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Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems, 1954 1982 By Bruce Dawe,

  • Title: Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems, 1954 1982
  • Author: Bruce Dawe
  • ISBN: 9780582665385
  • Page: 140
  • Format: None
  • None
    Sometimes Gladness Collected Poems None

    One thought on “Sometimes Gladness: Collected Poems, 1954 1982”

    1. Drifters is perhaps one of my favourite poems there is something essentially Australian about it that is hard to explain to someone that is not Australian Though, it is hard to imagine a time now when children cried out truly instead of really Thus the landscape of language changes over so short a time.Dawe s nightmare visions of a suburban future in, say, The New Landscape or his critique of then contemporary politics in The Not So Good Earth still resonate with our contempory concerns He can h [...]

    2. One of my favourite poets this was required reading in year 12 and even after all disecting, critiqueing etc I had to do, still liked it and went out and bought my own copy.

    3. Dawe often uses long sentences in his poems to preserve the moment and the mood of the poem, as most of them occur over a short period of time His simplicity reminds me of one of my favorite poet, Sapardi Djoko Damono.One of my favorite poems in the books is this Soliloquy for One Dead Ah, no, Joe, you never knewthe whole of it, the whistlingwhich is only the wind in the chimney ssmoking belly, the footsteps on the muddypath that are always somebody else s.I think of your limbs down there, softl [...]

    4. Dawes poems span different forms as well as content that is all so Australian in voice He is quite an inspiration

    5. There are some really good poems in here Some of them are a bit ordinary but the good ones really do shine out Surprisingly like Mr Dawe.

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