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Plainwater: Essays and Poetry By Anne Carson,

  • Title: Plainwater: Essays and Poetry
  • Author: Anne Carson
  • ISBN: 9780375708428
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • The poetry and prose collected in Plainwater are a testament to the extraordinary imagination of Anne Carson, a writer described by Michael Ondaatje as the most exciting poet writing in English today Succinct and astonishingly beautiful, these pieces stretch the boundaries of language and literary form, while juxtaposing classical and modern traditions Carson envisionsThe poetry and prose collected in Plainwater are a testament to the extraordinary imagination of Anne Carson, a writer described by Michael Ondaatje as the most exciting poet writing in English today Succinct and astonishingly beautiful, these pieces stretch the boundaries of language and literary form, while juxtaposing classical and modern traditions Carson envisions a present day interview with a seventh century BC poet, and offers miniature lectures on topics as varied as orchids and Ovid She imagines the muse of a fifteenth century painter attending a phenomenology conference in Italy She constructs verbal photographs of a series of mysterious towns, and takes us on a pilgrimage in pursuit of the elusive and intimate anthropology of water Blending the rhythm and vivid metaphor of poetry with the discursive nature of the essay, the writings in Plainwater dazzle us with their invention and enlighten us with their erudition.
    Plainwater Essays and Poetry The poetry and prose collected in Plainwater are a testament to the extraordinary imagination of Anne Carson a writer described by Michael Ondaatje as the most exciting poet writing in English today

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    1. Like two particles in a complex sentence we sit side by side moving forward, eyes on the road Parataxis is a charged instance of language cold on the surface, unexplained underneath Let my courage not abandon me Body and shadow comfort one another, says ancient Chinese wisdom I spent much of my childhood staring straight ahead at the hood of a car and America unrolling to the horizon Father too drove with eyes on the road Stop the tape and look at these people, one young and one old Like two sta [...]

    2. The collection is divided into five parts Mimnermos The Brainsex Paintings Short Talks Canicula di Anna The Life of Towns and The Anthropology of Water The first part, Mimnermos The Brainsex Paintings , presents the fragmented writings of the Greek elegiac poet Mimnermos It is unclear whether or not these are the authentic writings of Mimnermos This may be a translation by Anne Carson This may be a re imagining of Mimnermos s writings It is unclear 14None Such as Him He looks to memory.None such [...]

    3. 12.26.02 Notice of Termination of Lease from my landlord Due to my financial situation, I regret to inform you that I am forced to sell the house you are living in now This letter serves as your 30 day notice Please move out completely by January 31, 2003.12.31.02 The Year of the HorseI m holding on to a new book It is white like a small hand opening Like the new year drifting its white out over the frozen grass The pages are stiff, each being convinced to turn over It is learning the mechanism [...]

    4. Anne Carson puts together several different prose and poetry styles all together to create something beautiful and amazing It took me a while to adapt to poetry again after a bit of a hiatus, but Plainwater is so good I ve started back into a poetry binge of proportions not seen in recent years It s amazing and lovely and everyone should go read it.

    5. Loved it I m not going to pretend I have a complete grasp on the complexities of this collection yet I feel like I need to spend years studying history, anthropology, mythology, language but Anne Carson writes beautifully Creative, clean Her words find hollows in me and echo My copy is littered with post its to mark certain lines, passages Not a review, but a personal take here.

    6. i think i had to read autobiography of red and beauty of the husband to get to trust her enough to go through these shorter, sharper pieces, but this is my favorite anne carson so far by trust her, i mean understand that she s lying most of the time, but it s for my own good i would love to learn to move through truth towards beauty the way she does unfortunately i m pretty much convinced that it s not something you can learn.

    7. It s been 15 days since I finished this book and yet I don t have the words to express how I feel towards this The Anthropology of Water was extraordinary The Brainsex Paintings were a great reminder of the time I used to study ancient Greek and I might pick up the original Greek ones and perhaps comeback to Carson s essay once , hence why I ll put this in my to re read list.But seriously, the Anthropology of Water was even than extraordinary.

    8. Anne Carson is the Arachne of contemporary poets A professor of classics and comparative literature at Michigan, Carson has an eight legged brain that comfortably weaves sixth century Greek lyric poetry, Renaissance painting, ancient Chinese wisdom literature, Kafka, and the confusion of her writerly persona s own love affairs It is tempting to read the sections of this collection as separate entities Indeed, the thematic and stylistic differences seem to encourage episodic reading But such spor [...]

    9. Classic and Capital In the sense that it s the one that I read first It s also the one I taught my students and the one they came in to talk about and they write like and the one that we were all reading when my cat died That passage about Anna And also the one with the blood oranges What a comfort an essay is Who would have known Also it is the one I bought god so so long ago and it is ruined because I ve read it that many times and others have also gotten their hands on it and I found a first [...]

    10. It is such immense pleasure reading Carson every time She s just so good So good that I don t even mind the parts that embarrass me Having now worked myself through the larger part of her publications, I am only nervous for what to do when I reach the end.Most of my favourite pieces were from the first part ofThe Anthropology of Water, a day by day traveling journal as she and a companion are following the Camino pilgrim s route, it is a musing on relations the traveller to the road, the weather [...]

    11. I loved this book I originally got it because I wanted to read Anthropology of Water the final section of this book , but each section was so good In my opinion, each section got progressively better, and Anthropology was the best It took me a while because it s definitely not very clear writing and I have a short attention span, but it was really good to read, with some powerful parts.

    12. How slow is the slow trance of wisdom, which the swimmer swims into This book is well worth swimming into.

    13. absolutely loved it, esp part 1 mimnermos part 5 the anthropology of water anne carson never disappoints me.

    14. I really did not enjoy this book as a whole A few parts I did enjoy but they were sparse The contents are a varied lot to say the least Even the last part The Anthropology of Water, which is over half of the book consists of 7 different, highly varied, pieces.The piece I enjoyed the most was Kinds of Water An Essay on the Road to Compostela from The Anthropology of Water It is not an essay but a series of journal entries by someone on the pilgrimage to Compostela and has a lot of interesting tho [...]

    15. One of the amazing volumes of poetry I have read, Canadian or otherwise It is an extremely long collection, 260 pages, and not for the hurried or lazy reader, but putting the time into it is rewarding There are both free verse poems, including a long narrative Canicula di Anna, and prose poems, which are like philosophical picture postcard parables, and while centred around shared narratives and in many, the theme of water, they in no way seem fabricated or forced The language maintains its vig [...]

    16. You know when you get asked, if you could only read one book for the rest of your life, which one would it be And I d have to say Plainwater, because there is such a large world contained in its pages that I could read it every day and find something new in these words each time.

    17. the last essay in this collection, called The Wishing Jewel An Essay on Swimming by My Brother is a short but stunningly sensual description of swimming, solitude and the dark realms of the imagination.

    18. Anne Carson bewilders me This collection like Decreation is wonderful, crazy, and perfect I can t explain Ms Carson, just read one of her interviews This collection is wonderful Read it.

    19. Well enlightenment is useless but I find interesting the distinction anthropologists make between an emic and an etic point of view Emic has to do with the perspective of a member of the society itself and etic is the point of view of an outsider seeing the society in his own terms Lovers correct me if I m wrong insist on bringing the two perspectives together, a sort of double exposure To draw into the very inside of my heart the limit that was supposed to mark it on the outside, your strangene [...]

    20. 2.5 3Heartbreaking as it is for me to rate this low a book of one of my favourite poets, I couldn t help but being bored by some parts of it, especially in the second half The poetry was fine, the essays not all my cup of tea.

    21. The beloved s innocencebrutalizes the lover.As the singing of a mad personbehind you on the trainenrages you,its beautifulanimal like teethshining amid black planesof paint.As Helenenrages history.

    22. Anne Carson masterfully erases the thin line between poetry and essay The self experiences its becoming with the most trivial aspects of life.

    23. Anne Carson makes me feel dumb I love how pretty she writes I tried to just read it aloud and let her poetry wash over me as much as I could.

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