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Unholy Hunger By Heather James,

  • Title: Unholy Hunger
  • Author: Heather James
  • ISBN: 9780825442919
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evelyn Barrett wants to die As long as her daughter s murderer dies with her, she is ready to go Why did this man this stranger destroy her family Why has he not been brought to justice Why is she forced to live a life of anger and grief Amid a million questions she cannot answer, Evelyn knows one thing for sure this murderer must be punished for his crime Perhaps tEvelyn Barrett wants to die As long as her daughter s murderer dies with her, she is ready to go Why did this man this stranger destroy her family Why has he not been brought to justice Why is she forced to live a life of anger and grief Amid a million questions she cannot answer, Evelyn knows one thing for sure this murderer must be punished for his crime Perhaps the harder lesson is this the ultimate truth of crime and verdict, of life and death cannot be swayed by a mother s revenge.In this first book of a new, page turning series, a woman will be brought to her limits before she finally recognizes the movement of the Holy Spirit and reconnects with the source of true peace.
    Unholy Hunger Evelyn Barrett wants to die As long as her daughter s murderer dies with her she is ready to go Why did this man this stranger destroy her family Why has he not been brought to justice Why is she for

    One thought on “Unholy Hunger”

    1. Heather James does a wonderful job of reeling you in to the main character s struggle to battle against her inner demons Through this unique and candid look into the character s inmost thoughts and feelings, a sense of empathy and compassion for her causes you to cheer on Evelyn Barrett as she seeks to find some measure of justice and cope through the loss of her daughter s murder Fascinating plot twists keep you turning page after page I would not be surprised if this turned into a movie, it s [...]

    2. For anyone who s lost a child this novel will help you realize you re not alone At times hard to read due to the subject matter main character loses her child to a pedophile but very real Evil is not glamorized, but it s definitely not glossed over either I applaud Heather James for a solid first novel.

    3. Unholy Hunger absolutely blew me away I was completely shocked to read that this was Heather James s first novel because it s one of the best I ve ever read I was immensely disturbed yet completely absorbed in this novel I was so glued to this book from page one that I read the book in two days because I could not put it down I think as a parent whenever you read about your worst nightmare happening to someone, you can t help but put yourself in their shoes I think that being a mother drew me in [...]

    4. My only regret after reading this book was that I read it too quickly but I guess that is good because I can enjoy it a second time I get bored and distracted easily when I read with my limited time and active kids I did NOT get bored at all with Unholy Hunger, I actually had to hide it away a few times so I didn t curl up on the couch to read instead of getting my work done From page one Heather had me spell bound with her vivid descriptions, well developed characters and fascinating story lin [...]

    5. Be warned, the subject matter of this book is powerful and geared to provoke a strong emotional response Yes, I wanted to die As long as my daughter s murderer died with me, I was ready to go I was already three quarters of the way there after the blow he had given to my head Everything turned black for a moment as the sudden, slicing pain radiated into numbness Black then gave way to a white, heavenly blur, and I strained to see past the world closing in on me I saw a brown shirt, faded jeans, [...]

    6. Title Unholy Hunger Lure of the Serpent 1 Author Heather JamesPages 272Year 2013Publisher Kregel This is the first novel by Heather James and her skill as a writer shines through This is a fictional suspense story set in Fresno, California The subject matter is sensitive, having to do with child kidnapping, child molestation and murder Evelyn Barrett is living a very comfortable life She has her career as a lawyer, her handsome husband, Eddie, and a 4 year old daughter named Corrine She and her [...]

    7. I like gritty fiction and the inner workings of minds fascinates me When I was offered a chance to read Heather James s Unholy Hunger I hesitated, the subject matter is tough and not something I d ever seek out to fill my brain I avoid immersing myself in the darker portions of our culture because seeing and reading about the ways people harm themselves and others depresses me But the intrigue of the book cover copy caused me, knowing up front that the subject matter would be closer to hellish t [...]

    8. Successful lawyer Evelyn Barrett is comfortable in her roles as mother and wife and attorney, until she receives news that shatters her world Her daughter has been brutally murdered Evelyn is immediately consumed by anger and hatred, forgetting everything else in her life as she burns with one desire Nothing will stop her from hunting down the murderer and punishing him for taking her precious daughter from her, even if she herself must die in the process And then, she begins smelling evil.Debut [...]

    9. What can I say Heather James is my new favorite author This book made me mad At the end I cried This book delves into marital issues like I have never read before What made it even better for me is that I felt Evelyn was justified in her actions If someone hurt my child, then I think I would react the way she did in the beginning I would be broken She lost her family, her spouse and her child However Evelyn goes on a downward spiral that leads to death We are all tempted by the serpent, but Evel [...]

    10. 270 pagesLure of the Serpent Book IKregel PublicationsEvelyn Barrett is a successful lawyer, a wife and mother Then her young daughter disappears, and her world is turned upside down, when they find her body All she wants to do is find the man who killed her daughter, and after he dies, die too And she goes after who she thinks is her daughter s killer, and when she wakes beside his body, he has a stench, the smell of a pedophile But, the police tell her she got the wrong man, and arrest her You [...]

    11. This is a fascinating story about a mother s demand for vengeance after her child is murdered Evelyn Barrett had a great life, with a wonderful husband, beautiful daughter, and a job she loved as an attorney That s all shattered when her daughter dies and she becomes obsessed with finding and punishing the man who did this When she develops an ability to sniff out evil, will she listen to her conscience or take it too far There are a lot of facets to this story, from grief to the extremes Evelyn [...]

    12. Wow Heather James debut novel is a doozy She doesn t pull any punches and hits hard with a subject that is beyond horrific A mother, successful and controlled, has her life turned upside down in the worst possible way, and has a crisis of life And it up the anti she is given an incredible gift or curse in the moment of madness This poor woman goes through hell, she makes mistakes, goes a little crazy, but survives to do the impossible Unholy Hunger is hard to put down, but it s also powerful and [...]

    13. This book was written by a local woman who belongs to the same church that I do That explains why I chose to read this one even though it is out of my usual genre Evelyn Barrett s four year old daughter was raped and murdered, abducted from the park while the nanny Evelyn hired slept on a bench This book did an excellent job of conveying all the emotions a mother would have the anger, fear, grief Evelyn set out with vengeance in her heart and her anger intensified when she started to smell pedop [...]

    14. This novel is an amazing page turner from Heather James 10 pages into the text, I was emotionally invested into Evelyn s life and the struggles she was going through The anguish of the new circumstances of her existence was apparent, but before long, so was her sarcastic humor and likability The real struggle anyone goes through when turmoil hits their life is how they handle it, emotionally, physically and spiritually Unholy Hunger shows us this struggle in a way that is shocking and yet comfor [...]

    15. I finished the book in about 12 hours Although it s a difficult subject to think and read about, you can t help but be drawn in and kept in suspense by the excellent writing.Having lost a child myself albeit in an entirely different manner , I can say the raw, undiluted emotions of Evelyn are as real as real gets It felt like Heather James had opened a window to my soul and was writing my story for all to read.Thrilling, raw and very well written.I highly recommend you read this book.Looking for [...]

    16. Good vs Evil, Anger vs Tears We are not all bad parents we re just living in a bad world As people in a world full of good and evil we are faced every day with choices Which team do we choose to be on After the brutal end to her sweet and innocent daughter s life, Evelyn Barret is faced with this very choice Which jersey will she choose Just because she has the right colored jersey hanging in her closet, does she actually put it on and wear it for the world to see This book is full of twists and [...]

    17. 4.5 stars I really really liked this book First, I ll say that there s nothing easy about facing crimes against children I cried through parts of this I can t imagine any mother not crying I had to face my wariness on the topic head on But I m glad I did The plot is deftly written The characters are strong and vivid The book from start to finish is satisfying You feel this book It s hard to put down I m Looking forward to reading from the author, as this is her literary debut.

    18. Amazing novel James takes you in to the heart, mind and soul of Evelyn Barrett as she deals with the emotions and agony of losing a child I cried with her, I was angry for her, and I hurt for her I could not stop reading about Barrett s quest for revenge, justice and redemption Truly, an action packed page turner that I could not put down Highly recommend, and I can t wait to see what James has in store for the next book

    19. Wow Such a great book I loved the sauciness of the main character and her unrelenting passion to find her daughter s killer Love the inner struggles that come along with it and how she finally deals with things Such a great novel, especially from a first time writer Can t wait for the rest of the series.

    20. Heather has written a book that exposes the good and bad aspects of human nature Unholy Hunger examines the emotions and sometimes irrational behavior of a grieving mother Mix in a dose of laugh out loud humor and a bit of science fiction, and you have an excellent novel I can t wait for the next book

    21. Heather James s debut novel is an unexpected amalgam a throwback to gritty detective novel noir on the one hand and modern psychological thriller on the other The end result grabs you by the collar and gives you a good shake I m definitely looking forward to whatever Ms James has in store for us next.

    22. This book is a page turner,and I did not want to put it down This book draws you in from the first page and causes you to identify with the main character in positive and negative ways The book caused me to think about how I would respond in the same situation Such a great book and I cannot wait for the next one

    23. I started and finished this book in a single day, grabbed hold of me from the start and couldn t put it down The novel was written so well that I even had nightmares for about a week and became a crazy parent for a bit I have twin 3 year old girls with yellow hair, so it did have a strong effect me.

    24. This book was quite well written Despite an upsetting plot, this kept my interest in the story and my empathy for the protagonist I wanted to know how it all ended, and I wanted our heroine to end up being OK Though, whether she did or not, you ll have to read it to find out.

    25. This book was so gripping It had depth,substance, surprises and turns that and had me reading it well into the night I loved the characters It was very well written The next book in this series just can t be released fast enough for me.

    26. This book made me relate to the main character, Evelyn from the very first page It pulled at my heart strings and kept me wanting to know what happens next I could not put it down I can t wait for the next book in the trilogy to be released

    27. Great debut novel I was so impressed with the writing and sensitive story I can not say enough good things and plan on recommending it to everyone I know.

    28. I felt like I was fighting the fight right along with Evelyn, the main character Heather James first novel was well worth the read I can t wait for the second book of the series.

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