[MOBI] ç Family Ties: Alex Gets The Business | By Ï Joe Claro

Family Ties: Alex Gets The Business By Joe Claro,

  • Title: Family Ties: Alex Gets The Business
  • Author: Joe Claro
  • ISBN: 9780380752355
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
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    Family Ties Alex Gets The Business None

    One thought on “Family Ties: Alex Gets The Business”

    1. Alex P Keaton s life just got interesting Fresh upon acceptance in the exclusive B Major frat Nu Alpha Mu, he starts to open up his network of potential business futures And when he finds an opportunity to invest his 10,000 in a local beauty salon, he snatches it up Suddenly, it is a family affair when Jennifer and Mallory get part time jobs at the salon All seems to be going well, until Alex gets an unexpected business ethics lesson that quickly makes him question his thoughts about business an [...]

    2. Ah, yes, Family Ties What started out as a TV show about 1980s kids mocking their hippie parents quickly deteriorated into a seven year national nightmare that only ended when the main star Michael Lame Fox heh got so drunk with power and Teen Wolf money that he decided to forge ahead on his own, leaving the rest of his co stars choking in the dust of obscurity Except for the dad, who ended up playing the gun nut in all 47 of the Tremors moviesMore here mrsatanism books familytiesagtbm

    3. It s about as half as clever as the tv show but great reminder of attitudes and ideas from those awful 80s

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