[MOBI] Ï In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms | BY Þ Marvin Terban Giulio Maestro

In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms By Marvin Terban Giulio Maestro,

  • Title: In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms
  • Author: Marvin Terban Giulio Maestro
  • ISBN: 9780618830015
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty popular expressions such as straight from the horse s mouth and white elephant are amusingly explained and illustrated.
    In a Pickle And Other Funny Idioms Thirty popular expressions such as straight from the horse s mouth and white elephant are amusingly explained and illustrated

    One thought on “In a Pickle: And Other Funny Idioms”

    1. This funny book is about common idioms and their origin The book has a lot of funny illustrations, explanations for idioms, and I would recommend to any reader looking for some humor.

    2. This is a nice resource for anyone who is interested in finding out where some of the curious sayings we use everyday come from Nicely illustrated and written with a beginner reader in mind, this is a great resource It s written so a beginner reader can understand the history of idioms and what they mean A nice read.

    3. If you ever wonder where the silly sayings like your eyes are bigger than your stomach or straight from the horses mouth come from, you must get this book Filled with many examples, accompanying cute illustrations, and a detailed explanation of what the idiom means and where it came from is all included in this short, but sweet book.

    4. I just love this book It explains a collection of idioms in a concise and easy way It worked for me I never knew why crocodile tears meant fake crying There were a bunch I hadn t really thought about before, and I was not really equipped to answer questions before like Why is it called giving the cold shoulder Can t wait to get my own copy for this classroom.

    5. This book is similar to Fred Gwynne s books I like it in that it is a bit comprehensive book of idioms Of course, not every idiom has an image to accompany it That is good in that I have my students come up with an idiom to illustrate, and I prefer they use one that has not already been illustrated.

    6. This book contains thirty commonly heard English language idioms, including one that I had never heard before The illustrations made me laugh, and the explanations of the idioms were an excellent resource especially for ELLs who have never heard a lot of our expressions before.

    7. Short children s book about idioms Fine for kids, but I d like Some if the illustrations could have accurately depicted the the origins or literal meanings of the idioms.

    8. And speaking of picture books I requested this book from our interlibrary loan service, and found to my surprise, it s a children s book How it made the best books of the decade list from which I ve been getting my reading suggestions lately, I don t know, but here we are Maybe 7 year olds make up the list I like books about words and word origins, but not this basic, thank you.

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