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Back to Basics: The Education You Wish You'd Had By Caroline Taggart,

  • Title: Back to Basics: The Education You Wish You'd Had
  • Author: Caroline Taggart
  • ISBN: 9781843178798
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Hardcover
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    Back to Basics The Education You Wish You d Had None

    One thought on “Back to Basics: The Education You Wish You'd Had”

    1. Lovely bookI was curious about the kind of things it would contain It has refreshed my memory of some of the things I learnt back when I was in school It has also given me a smattering of some topics in a way that was brief ,clear, and concise.

    2. Not very helpful much basic than expected.Also, the history chapter, and in fact the whole book, was extremely anglocentric.

    3. Nice idea and interesting enough in parts, but not specific enough in any area to be of any great value, and so general as to be of little use

    4. In Back to Basics The Education you wished you had, Caroline Taggart takes us back for a refresher course in things we learned or should have learned in school.She tries to cover all the basics and lend to them a relevance in our everyday life It is a quick and short read but does well at covering English, Math, History, and Science As well she gives highlights of Music and others of the so called arts.This is a quick refresher and reference guide just to shake your memory or to give aid when th [...]

    5. Although this book is far from good, I d surely recommend it to some people Not all of the things written in it are useful, but some are essential to know, and for the people who don t know them, this book is a must read.

    6. Simple and straight forward and even funny in certain sections.I would remember Caroline if she would have been a teacher of mine and that is compliment enough.

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