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Tanz der Götter By Vikram Chandra Ulrike Seeberger,

  • Title: Tanz der Götter
  • Author: Vikram Chandra Ulrike Seeberger
  • ISBN: 9783746622903
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ein Affe hockt an einer Schreibmaschine und tippt um sein Leben, denn vor ihm sitzt Yama, der Herrscher des Todes Geschichten ber Geschichten entstr men seiner unersch pflichen Phantasie Wenn er m de ist, bernimmt ein junger Inder seine Aufgabe und erz hlt vom heutigen Amerika Ein ppiger, phantasievoller Roman, der auf beeindruckende Weise indische Traditionen und moEin Affe hockt an einer Schreibmaschine und tippt um sein Leben, denn vor ihm sitzt Yama, der Herrscher des Todes Geschichten ber Geschichten entstr men seiner unersch pflichen Phantasie Wenn er m de ist, bernimmt ein junger Inder seine Aufgabe und erz hlt vom heutigen Amerika Ein ppiger, phantasievoller Roman, der auf beeindruckende Weise indische Traditionen und modernes Leben in den USA verkn pft Vikram Chandra verbindet den Reichtum und die Weisheit Indiens mit der Kunstfertigkeit amerikanischen Erz hlens FAZ Vikram Chandra gelingt es, eine Menge ber Indien zu erz hlen und bestens zu unterhalten.
    Tanz der G tter Ein Affe hockt an einer Schreibmaschine und tippt um sein Leben denn vor ihm sitzt Yama der Herrscher des Todes Geschichten ber Geschichten entstr men seiner unersch pflichen Phantasie Wenn er m de

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    1. The main things this book had going for it Stories within stories within stories You might get lost like I did, but I found I didn t really care about what level I was in as long as the stories kept unrolling and enrapturing me Beautiful, vivid and lyrical language descriptive, character illuminating, sometimes philosophical A typewriting monkey I mean, a TYPEWRITING MONKEY So the stories lots of stories form a Scheherazade style framework with the monkey telling tales to both visiting gods and [...]

    2. A young man returns to India after going to college in Los Angeles While tangled in a web of identity issues, the young man shoots a monkey that had stolen his levis symbolism anyone This is a big no no in their neck of the woods and the young man s family rushes to save the monkey.While nursing the monkey back to health, it becomes clear that the shooting had flipped a switch in the monkey that allows him to remember his past life as a poet The monkey proceeds to climb up to the typewriter and [...]

    3. The multiple stories in this truly epic novel make it a hard one to follow yet even h arder to put down For a westerner quite unfamiliar with Indian culture, I was constnatly researching India s history, language, cuisine, gods, castes, and religion as I moved through this story However it was brilliant The time spent researching to understand was quite worth it, and the information I gained in the process I should have already had The story is brilliant, told for the most part by an ancient Ind [...]

    4. Abhay comes home to India after studying in America, and he shoots a monkey that s been bothering the family for years Wounded, they take the monkey in and nurse it, hopefully back to health The monkey starts having flashbacks and realizes that it s a reincarnation of his former human self the God of Death, Yama appears to the monkey, aka Sanjay in his former life, and wants to take him but Hanuman, the God of monkeys appears when he s appealed to by Sanjay They strike a bargain and if Sanjay ca [...]

    5. This book holds a special place in my heart My husband brought this to book on our first datewhen ever I see it or re read it I think of that night.

    6. This book is an endeavor Written largely as a story within a story, Red Earth and Pouring Rain relates the tales of two story tellers one, an Indian poet reincarnated in the form of a red monkey whose human consciousness emerges after an accident , and the other, a newly returned student sent to the United States for university The two stories leapfrog back and forth, with each being told a chapter at a time They tell the coming of age of two vastly different characters in vastly different perio [...]

    7. Red Earth and Pouring Rain is a whirlwind of a book, and a heavy whirlwind at that The book itself is weighty, and its contents are jammed full of an overwhelming amount of characters.I had trouble remembering who did what, what the effect was, and how things influenced each other later So to me, it seemed in parts like one random thing happening after another I really enjoyed the first third or so of the book, and then I think things all started to jumble together I think I finally lost track o [...]

    8. Confession I didn t get all the way through this, despite my huge admiration of Chandra s talents This book has one of the best first chapters I ve read, and is intermittently brilliant thereafter But it s so maddeningly uneven that I found it gradually exhausting than enjoyable.This was his first novel, so it s no surprise that Chandra may not have been in full control of his powers yet His follow up story collection,Love and Longing in Bombay, is much assured.

    9. The book was disappointing in the sense that it seemed detached from its own story line I wish it was not the case.Nevertheless I am pretty much hopeful about Sacred Games by this author which I plan to read in the future.

    10. This book is epic in scope, a story within a story, within a story sort of construction The basic premise is that Sanjay, re incarnated as a typewriting monkey, needs to spend two hours every day entertaining an ever growing crowd of listeners with the story of his life, lest he be taken by Yama, god of death He is helped in this endeavor mostly by Abhay, home from college, Abhay s parents, and a young neighbor girl So, knowing that the main character is a monkey who can type, there s obviously [...]

    11. I kind of feel like Vikram Chandra said to himself what do I want to read what do I want to see happen in a story then gathered every idea he had ever had and smooshed it into a book He covers every single genre in one way or another and at times it is so compacted that I couldnt remember who people were and why they were there so had to browse back through the first third of the book At times it was very wordy, almost unnecessarily so, and I didnt think it was actually needed Abhay s story was [...]

    12. These things are known about this novel epic scope, stories within stories, modern US subjects, and the history of India More deeply, it explores the British invasion influence damage and how so many stereotypes perpetuated by Europeans persist today Even deeply, the fictional characters brought to life by Chandra are fascinating and human in every way The art of story telling is treated with the greatest respect Some of the Hindu gods appear as characters themselves some delightful, some fearf [...]

    13. I have finished this book and I must say I did enjoy it Since I would not always read it on consecutive days I found some of his chapters a little confusing He also talks about certain customs typical of India, or ceremonies, food, etc without any kind of an explanation probably considering that everyone knows what he is talking about If a computer is available one can look for the information on the internet but what happens when this is not available I find that many Indian writers assume that [...]

    14. I read this book slowly, savoring each exquisite page, turning back frequently to put people in their proper places Who is telling this story, a story within a story within another story I investigated Indian history to further understand the narrative The book was work, invigorating work Finally I finished I picked up my next book, but each morning I set aside some time and started reading Red Earth and Pouring Rain again, even slowly this time, relishing and luxuriating in the many layers I h [...]

    15. Easily my favourite book by an Indian author Beautifully evocative magic realism epic of Indian mythology grounded brilliantly by a modern subplot If I still had a copy I would read it again right now.

    16. Fascinating And dense with characters and events I found it a bit hard to follow so many characters, some mythical, and the writing is rich with detail of all kinds It s a story of stories, narrated mostly by a god like monkey who used to be human I d like to read it again sometime, as I was less confused after reading half the book and I d get out of it the second time This author has boundless imagination I couldn t tell how much was historical, if any It s a complex book and richly so, as I [...]

    17. This book surprised me I wasn t expecting it to be so rooted in magical realism or to have shifting parallel storylines With that said, it was confusing but enjoyable, though the 18th century Sanjay Sikander plot was a bit harder to follow and oftentimes dragged on painfully The Abhay sections were redeeming and definitely my favorite parts of the novel overall, though that might have something to do with the fact that the plot line resonated with me strongly as an Indian American college stude [...]

    18. I loved the entire concept of the monkey becoming awake to his human past life The intertwining of stories was clever and entertaining I did learn about India culture and the gods I did skim for there were parts where it wasn t necessary to go into such as cricket playing did anyone care about this The author gave solid character development.What a fantastical story of a monkey and his many adventures relationships, new locations, learning languages and cultures, education, war, strength, frien [...]

    19. I m done One of the throwaway female characters kills herself and I just can t with this Between the euro centrism, war and soldier praise, insignificant female characters, It s literally everything that I hate in books I told myself I would read at least a third of it and I basically did, but I have better things to do in my life like watch paint dry.

    20. I really wanted to like this book but just couldn t get into it I eventually gave up it really needed a good editor to clear up some of the scene transitions I know what the author was trying to do but felt that much of the story was still in his head.

    21. I m still reading, but so far this is a solid magical realist Indian epic I found it a good reminder of why stories and poetry are valuable in the first place We need to be shown other worlds.

    22. To be honest, I m rather disappointed by the eccessively complicated plot of this book Despite the very good reviews, I still find it difficult to appreciate entirely the alternation of the epic chivalric styled narration of ancient battles and out of time heros and the adventure of the young Indian guy, always hanging in the balance between his modern life in America and his traditions rooted in the Indian culture, full of Gods, myths and tales I presume you need to have a very deep knowledge o [...]

    23. self alienation is the main focus of the characters, when way from ethnicity, the american dream of young indians and benoit dream land hindustan and george thomas dream to colonise lands has subjected to cultural conflict and challenges to redeem life as lost in self alienation.

    24. 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge a book about a roadtripThis is a hard book to rate described as an epic sweep, huge, magical, cinematic, a contemporary Thousand and One Nights These seem to be apt descriptions to me, but I would add a few listed later.Red Earth and Pouring Rain starts off with an Indian college student, returned home to India from the United States One of the first things he does is shoot a monkey that routinely steals from his family in exchange for food returning whatever it s [...]

    25. March 2017 Trying again I had decided not to read it in 2014 A rich novel of stories myths within stories, in the tradition of such books as Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni s Palace of Illusions also Indian or The Hakawati, by Rabih Alameddine Lebanese Decided not to finish it again.

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