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Απολογία Σωκράτους By Plato Πλάτων Ηλέκτρα Ανδρεάδη,

  • Title: Απολογία Σωκράτους
  • Author: Plato Πλάτων Ηλέκτρα Ανδρεάδη
  • ISBN: 9789603520276
  • Page: 454
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Original review, Jan 11 2015 Apology of Charlie HebdoTo the Americans, who rule the world by brute military and economic force, while claiming they re doing it for our own good fuck off.To the Russians, who pretend they re not just the same as the Americans, except militarily weaker and less honest fuck off.To the Israelis, who take advantage of their American backers to enslave and torture the Palestinians fuck off.To the Muslims, who react to the exploitation and torture inflicted on them by d [...]

    2. Double Jeopardy Be sure that if you kill the sort of man I say I am, you will not harm me than yourselves On the other hand, if I say that it is the greatest good for a man to discuss virtue every day, testing themselves and others for the unexamined life is not worth living for men, you will believe me even less Socrates, of The Apology is an eloquent figure who is an unrivaled guide to the good life the thoughtful life, and he is as relevant today as he was in ancient Athens The Socrates pres [...]

    3. Socrates is guilty of busying himself with research into what s beneath the earth and in the heaven and making the weaker argument the stronger and teaching the same things to others So Socrates is guilty of expanding his mind and teaching his discoveries to his students Such a terrible man isn t he, to try to learn about the world and the existence of mankind Is this cause of execution, free thinking and questioning the doctrines fed to us Plato himself was next to be accused thus, he delivers [...]

    4. Bir kere daha anlad m ki yalan, iftira insano lunun mayas nda var Milattan nceki y llarda dahi bilge insanlar otoriteler taraf ndan tehdit olarak g r l yordu Sokrates in hazin yk s n , kitab okumadan nce de biliyordum ama savunmas n okuyunca ok etkilendim ve z ld m Bu arada kitab n olduk a uzun bir giri i var yakla k 40 sayfa , savunmay okumadan nce Sokratesin felsefesi hakk nda k saca bilgi sahibi olmam z sa l yor Sokrates in ok do ru buldu um ve ya am felsefesini zetleyen bir s z yle yaz m tam [...]

    5. Celebrity Death Match Special Plato versus Isaac Asimov, part 4 continued from here A spaceship en route from Trantor to Earth SOCRATES and R DANEEL OLIVAW SOCRATES Hadn t we already said goodbye OLIVAW Forgive me, Socrates I had forgotten that you were going back to a death sentenceCRATES It is easy to forget such details OLIVAW I am truly sorry, Socrates Indeed, I am surprised that my First Law module permitted me to do it But you are just so so SOCRATES Irritating OLIVAW In all my thousands o [...]

    6. This little book , a mere conversation actually, is the source of so many excellent quotes as to be indispensable to our Western heritage I was reading a few to my dear husband the other night and he wanted me to send them to him Sadly, we as a society want to expunge this type of literature from our children s education because it was written by dead white men.Oh foolish people But then, that is also what Socrates died for men s fear of the Truth It was the same back in Athens when he died As w [...]

    7. This is one of the best works of philosophy or literature ever written It is Plato s version of Socrates s defense at his trial The word apology here means defense Socrates is on trial for his life for blasphemy and for corrupting the youth of Athens He very easily leads his primary accuser, Meletus, into contradictions And he tries to explain to the jury and to the spectators how it is that he gained a reputation as a wise man among some, and a villain among others One of Socrates s admirers we [...]

    8. Not even your Socratic arguing could save you Such a pity that we still haven t changed, not in all of these thousands of years Even though he knew he was doomed, he still did not submit and whimper like a coward, begging for mercy When you are outside the grasp of power, no matter how well you try to persuade those to look into the right direction, if they, for their own gains are against it, you re screwed I don t know if I could do the same, be presented with life even thought I d be near dea [...]

    9. Bat d nce hayat n n mihenk ta lar ndan biri kabul edilen Sokrates, mr boyunca hi kitap yazmam , hayattayken de diyaloglar n n tart malar n n derslerinin hi birinin yaz lmas na izin vermemi Bu nedenle Sokrates in g n m ze kadar gelmi herhangi bir eseri mevcut de ildir l m nden sonra d nyaya kitap yerine, kendisini sevip saym ve anlam bir insan , Platon u, b rak p gitmi Sokrates Vefal renci Platon, hocas n n kendisine duydu u g veni bo a karmam ve nerdeyse t m eserlerinde Sokrates i konu turmu , b [...]

    10. This is Plato s account of his mentor, Socrates, as he met his accusers in Athenian court to defend himself against charges of blasphemy and corrupting the young Socrates makes short work of the weak arguments made by his chief accuser, Meletus, through logical deconstruction What s interesting is that the defence isn t really of Socrates against his charges but of his life and philosophy, which is basically what the trial is really about.His latest troubles began when the Oracle at Delphi annou [...]

    11. Plato and I are not buddies I find him interesting, but also think of him as a lunatic grandpa with unrealistic views of the world Therefore, he is not my favourite old Greek man to read, but this is his best This is Socrates apology for what he did Basically, Socrates invented philosophy, and then he was killed for it I mean, they did not just kill him like they did Hypathia, he had a proper trial and all Please, read the entire work instead of the short snippet, reading it in full has a bigger [...]

    12. Perhaps the most famous of the Socratic dialogues, theApology in the sense ofapologiaor defense before a tribunal presents Socrates 469 399 BCE as he defends himself against charges that he corrupted the youth of Athens and did not honor the proper gods It is probably not a spoiler to say that Socrates was convicted and condemned to death Subsequently, many of Socrates pupils wrote their versions of the events and of the words spoken, though most have been lost TheApologyis a recounting through [...]

    13. l mden sak nmak o kadar zor de ildir, zor olan k t l kten sak nmakt r, nk k t l k l mden daha h zl ko ar Ya l ve a r olan ben, a r hareket eden l me yenildim, h zl ve k t olan su lay c lar m ise daha h zl olan k t l e yenildiler imdi ben, sizler taraf ndan l me mahkum edilerek buradan ayr l rken onlar do ruluk taraf ndan fesatl k ve haks zl a mahkum edilerek buradan ayr l yorlar Art k ayr lma vakti geldi att , ben lmeye, sizler de ya amlar n z s rd rmeye gidiyorsunuz Hangisinin daha iyi oldu unu [...]

    14. Do not be upset when I tell you the truth No human can start an honest fight with you or any other public assembly, nobody can try to stop chrimes and unlawful doings without failing and going under No, if anyone really should stride for what is right and keep life going for atleast a short period of time, then he must do it as himself , and not as a public speaker Sokrates Quote translated personally from Swedish vers This is Platos notes from what Sokrates was saying when he defended himself f [...]

    15. Bug n sabah akl mda bu kitab okumam gerekti i duygusu ve nas l desem, amac yla uyand m Bu g d y takip ederek kendimi bir odaya kapatt m ve saat sabah 8 den bu yana neredeyse soluksuz bir ekilde okuyup bitirdim kitab B yle dolu ve zerinde d n lmesi , zaman sarfedilmesi gereken bir kitab h zl ca okumak ne kadar do ru bilmiyorum ama su bende de il , ger ekten t m diyaloglar ve i erdikleriyle beni kendine esir etti kitap Genel olarak konusundan bahsetmek gerekirse, bu kadar etkilendi imi s yledikten [...]

    16. l mden sak nmak o kadar zor de ildir, zor olan k t l kten sak nmakt r, nk k t l k l mden daha h zl ko ar Herhangi bir alanda onlar n anlad ekilde bilge ve onlar n anlad ekilde cahil olmaktan ka nmal m yd m, yoksa onlar gibi kendini bilge sanan bir cahil mi olmal yd m Hem kendime, hem de kehanete, oldu um gibi kalmak daha iyidir yan t n verdim.

    17. When I began to talk with him, I could not help thinking that he was not really wise, although he was thought wise by many, and still wiser by himself.

    18. Ho sempre creduto di non essere una persona filosofica, che i filosofi fossero solo gente che non aveva altro da fare che interrogarsi se ci sono o meno e se io non sono allora cosa sono Insomma, per farla breve quando ero pi ragazzina pensavo che certa gente non aveva nulla da fare e che i filosofi fossero tutti figli di pap Adesso, sar forse per colpa dell et che avanza o forse per quel briciolo di saggezza che si sta infondendo anche in me, ritengo che certe letture siano dei veri e propri ca [...]

    19. It s been a while since I read this In fact, I wonder if I really ever did read it Nonetheless, what struck me in this reading were parallels to the New Testament Both Jesus and Socrates probed by asking questions, both ruffled the establish, both exposed dearly held pretentiousness, both were condemned by their countrymen.Even certain phrases in Apology are reflected in the NT though it could be an accident of translation to die is gain , I shall obey God rather than you , do not take thought f [...]

    20. In defense of philosophy1 September 2012 These days when we think of the word apology we usually connect it with us saying sorry for something that we have done wrong, however that is not necessarily the origin of the word Christianity has a field of study known as apologetics, and once again, this is not necessarily saying sorry for the many evils deeds that have been committed under the name of Christianity but rather putting up a defense against attacks that are generally levelled against the [...]

    21. Pero no es dif cil, atenienses, evitar la muerte, es mucho m s dif cil evitar la maldad en efecto, corre m s deprisa que la muerte.Primera vez que leo directamente a Plat n deber a haberlo hecho antes y me qued con una muy buena impresi n Una cosa es que te lo comenten y otra muy distinta es estar cara a cara, si eso es posible El texto reproduce la defensa de S crates en un tribunal de justicia, antes de la sentencia que se le dar a por una triple acusaci n El discurso me atrap con sus planteos [...]

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