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Cutaway By Liz Borino,

  • Title: Cutaway
  • Author: Liz Borino
  • ISBN: 9781612580548
  • Page: 230
  • Format: ebook
  • Two years after Steve Michaels called, Action on a new phase in his career as co producer on the television show Ben s Life, the lights go up again on his Dom sub relationship with actor Zack Greene, but Hollywood cameras don t always capture the truth.A mention of Steve s past in the BDSM scene has Zack craving new ways for them to connect All of the couple s concernsTwo years after Steve Michaels called, Action on a new phase in his career as co producer on the television show Ben s Life, the lights go up again on his Dom sub relationship with actor Zack Greene, but Hollywood cameras don t always capture the truth.A mention of Steve s past in the BDSM scene has Zack craving new ways for them to connect All of the couple s concerns fall away when Steve and his ex, Peter, are in a car accident The last ones to know, Zack and Josh, Peter s slave, rush to the hospital The injuries from the accident force the dominant man to set aside his pride and accept help from Zack Will the couple get to explore new boundaries in their relationship or will the dependency Cutaway the structure holding their relationship in place Warning Spanking, D s relationship, light bondage, two men who can t get enough of each other.
    Cutaway Two years after Steve Michaels called Action on a new phase in his career as co producer on the television show Ben s Life the lights go up again on his Dom sub relationship with actor Zack Greene

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    1. Quick review Cover Fitting Rating NC 17 SteaminessHOT Thumbs Up 4Overall Really sweet in a melt your heart kind of way, but hot, don t forget that.Characters Nice Plot Wanting to take your relationship in a different direction may come at a price.Page Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend ZachSUMMARY 50 words or less You know, I hadn t read book one first And, it was okay There was something I missed after talking to the author, but not enough to have me not enjoy Zach and Steve [...]

    2. This book takes place two years after Action, where Zack and Steve and their three year old relationship were first introduced The story deals mainly with how their relationship has changed and improved I found Zack to be outspoken in regards to his needs and opinions He expresses his desire to explore of the BDSM aspect of their relationship and suggests to Steve that they visit a BDSM club Steve is not too convinced on the idea He accepts that their Dom Sub relationship is an unconventional [...]

    3. Yet another short story about two characters that I truly loved The affection between them just leapt from the page and made my heart sing with joy My only problem was that I wanted I would be much happier with of this two.

    4. While this sequel to Action Ben s Life 1 has of the harder BDSM and a bit angst, the core of it remains the same The love and respect you can feel between Steve and Zack, and how that translates to their D s relationship It is particularly clear here, with the contrast between Peter and his slave Josh, how Zack is not a slave, and Steve is not a slavemaster They are loving partners with a D s dynamic that works for them so well There are script changes to Ben s Life that cause potential havoc, [...]

    5. Cutaway by Liz Borino is my first introduction to the author and I can say that I am fast becoming a fan Cutaway picks up two years after Action with the relationship of Steve, a producer dominant and Zach, actor submissive The novel has many plots which give depth and dimension to the story Zach having to give his collar to a fellow actor, the relationship both men share with their mothers, Steve s relationship with a former lover and fellow dominant, Peter, and Peter s slave Josh Most importan [...]

    6. This is an entertaining story about how a Dom can lovingly take his sub deeper into the D s lifestyle at a pace that won t scare him away from the carefully constructed relationship they already have I liked Steve and Zach in ACTION but I love them in CUTAWAY There is some plot to the story but it is the characters who carry it and they had my undivided attention from the first sentence to the end of the book This is one of my favorite Liz Borino stories so far and I look forward to by this aut [...]

    7. Zack and Steve continue to keep me captivated in Cutaway As the sex scenes continue to sizzle, the loving relationship between the two men is what I fell in love with When an accident occurs, forcing a bit of a role reversal for both Steve and Zack, the two dive into what needs to be done with emotional support and love Even though they are in a Dom Sub style relationship, they both show that first and formost, they are a loving couple that support each other and give what is needed in all aspec [...]

    8. Cutaway by Liz Borino is the sequel to Action and it was yet another amazing book by this author The protaganist in Cutaway certainly kept things interesting as did the character Josh and Steve s mother The way Steve and Zack s relationship changes through the story was great I really enjoyed how Liz Borino switched up their roles because it showed a whole different side to both Zack and Steve The pace was perfect as always and Liz Borino continues to do a wonderful job of raising awareness of s [...]

    9. Loved this second book with Steve and Zack, it takes us deeper in to BDSM scene something that Steve isn t completely comfortable with at the beginning.Steve and Zack came out at the end of the first book so they go out with friends now Carlos and his wife, Angie, are out with them one night and Carlos mentions going to a new DD club with a great new Dungeon Master that he found on line Then says Steve s ex s name, and Steve and Zack know it is not a DD board club, quick talking by Zack about Pe [...]

    10. Cutaway is a beautifully written novella confronting the possibilities that exist within a matrix of power, sub culture and love From the moment I was made to feel as if I were riding along with the cast of characters of page 1, to the flurry of emotions I felt on the last, I could not put this book down.Steve and Zack, loving partners in a D s relationship, wrestle with the trauma associated with the potential loss of identity that brings them each to seemingly ever greater depths of their love [...]

    11. This review was posted at Under the CoversI really like Liz Borino s writing style and the way she weaves her stories She is actually one of the few m m BDSM stories I ve ever read and enjoyed However I have to say I thought the first book in this series was better Maybe because throughout the book there was emotion in book one.This book somehow fell into the we are in a comfortable relationship monotony Towards the end we saw a little bit of the story IMO and I really liked how the love they [...]

    12. Zack and Steve are back I fell in love with these boys in Action and here they are even better They face new challenges as Zack s interest in exploring further into the BDSM life increases, adding Peter, Steve s ex, and Josh, Peter s slave, to the cast and showing a completely different type of relationship than Steve and Zack I like the contrast in the relationships but I can t help but to favor Steve s and Zack s loving Dom sub relationship over the Master slave relationship Peter and Josh sha [...]

    13. 3.5 stars This was a good book not great, but definitely good As with the previous two, there s still something about the writing that bothers me not as much as before and not all the time, but it s still there At times, the story seems a bit over dramatic, and I don t always like the word choices Borino makes It s almost like a thesaurus was used to vary the vocab, but the words chosen, though technically correct, feel inappropriate for the context words I wouldn t associate with a romance invo [...]

    14. Cutaway is a wonderful addition to the Ben s Life series Steve and Zack are well developed, three dimensional characters and their relationship is not only strong enough to overcome the obstacles in their path, but it becomes stronger because of them To read my review in its entirety, please click HERE.

    15. Steve and Zack are back There relationship is established and now no longer hidden but things happen that help to reexam what each of them wants and exactly what makes them happy.


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