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Regain By Jean Giono,

  • Title: Regain
  • Author: Jean Giono
  • ISBN: 9782253004028
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Tous sont partis.Panturle se retrouve seul dans ce village de Haute Provence battu par les vents au milieu d une nature pre et sauvage Par la gr ce d une simple femme, la vie rena tra Jean Giono, un de nos plus grands conteurs, exalte dans Regain avec un lyrisme sensuel les liens profonds qui lient les paysans la nature.
    Regain Tous sont partis Panturle se retrouve seul dans ce village de Haute Provence battu par les vents au milieu d une nature pre et sauvage Par la gr ce d une simple femme la vie rena tra Jean Giono un d

    One thought on “Regain”

    1. 2.5 I wish I could ve read this in the original language Giono has a unique voice, even in translation, so I can only imagine what he would read like in French It was almost like an Adam and Eve story, except backwards the couple go from savagery and desolation into peace and fertility I might have liked it if it wasn t so glib about the latter Not to mention a woman who has been gang raped and then exploited for work, it just didn t ring true that she would join Panturle so easily In fact, all [...]

    2. If all books were to be destroyed and I had the ability to save just one, this is the one I would save Like all of Giono s early works, it s a parable set outside of historical time, evoking the deepest mysteries of human nature and ecology, showing how people work together with each other and their natural communities to renew life on earth It s a deeply personal story that says just about everything that s worth saying about being human However, it s written in Giono s deliriously lyrical earl [...]

    3. Dans le fond, je l ai trouv plus int ressant lire que Colline, mais quand il y a si peu d action dans un livre, on en devient plus attentif au style et il m a paru moins bien crit, moins fluide lire et surtout moins po tique Reste le message du livre auquel je suis assez r ceptif La vie habite tout ce qui nous entoure, pr te rejaillir au milieu d un champs de ruine, elle attend juste qu on l ensemence avec nos yeux, nos mains et tout le reste.Bon, je suis pas non plus devenu fan de Giono en reli [...]

    4. Often beautiful, but after putting it aside for a while, I found it too dull to proceed to the second of two parts.

    5. Regain est un livre crit avec passion, videmment pour des exigences personnelles intimes On voit que l auteur aime le sujet de son roman et le traite avec soin Toutefois, c est juste pas trop mon type de roman Tout d abord pour le style, qui essaie d tre po tique gr ce des m taphores symboliques un peu trop path tiques, qui montrent la faiblesse de leurs analogies si on y refl chit juste un peu D apr s pour le contenu les situations me semblent s arranger pour que la morale de l histoire soit cl [...]

    6. amazing, in the most low key of ways It s short It s also truly time traveling back to a place that had thrived, became barren, and was made to thrive again through the hard work of simple daily living It touches and teaches about life, about living, about relationships, everything, simply by showing What a great writer.

    7. I love Jean Giono in general but I particularly like this one His use of the wind throughout the book is really effective His capacity to write about the sensuous world and the eroticism of the natural through Pan s presence is amazing.A wonderful story about sacrifice and change and healing.

    8. J ai aim ce livre bien dans la ligne des uvres de Jean Giono mouvante histoire de ce village qui se meurt et retrouve la vie gr ce deux tres qui se rencontrent.Beau, mouvant

    9. Giono s dreamy style is not what I chase in a writer, but once I dip into his stream, very few other writers color my mood so dreamily and deeply Giono does so many small things right the astute touches the intuitive grace the gentle touches the comic touches the poetic moods the slow suspense of a settler story the dance between man and woman from time eternal I get hungry when his people eat I feel the wind that his people feel I want to run my fingers through the round golden grains of Pantur [...]

    10. Earth, peasants, melancholy and loneliness but joy and getting back to the land The novel is beautifully translated from French, bringing out intelligent, poignant prose of a man tied to the land,adamantly staying put just when everyone desserts the village There is a bit of the fantasy as fate arranges him to begin life again on the land turning from a hunter to a farmer, underpinned by an almost misfortunate accident resulting in him marrying a girl who rescues him Together they replenish the [...]

    11. I remember when I was in my early 20s, hanging around NY starving and broke, I came across a set of Giono s books in a used bookstore I had no idea who he was, but I was drawn to them by force I couldn t afford the set, which I still regret they were beautiful , but the name stuck with me Since then, I have had a soft spot for this Provencal giant Not unlike Edward Dahlberg No apologies Time to read this one, I think.Sometimes the translation captures his beautiful raw language Other times not H [...]

    12. This is a short novel by the French author who wrote The Horseman on the Roof I gave it four stars at first, and then upgraded to five when I opened it at random towards the end and reread a dozen pages Giono is a terrific writer, Hemingway like in his simplicity, and this book is wonderful The tone, and the main character, change completely during the course of the novel from dark and almost menacing to bursting with life and quiet joy The story of a remote village that comes near to dying out [...]

    13. Ce n est qu en arrivant la page 100 que je me suis rendue compte que ce livre tait le troisi me d une trilogieJ ai lu ce livre sur deux fois, la premi re fois je me suis arr t e la page 49 beau milieu du d clin d Aubignane, et je suis contente d avoir repris la lecture, car apr s la pluie le beau temps Jean Giono a bien su illustrer la relation du campagnard avec sa campagne et le r le de la femme symbole de fertilit

    14. L histoire d un petit village de Haute Provence qui arrive au terme de son d peuplement, la crois e des chemins entre sa mort ou sa renaissance Ce roman est une ode l harmonie avec la terre, avec la nature et sa nature Un livre touchant, nostalgique d un temps r volu, o l on avait le temps, peu besoin d argent, la vie avait un sens simple, vident En lisant le dossier, on per oit encore mieux la puissance et le g nie de l auteur lire

    15. This book got me going on Giono for a while His most famous novel is Horseman on the Roof , which was made into a movie starring Juliette Binoche But Harvest is a gem It rustic, simple and beautiful Giono is the French equivalent of our Steinbeck, which makes this book good summer reading for those who want romantic rural settings and hearty characters.

    16. On dirait du Pagnol Je ne connaissais pas l auteur, mais c est lui qui a crit La femme du boulanger.Le livre se lit bien L histoire d un village o il ne reste plus qu un homme qui arrive trouver tomber sur la femme avec qui il va remettre de la vie dans ce village.C est assez grossier comme r sum , mais le th me de Regain.

    17. Ce roman est tr s court d ou vient son grand avantage On pourra metre sur un cours de litterature francaise pour des non francophones sans leur faire peur On y trouve une belle qualit de francais Les personnages et les conflits son faciles comprendre En somme, c est un outil p dagogique qui fait bien son travail.

    18. Un classique Qui aurait cru que j aimerais un classique Ce n est clairement pas mon genre de pr dilection malheureusement mais ce livre Oh l l Je me suis vraiment attach e Panturle et j ai encore plus aim suivre son volution au c t d Arsule C est une magnifique histoire sur la renaissance d un village Oui bon, il faut le lire pour comprendre La fin est vraiment magnifique.

    19. Yawn mediocre prose at best maybe it was better in the mother tongue, but en anglais, it is pale Not to mention the storyline is downright boring and I had to force myself to plod along to the end.

    20. Chronique de la renaissance d un village perdu au milieu de la Haute Provence On red couvre l importance qu avait la terre il n y a encore pas si longtemps et gr ce au style bien particulier de Giono, on sentirait presque sur son visage ce vent la personnalit propre.

    21. Jean Giono is one of the greatest inspirations of my life and writing Stepping into any of his books, but especially this one, is like embarking on a genetic recoding of one s self I emerged from this book lustily enthused for all of life.

    22. Considering how much I loved The Man Who Planted Trees, this was a big letdown It wasn t nearly as engaging or interesting.

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