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Tod in Florenz By Magdalen Nabb,

  • Title: Tod in Florenz
  • Author: Magdalen Nabb
  • ISBN: 9783866152519
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young Swiss art student who commutes to a small town near Florence is reported missing Then her body is found Was it a sex crime Guarnaccia suspects a local feud with its roots in World War II.
    Tod in Florenz A young Swiss art student who commutes to a small town near Florence is reported missing Then her body is found Was it a sex crime Guarnaccia suspects a local feud with its roots in World War II

    One thought on “Tod in Florenz”

    1. A very good read, and I failed to guess the murderer before the reveal Well maintained plot and nicely developed characters Overall feel similar to the Andrea Camilleri series to me a point in its favor , someone compared it to Simenon, but I think those are quite different.

    2. 5th in the Marshal Guarnaccia of Florence series return return On a Monday morning, a young Swiss art student, a potter, is reported missing by her roommate Guarnaccia tends not to take the report seriously after all, the young woman was of age, and perhaps she just took off for the weekend But the roommate insists, and so Guarnaccia decides to at least look into where she might have been seen last in a town whose business is pottery While he can find people who assert that yes, she was a regula [...]

    3. First Sentence Well, I hope I haven t taken up too much of your time A very shy young Swiss woman asks the help of Marshal Salvatore Guarnaccia Her roommate and friend, who has been studying pottery making in a small village outside Florence, has gone missing With the help of the local marshal, Niccolini, Guarnaccia must uncover the secrets of the town and its history to solve the crime.With each book, I come to like this series But I think my reticent was my fault than the author s I stared o [...]

    4. Magdalen Nabb writes about a Carabinairi Marshal who reigns over a small neighborhood in Florence If Commisario Brunetti is an intellectual blueblood in Venice, Marshal Guarnaccio is a middle class investigator who lives with his family in the Carabinairi station that he oversees.He doesn t give himself too much credit for cleverness His view of Italy is of the small, unmarked piazzas in Florence where ordinary craftsmen and small business owners live and work Like Brunetti, a good deal of time [...]

    5. Jacket notes A young Swiss art student has been reported missing and Marshal Guarnaccia must travel to the small town where she was studying to find out the truth about her disappearance When her body is found, it appears that she was the victim of a sex related crime But Guarnaccia who comes from a small town himself suspects that a local feud with roots in the horrors and betrayals of World War II may play an important part in the solution to the crime Another good, solid mystery featuring Mar [...]

    6. Magdelen Nabb was a great find for me This book is the sixth in her Marshall Guarnaccia series For anyone who has been to Florence and loves Italy, these are a treat I feel like I am living in the city as I read these books Guarnaccia, although seemingly a bit plodding in his approach, is very astute when it comes to solving the puzzles murders he encounters The stories are interesting, giving a view into life in Florence, and the books are a quick read This one takes place mostly in a small tow [...]

    7. The Marshal and the Murderer brings a Florentine detective in an Italy of the past into an insular surrounding community to hunt for the murderer of a young woman The detective is not heroic He s overweight and given to overindulgence of food and wine and he works via insight instead of reason Still he finds his way into the seams of a town still dealing with the aftermath of fascism A fine entrance into another time and place and a reasonable mystery.

    8. An interesting story about an Italian detective trying to solve the disappearance that turned out the be the murder of a young woman, a Swiss immigrant working in Florence illegally The 2 stars apply only to the German edition Someday, I d like to read this book in its original English the German translation came across as very clumsy Wasn t long before my eyes glazed over and I had to give up Original title The Marshal and the Murderer

    9. I love this stories, as well as those by Donna Leon because it adds another dimension to the places I visit as a tourist Next time I am in one of these cities, I notice the houses, the people going about their lives I love them exactly because so much of the narrative is about describing the everyday comings and goings of the city.

    10. Another case that Maresciallo Guarnaccia solves, this time with the help of colleague Niccolini Magdalen Nabb knows how to tell a story that is exciting and portrays the Italian way of life The only thing that seemed a bit long was the doctor s monologue towards the end of the book, but it seemed necessary to further explain the village resdidents behavior and their relations to each other.

    11. Worth while Good classic police procedural, without much of the procedure Set near Villa Medici on the route from Florence to Pisa Nice setting, the same milky mist in the valley that rose on the rainy day we visited Worth a read not only for its Italian setting and bit of WWII history, but also as simply a pretty good tale.

    12. I didn t enjoy this one as much as the previous books but then I couldn t put it down The characters are all very interesting although some are quite nasty I want the Marshal to appreciate his talent than he does Hers hoping for the next one.

    13. Sometimes books come up a little dated, this is one of those The treatment of women and of the mentally handicapped is just too out of date to make this a great read today.

    14. Italy may have been aligned with the Nazi s, but not without repercussionsHistory reaches back in this mystery.

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