Hooked By Polly Iyer,

  • Title: Hooked
  • Author: Polly Iyer
  • ISBN: 9781475153682
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Paperback
  • High priced call girl Tawny Dell boasts a client list that s part Fortune 500, part Five Families With a PhD in art history and a tidy chunk of money stashed offshore, she hangs up her G string with plans to retire to a Mediterranean island to open a gallery Lincoln Walsh, NYPD sex crimes investigator, has other ideas He wants Tawny to work undercover at a high class boHigh priced call girl Tawny Dell boasts a client list that s part Fortune 500, part Five Families With a PhD in art history and a tidy chunk of money stashed offshore, she hangs up her G string with plans to retire to a Mediterranean island to open a gallery Lincoln Walsh, NYPD sex crimes investigator, has other ideas He wants Tawny to work undercover at a high class bordello to discover if a murdered call girl worked there The club, nicknamed Upper Eighties, is owned by an ex hedge fund manager who d do anything to hook Tawny into his harem In exchange for Tawny s cooperation, Linc s office, in collaboration with Treasury, will see she avoids prison for failing to pay Uncle Sam his share from years of illegal earnings But Tawny gets than she bargained for another dead prostitute, a mob boss who s an old client, and romantic stirrings for the hot New York cop sending her back into the world s oldest profession Adult language and situations.
    Hooked High priced call girl Tawny Dell boasts a client list that s part Fortune part Five Families With a PhD in art history and a tidy chunk of money stashed offshore she hangs up her G string with p

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    1. I like to think of myself as a hard to please critic when it comes to my reviews of romance books For a book in this particular genre to receive a 5 star rating from me, it has to be than just good It has to be over the top, brought tears to my eyes, oh no she didn t, laugh out loud, and you gotta love him GOOD Hooked by Polly Iyer met all of these qualifications and I don t like to compare authors, and, to be honest, Polly Iyer can stand on her own as a very talented author, but for the sake [...]

    2. FREE today on Kindle 10 13 Fans of The Sopranos or mafia and crime dramas will especially enjoy this one It definitely read like a crime drama and not so much a romance, but there was definitely a burning chemistry between the H h too Set in the NY City area, the story focuses on bringing down some of the worst organized criminals The story includes the most unlikely H h romance you can imagine he s a federal agent that investigates sex crimes, and she is a former high priced call girl The bad [...]

    3. What do you say about a book you wrote I like it a lot I love it Both I ve written a few books, and Hooked may be my favorite.

    4. HOOKED POLLY IYERTawny Dell is in deep with the IRS and the only way out is to cooperate with the police and the FEDS in a sting operation against a procurer of high class prostitutes, one Benny Cooper As a former call girl she is asked to infiltrate the organization to find out who was responsible for the deaths of three prostitutes working for the man.Tawny must cooperate in order to stay out of jail but getting the goods on Benny Cooper might prove fatal Added to the danger is the sexual attr [...]

    5. Hooked by Polly Iyer 2.99 s ref nb_sb_ss_Hooked is the perfect title for this latest in author Polly Iyer s romantic suspense novels Every character in this book has a duality of purpose born of inclination and sometimes greed And this is the authors challenge, asking the reader to understand, and maybe empathize, with people whose behavior is frequently on the other side of the law.Benny Cooper, late of wall street fame and married father of two, has the perfect job hooked on the glamour of se [...]

    6. audio book review This is a slick, sassy, sexy thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat throughout I fell in love with the characters, who in spite of their failings were incredibly memorable and unique No for those seeking pure and wholesome stories, this examines the seedy underbelly of the call girl world in New York City, but it isn t what you might expect This book was full of humor, intrigue, and romance One of the most amazing parts of this story was the author s ability to transform [...]

    7. This is the first book I ve read by Ms Iyer and I was riveted The suspense was, OMG high octane at times and the author spared no expense with the violent scenes This book had it all, mob boss, a pimp who genuinely took care of his girls, good HH characters, good cop vs bad cop and some awesome twists The story was well written and edited and had an original storyline However, what was disappointing to me was spoiler the secondary story, the romance between the HH It never blossomed However, in [...]

    8. I m surprised this novel doesn t have a higher overall ranking It was a terrific read Granted, those looking for a Cinderella story may be surprised to find that the main female character is a high priced call girl That she s not exactly Snow White is unusual for a female protagonist in this genre, but Polly Iyer has created a compelling character in Tawny Dell, a talented, intelligent woman with a PhD in Art History who, because of a past hurt, has never been able to bring herself to fall in lo [...]

    9. I m a fan of Polly Iyer s books, so I was delighted when this came out Hooked is a fast paced, sexy read with a little humor here and there Tawny Dell is a former call girl, at least until the cops, Lincoln Walsh in particular, drag her back to help solve a crime Tawny is a smart, likeable character who chose her profession with her eyes wide open She s someone I d enjoy knowing Linc may have doubts about his assignment, but he needs to catch a killer, so he does what he has to But meanwhile, Ta [...]

    10. I just loved Hooked, by Polly Iyer I enjoy novels about bad girls, so this book was just my style This novel takes the reader into the world of sexy call girls, ruthless mobsters, and there s even a handsome detective with a troubled past Ms Iyer has done a terrific job of providing the flavor of NYC with her street scenes and holds you with just the right amount of suspense I enjoyed this book and I hope you do too.

    11. A quick, 24 hour romantic suspense read that entertained the whole time I loved the former high class call girl Tawny who had the perfect blend of confidence and reluctance based on her circumstances Add in Linc, a sexy NYC sex crimes detective and a seriously comedic supporting cast to counter the dark criminal plotI was hooked from page one.

    12. This book will keep you hooked Suitable title for this great story I had a hard time putting it down Well written, great characters and the plot was awesome I loved how every thing came together I enjoyed reading every page I recommend reading this book.

    13. Very well rounded mystery thriller that I enjoyed reading Iyer s characters are well developed and multi dimensional Well, done

    14. Great fun While I liked the heroine and hero, the hapless schmiel who operated the bordello stole the book What a hoot Nice interplay of romance, suspense and humor.

    15. Sexy and Suspenseful This book was a well balanced book of suspense I enjoyed every bit of it Tawny exuded sexiness and brains Her character portrays a smaller population of woman who do that sort of profession, But it can make you respect them I loved her character The author did a great job

    16. I am hooked with this good blend of cops, sex and crime story NYPD special investigator Lincoln Walsh needs the help of first class call girl Tawny Dell on a sex crime Although Tawny has long ago left the business, she is forced to cooperate or face imprisonment for tax evasion Tawny goes undercover to find out whether Benny Cooper had anything to do with the death of one of the girls working in his secret sex club It appears that Benny is an unwilling accomplice, and Tawny was dumbfounded to le [...]

    17. Hooked by Polly Iyer features Lincoln Walsh, special investigator with the NYPD, and Tawny Dell, glamorous, exclusive, and retired call girl They battle a common foe, each other, and their mutual attraction.The discovery of a murdered prostitute s body leads police to a high class brothel, but they can t make a solid connection between the crime and the brothel, in fact police can t even prove the young woman worked there Walsh tracks Tawny down at her vacation paradise, threatens her with charg [...]

    18. When the author works hard to combine a high priced call girl, a Mob boss and a sex crimes unit detective to weave a wonderful taleyou have the book Hooked This is appropriately titled as it had me hooked from the start Tawny Dell is portrayed as an intelligent call girl who has decided to give up the life until Linctus Walsh recruits her to go back for one job in order to solve the murderer investigation of another call girl This leads to murderess and a Mob connection that Tawny was not awar [...]

    19. More of a 2.5 stars than 2 There are a lot of strong points for the story I was certainly interested in the premise of a former call girl forced to work with the police undercover so she wouldn t go to jail for tax evasion, and the story was interesting in its own way However, the writing needs a lot of work The events moved too quickly and the story was overwritten, largely because Iyer chose to use so many different points of view Doing so too out a lot of the suspense And the actual murderer [...]

    20. I hate when I can t finish a book Gorgeous high class hooker who started prostituting to pay her way through college A gorgeous FBI CIA Detective who can t resist her The obsessive use of boner who says that I still may have given that a chance even though it was so trite you could write it yourself but When she portrayed the pimp bordello owner sympathetically, he s just a guy that likes sex you lost me Also, the 400 pound mob guy who just has mommy issues I got exactly 22% into the book before [...]

    21. A Retired high priced hooker, the mob and his minions, the dirty cop and the hero Tawny the hooker had found herself in a little trouble with the IRS for tax evasion She was asked by the FBI to return back to her old profession to find out who was behind the murders of a couple of girls that had been found that had recently worked under a well known mob boss that had been under suspicion for a while While Tawney was trying to get the scoop, she was being closely watched by one the boss s informa [...]

    22. Tawny Dell is a retired high class call girl who winds up getting back into the life when she s asked by law enforcement to gather information from an exclusive brothel and its owner In return, she gets to stay off the IRS radar Linc Walsh, the sexy cop on the case, falls for Tawny hard, pretty much like every other man with whom she comes into contact There s romance, suspense, humor, lots of bad guys and murder What could you ask for This fun beach read will keep you turning the pages.

    23. Retired high priced call girl Tawny Dell is given a choice un retire to infiltrate a very elite club where two girls have gone missing or face income tax evasion charges by Detective Linc Walsh She agrees to go undercover in the club, putting herself in danger and Linc in a rush to save her.Primarily a romance, Hooked has a touch of a comedic caper novel in the way things go wrong for some of the characters and a thriller in the danger the mian characters encounter It s a tough mix to pull off b [...]

    24. She is a retired call girl with a PhD He is a NYC sex crimes homicide detective who gets her to agree to go back into the business to help him solve the murders of a pair of women who work out of a high priced house in upper Manhattan There are ex prostitutes, horny procurers, gangsters, and murderers There is lots of action and the novel is mostly entertaining, however I frequently found myself thinking it would have been better reading had the author not tried so hard to make it hard boiled.

    25. Many of us are forced into situations by circumstance Tawny Dell decides she is going to retire from the racy world of high class call girl but the government has other plans for her The reluctant acceptance of her lot in order to enjoy her retirement later is beautifully portrayed in this excellent story I would heartily recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting and intriguing read.

    26. Another great read from a great authorAnother great read from a great authorWhat another great read by Polly Iyer I never expected Tawney and Linc to end the way they did but I was so excited to see that their ending was better than I expected Great story line and Polly Iyer is definitely an author I will be reading of.

    27. this is another passably good detective story this one involves a cop whose job it is to lure a retired high class call girl back into the business to help them get information about crimes occurring in an equally high class house of ill repute things get complicated when he falls for her not a bad story and the writing is good nothing extraordinary, but good.

    28. What a page turning read Tawny and Linc are expertly matched as call girl and sex cop, and they join forces, reluctantly on Tawny s part, to bring down a big fish Tawny wants to get back to her retirement Linc wants to close the case Electricity between these characters snaps off the page.I m an Iyer fan and look forward to of her books.

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