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The Easter Story By Brian Wildsmith,

  • Title: The Easter Story
  • Author: Brian Wildsmith
  • ISBN: 9780802851895
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With an enchantingly simple perspective, Wildsmith offers a splendid vision of the greatest story ever told.
    The Easter Story With an enchantingly simple perspective Wildsmith offers a splendid vision of the greatest story ever told

    One thought on “The Easter Story”

    1. Ages 4 8 easter christian Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

    2. Stupendous illustrations Use of gold makes it special I think this is a great book for the rendition of the Easter story as children will love the pictures.

    3. Brian Wildsmith is amazing The artwork is somehow simplistic but profound I thinks it s the colors he uses mixed with a grand scope It s like a Richard Scary book but less annoying.

    4. Illustrations are key to engaging young children, and Brian Wildsmith s work is a feast of drama and color I love the use of gold to give depth and weight to the illustrations Kids also like to find the angel in each illustration.The story told from the perspective of the donkey is good, but not exceptional Other than the insertion of the donkey in scenes following Palm Sunday, the story does follow the Biblical account I like that Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Silent Saturday and Resurrection S [...]

    5. Describing his process of writing this book, Wildsmith writes, It is the world s greatest story, burning with history, passion, and tragedy I decided that the best way of expressing this epic drama was to treat it like grand opera, to create the sets and place the characters within them, capturing the symbolism of the Crucifixion and Resurrection in color, shape, and form He succeeded in capturing the grandeur of the Easter story while also telling the story simply in a way accessible even to yo [...]

    6. The Easter Story is the story about Jesus riding the donkey into Jerusalem It tells how Jesus was about to calm the donkey and ride him into the city where he taught and helped out the people at the temple Then, Jesus met with his disciples and did the Lord s supper Later, Judas deceived Jesus and Jesus was taken capture and then crucified, but he rose again.I loved this story a lot One reason is because it is the story of Jesus and the other reason is because this story was told in the eyes of [...]

    7. Apparently, Brian Wildsmith has a Bible that goes like this In the beginning was the donkey I really wish this were not so made up The illustrations are really wonderful, better than in Wildsmith s Mary and Jesus books But stuff like If only I could help him, thought the donkey sadly that just has to go Is the implication that children can t identify with this story as it stands, and we need to introduce some kind of sentient animal for them to get it I think that is an unfortunate underestimati [...]

    8. My son kept saying throughout this book, This is boring However, he doesn t like anything religious, so I wouldn t take his word for it.The text is simple, nothing special Thank goodness it wasn t too long or my son wouldn t have stood for it.The illustrations are gorgeous They are really the reason to buy this book They are superior to what is normally pictured in religious books for children.

    9. When I think of my childhood and religious books, it is not the words but the images that I remember and cherish This author, Brian Wildsmith, is a master of creating beautiful images of what really matters Check out his others on St Francis and Mary, as well as Christmas Beautiful, gentle books.

    10. I picked this book up at the library, drawn to the illustrations I was disappointed upon reading it at home The narrative includes the presence of a donkey at all of the events during Christ s last week of mortality I found it distracting and a little silly.

    11. A beautifully illustrated book for children that tells the story of Jesus Crucifixion and Resurrection in a way that is not too scary for children This is a perfect story to read about during Easter that is than just bunnies, chocolate and Easter eggs.

    12. A beautifully illustrated and told version of the Easter story Follow Jesus and the small donkey he road on Palm Sunday all through Holy Week to the Cross and beyond.

    13. I don t think it even matters what the text says in Brian Wildsmith s books His illustrations are the entire point of reading them, and they are just gorgeous.

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