon as it became available There is nothing exciting and satisfying than listening to someone talking about a subject that they adore, and have spent hours researching and becoming intimate with, and Sa [...]

    5. Le Temps Viendra The Time Will Return by Sarah Morris Anne Boleyn who was the catalyst for the Reformation in England, has not been remembered kindly throughout history and sadly is most often misaligned Over the centuries she has been innacurately portrayed as a scheming adulteress intent on weilding her feminine charms to bestow power over the king Her true legacy to bring about lasting religious reform, in an era when religious corruption in Rome was at an all time high all too often overlook [...]

    6. I would highly recommend this book to anyone whether a lover of Anne Boleyn and Tudor times or not I am not usually a reader of historical novels, so this book is not to my usual taste, but I can report that I absolutely loved every single page It is written in such a convincing way that I wondered a couple of times if the author was actually writing a first hand account The detail in the scenes is so authentic and well written that I felt transported myself I knew little of Tudor history, but t [...]

    7. Le Temps Viendra By Sarah Morris Summary Of Novel Anne is a young, 21st century woman in the midst of a life long love affair with the 16th Century and the enigmatic Anne Boleyn Whilst indulging her secret passion on an exclusive Anne Boleyn Connoisseurs Weekend , she is taken seriously ill at Hever Castle Falling into a deep state of unconsciousness, Anne becomes ensnared in a time portal that transports her back in time to England, 1527 She awakens to find herself in the body of her heroine, A [...]

    8. A very interesting approach to the story of Anne Boleyn in which a 21st century woman, also named Anne who is obsessed with A Boleyn gets transported through time into Boleyn s body Cool to see the events of this time through someone who knew what was going to happen I found 21st Anne s falling in love with Henry VIII, even though she knew the outcome and betrayals that this man would heap on her to be quite telling of the human spirit Caught in the grips of a deep love almost any fault can be o [...]

    9. 3.5 Stars In current time, Anne, a Tudor fan, splurges on a vacation of a lifetime where Hever Castle is having a Anne Boleyn extravaganza When she enters the Long Hall, she transforms into Anne Boleyn herself and is transported back to 1527 just as Henry and his entourage are riding into Hever s courtyard Anne, like us knows the story inside and out, but to actually become Anne, wear the clothes, meet the infamous figures and experience Anne and Henry s passionate love affair hands on is quite [...]

    10. This is an awesome book to read Historical fiction fans, Tudor fans, and Anne Boleyn enthusiasts are going to be delighted The intertwining of the present day Anne and the 16th century Anne was remarkable Sarah Morris attention to detail and depth of research is astonishing This book was hard to put down I was not ready for it to end when it did There is something for everyone in this story of a most fascinating woman who holds a place in history and in many people s hearts I am looking forward [...]

    11. I have followed Sarah s journey on Facebook in the writing of this book therefore it was eagerly awaited I was not disappointed I throughly enjoyed it from the very first page Let me assure you all you dont need to be a Tudor Anne Boleyn fan to enjoy this book It is very well written and the attention to detail is incredible At times I felt as though I too was transported back to the 16th century I certainly recommend this book and am so looking forward to volume 2 Well done Sarah on your debut [...]

    12. Now this is one fine book.It is a wonderful mix of things you know will happen which they do and things you know nothing about You are moved between two worlds, and moved by the easy way in which details are revealed and described.This is not a book you want to finish on the day you bought it On the contrary You want this book never to end But unfornunately it does.The good news is a second book is on its way SO looking forward to it

    13. This is not a bad read It s just not my kind of read A woman obsessed with the story of Anne Boleyn AB wakes up in her body sharing her soul, so to speak, so that no one really notices that she is now possessing two souls And they don t communicate, not really, I mean, there are a few instances when contemporary Anne tries to calm AB down, but there are no schizophrenic tendencies here Instead we see Anne falling for Henry even though she knows AB s fate.Aside from the writing style, which is wa [...]

    14. Sarah Morris debut novel is a well written, meticulously researched, and above all a very different look at the life of Henry VIII s second queen Our heroine, Anne, writes her story from her prison in the Tower of London while awaiting execution.The scenes in the novel are set excellently, with lots of lovely details about clothes and decor Her characters are also brought to life well, the different sides of their personalities shining through There were a few personal touches I found lovely in [...]

    15. While I didn t regret reading this book, I can t say I loved it For one, the parallels between Anne Boleyn and the present Anne were a little too much for my taste When she compared her relationship in the present to Anne Boleyn s relationship with Henry for the umpteenth time, it took all my willpower to stop me from rolling my eyes This went hand in hand with the fact that I didn t care for present Anne or her life at all I also didn t like that she or less took over Anne Boleyn s body and on [...]

    16. I started this book with an open mind as I am not overly fond of books containing time travel and modern day women attempting to portray being a historical character that they admire, I usually box that type or writing with poorly written fan fiction by impressionable and historically inaccurate teenagers However after following the author on FB and being aware she clearly had a diligent approach to history and a respectful view of Anne I decided to give it a go and clicked purchase on This book [...]

    17. Le temps viendra, je Anne Boleyn This is the best novel about Anne Boleyn that I have read so far It follows a young woman who is taken back in time when she falls ill while visiting Hever Castle She awakes in 1527 in the body of Anne Boleyn, for whom she has a lifelong fascination As the story moves on, it becomes increasingly difficult for 21st century Anne to distinguish between her modern life and her being thrown into the middle of a love story that will change the course of English history [...]

    18. I am usually a little sceptical about any fictional book that takes place both in the past and present Not since reading Barbara Erksine s Kingdom of Shadows, have I found a book that I can highly recommend.For me, a book has to reach out and grab you in the first few pages otherwise it is not worth your while, especially one that centres on a character that is often seen as controversial Le Temps Viendra, a debut novel by Sarah Morris, gives you than the myth that has surrounded Anne Boleyn, b [...]

    19. I recently finished reading Le Temps Viendra by Sarah Morris and it was fantastic The book takes place in the modern day and focusses on Anne, who soon finds out that she has been around in a previous life, in the form of an even well known Anne most people tend to roll their eyes at the mention of the theme of reincarnation in books, but if reincarnation does exist, in this book I believe this is how it would happen It was very believable Also, it wasn t just a novel it was also like a history [...]

    20. If you love the story of Anne Boleyn, Henry VII s 2nd wife, you will enjoy Sarah Morris s novel which is a fresh take on this timeless story Modern day Anne finds herself zapped back to 1528 when Henry was besotted and begins to move heaven and earth to make Anne his queen 21st century Anne knows how this tragic story ends but finds herself swept away by Henry In her real life Anne is also in love with a married man Reality begins to blur for Anne as she experiences Anne Boleyn s 16th century li [...]

    21. A terrific and original story of Anne Boleyn This is not your usual historical romance A woman goes back in time to become Anne in 1527 just when Henry VIII is wanting a divorce from Catherine of Aragon She experiences all that Anne goes through fully knowing what her destiny is The decriptions of the palaces and clothes are so clear I found myself back in that time and didn t want the novel to end The story has stayed with me and I am anxiously awaiting book 2 Any Tudor history buff will love r [...]

    22. If there s a book which can take you into the mind and body of Anne Boleyn it is this one It plunges me into the 16th century and I felt every feelings that the 21st century Anne and Anne Boleyn felt I was saddened by the history of the 21st century Anne and felt close to Anne Boleyn as if she was a friend I am much eager to read the volume 2 and will gladly follow both Annes into their world until the end Sarah Morris you captivated me and make me want to write too As we say in French, Bravo

    23. Le Temps Viendra is a completely engaging novel I love the idea of time travel and often wonder what it would be like to go back in time to my favorite period of history By the end of chapter one I was so engrossed in the story that I often found myself thinking about it throughout the day I felt as though I connected with Anne both past and present I can t wait for the release of the 2nd half

    24. Absolutely brilliant read Thoroughly enjoyable, had to fight the temptation to read it all in one sitting, stretched it out a bit as I really didn t want it to end I love the thought of time travelling back to see what it was all really liken history be changed I loved all the detail, it makes the history feel so real Very well written Sarah, thank you.

    25. Not sure why I rated this higher than Phillippa Gregory hers are very easy reading I think this one was factual.

    26. I have to admit that I have never been a great fan of Tudor fiction but from the moment that I first heard about this book I was hooked I found the idea of a modern day woman being drawn back in time not just to experience the life of Anne Boleyn but to actually become Anne Boleyn extraordinarily appealing I have always been fascinated with the private life of Anne, her thoughts and feelings and this book explores exactly those aspects What is fantastic about this novel is that it is not simply [...]

    27. When my friend lent me this I thought the combination of time travel and Anne Boleyn wasn t going to work, but I m pleased to admit that I was pleasantly surprised The level of historical accuracy is outstanding and you can tell the author has a real affinity for the time period Although I was a tad disappointed that the book was basically a historical retelling with a few modern day thoughts thrown in I wished that the author had almost been brave enough to retell history making different choic [...]

    28. I received Le Temps Viendra as a gift from my future in laws who met Sarah Morris at a Christmas Event at The Vyne, a National Trust Property near Basingstoke They were charmed by her and because of my love for all things Tudor were anxious for my opinion Initially, I was hesitant because the approach Morris takes was foreign to me, but realized I was becoming stuck in my ways far too young and decided to embrace the idea of time travel I quickly realized Sarah Morris had found a truly original [...]

    29. I first heard about this book only a few days ago because of the author, Sarah Morris , blog tour she blogged on several blogs I read avidly as a result of the tour, I found a couple new ones to read as well I immediately hunted down her published asked if I could get a review copy of Le Temps Viendra and was floored when the very next morning a copy arrived in my in box I immediately started reading as soon as I learned how to transfer the book to my nook was hooked read about 100 pages that fi [...]

    30. I adored this book It is refreshing to see a new and interesting take on the story of Anne Boleyn As a lifelong admirer of Anne I have often wondered how she must have felt during her brief but glittering time in the spotlight This book goes some way to putting the reader in Anne Boleyn s shoes.Sarah Morris goes some way to rehabilitating the reputation of Anne Boleyn, recently damaged by amongst others Phillippa Gregory s Anne of The Other Boleyn Girl An enjoyable book on a fictional level but [...]

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