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The Snowmelt River By Frank P. Ryan,

  • Title: The Snowmelt River
  • Author: Frank P. Ryan
  • ISBN: 9781780877389
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chance has brought together four young people in the small, historic Irish town of Clonmel Alan is Irish American, Kate Irish, and the adoptive brother and sister Mark and Mo are Londoners although Mo originally hails from Australia and has an exotic spiritual quality that suggests something strange, almost magical, about her They discover that they share a terrible secrChance has brought together four young people in the small, historic Irish town of Clonmel Alan is Irish American, Kate Irish, and the adoptive brother and sister Mark and Mo are Londoners although Mo originally hails from Australia and has an exotic spiritual quality that suggests something strange, almost magical, about her They discover that they share a terrible secret, one that cannot be coincidence, and it makes them wonder if it was fate, and not happenstance, that really brought them together, and which now binds them inseparably as friends And then, over the long hot Irish summer, the enchantment begins The Snowmelt River is the first of a four volume epic fantasy series, with each book a separate adventure in itself All four novels revolve around the coming of age, and power, of the central characters, Alan, Kate, Mark and Mo, each a very different personality, yet each making his or her personal contribution to an epic odyssey.In October 2012, The Snowmelt River reached the 8 spot in the amzon epic fantasy bestseller list.
    The Snowmelt River Chance has brought together four young people in the small historic Irish town of Clonmel Alan is Irish American Kate Irish and the adoptive brother and sister Mark and Mo are Londoners although Mo

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    1. On the summit of the fabled mountain Slievenamon in Ireland there is a doorway to an ancient land of terrible power The gate of Feimhin has lain closed for centuries, the secret of its opening long lost But now four orphans drawn together by Fate must pass through the portal to face their destinies What they find beyond is the enchanted but war ravaged world of T r, a strange land peopled by beings of magic Here death waits at every corner and they must learn to fight if they are to survive And [...]

    2. Consider how an individual grows in a romantic relationship Generally, they start with courtship of a succession of several people They figure out the certain dynamics which they desire for a spouse When they desire an individual with the said dynamics, their relationship becomes solid Soon, they expand their family And then they grow old Please understand this is a gross simplification to be used for my review Do not take this account seriously The relationship between a writer and a reader sh [...]

    3. I ll start my review off saying I won this book on a giveaway This review will be straight up harshly opinionated and honest If you love the book completely and utterly don t continue reading what I m about to write Secondly, this review isn t harsh because I got it for free The first book I won I loved the story and author so much I immediately bought her other series Now let s get started For me, this book had two main issues that made it impossible for me to go on The characters and the pacin [...]

    4. I generally try to be measured and reasonable, and avoid skewed passion and bias Like, just as a general rule I value objectivity With that in mind, I have to say this book is trash Full offense, it is absolutely worthless.To make my opinion clear in a way that avoids spending effort on The Snowmelt River than it is due, I will provide a quick list Things This Book Failed To Do Fully characterize any one of the four 4 main characters It tries to sell them as archetypes who complement each other [...]

    5. After a week of reading this thing, and trudging through it, I have to give up First of all, 700 pages for any book is way too much It is absolutely dismal to hold a book that thick and see yourself barely making any progress at all because you have so much ahead of you to get through If a book is over 700 pages then it should definitely be separate and not part of a series I certainly don t want to read a book this big knowing the story isn t even finished at the end.At first I really thought i [...]

    6. I received a copy of this from Jo Fletcher books after I requested it The Snowmelt River is an interesting book that questions the reality of fate and destiny It stretches the beliefs of the characters, showing them a whole new world, in which they have to question themselves and each other I loved how the characters grew in this book, it wasn t a tiny invisible change, it was a huge change It was brilliantly done, the young characters are forced to grow and take on responsibility like never bef [...]

    7. I won a copy from First Reads.The Snowmelt River is a long book And when I say long, I mean a seven hundred and two page book It s quite a long story that could lose some of its fat Pages, not fat But I think you get the point It may be quite long, but it s quite interesting, if you have the patience and the understanding to go through it I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone with a busy schedule and a tendency to forget things Because 1 Obviously you need a lot of time to read 702 pages, 2 t [...]

    8. at about page 200, the writing changes completely it s as if someone else entirely is writing the over detailed narrative and even the simple dialogue seem EXTREMELY forcedere is ABSOLUTELY NO flow to this book i try to read 50 100 pages each day, but that was a HUGE struggle with this book, and i was easily getting frustrated by the writing.i HAD to put it down and walk awayhopefully i can get back to it after the book i m reading instead of it, or maybe just before the year is overi would like [...]

    9. This is the story of Kate, Mark, Alan and Mo, four orphans who become friends and are called to the world of T r, which is linked to Earth through a portal.The character development at the start of this book is superb and I thoroughly enjoyed the exploration of T r and finding out some of its secrets there are to come I m sure However, the end of the book meshed into one big battle I think there were actually about three and I felt these dragged on a little too long.I should also point out that [...]

    10. I tried I tried I honestly did try.But when I hit upon a five page discussion which summed up went like this Tell me You won t understand But tell me But you won t understand C mon tell me You just won t understand I decided that rather than claw my eyeballs out, I d dis the book.I am obviously not cut out for Epic Fantasy although somebody else mentioned that they liked this way better than Kushiel s Dart by Jacqueline Carey, which I actually loved back in the day until she went cliffhanger ove [...]

    11. This book was a really amazing book I love the character description It reminded me so very much of Eragon just the way it was written, and in an abundance were the adjectives In no way is that a bad thing I was amazed at how descriptive Frank P Ryan made his sentences I counted at least two in every sentence without fail Although, I think maybe some of the adjectives were a bit too formal Other than that this really was an amazing book

    12. I would like to start of by saying I was lucky enough to win an autographed copy of The Snowmelt River from The story starts off slow with four ophrans who range in age living in Ireland and it as follows them into a strange magical world called Tir The four ophrans battle evil beings and face death as they traverse the portal to the world of Tir When inside Tir Granny Dew changes each of their cells phones into an object with immense power and they must learn how to use their special gifts Clas [...]

    13. I received this book for free through First Reads For a YA book, it can be slightly confusing but for a child with learning difficulties understanding the different twists turns and concepts For the well read child teen, it is a delightful if a bit strange concept of the old tales if you cross the bridge into fairy tales I enjoyed the book, though had to read a couple of chapters a couple of times to understand what certain terms meant and understand what certain characters developed For the YA [...]

    14. When I first picked up this book I couldn t read it fast enough Then I felt a real slowdown and shift about halfway through the book There was so much back story that it was becoming difficult to follow along I almost wish this book had been made into 2 books so there was less names creatures history to remember Some interesting beings and situations I like the Dream Mage character This may be a little too much for younger YA readers so I d suggest it s for 16.

    15. While this wasn t the worst book I ever read, I didn t particularly care for it either It was just meh to me, probably because I had higher exceptions for it The imagery was beautiful and the story line was great but the execution was just underwhelming to me There was just something about Snowmelt River that didn t appeal to me It was very slow paced which is not good for a book 700 pages in length I tried to just take a step back and enjoy the journey, visualizing myself in the new land, but e [...]

    16. The Snowmelt River spans the Earth we know and a strange magical world called Tir The tale opens in the picturesque Irish countryside beautifully depicted by the author where four young people meet and discover they are all orphans Right away, we feel that, while quite ordinary in outward appearance, these youngsters are somehow special Fate or some uncanny power has marked them out for a purpose as yet unknown They have been drawn together to fulfill a great destiny Soon they are mysteriously c [...]

    17. I received this copy from First Reads.Four children named Alan, Kate, Mark, and Mo find themselves inexplicitly called from another world where they meet bear like people, women warriors, and many other interesting races and characters They each develop unusual powers that help them to understand the language of the people around them or sense if danger is nearby.As the book progresses they begin to change, becoming confident in themselves and their roles as they travel from place to place in t [...]

    18. This book is a modern fantasy that shifts At first, it is a story with surreal elements to it It then becomes something of full high end fantasy when the four protagonists step into another land It is a place that is like a sister planet of Earth and is so well constructed with its own people in lore I could not help but think of it reflecting the struggle and beauty within Middle Earth.All of the characters are separate from each other and easy to differentiate even with such a large cast of th [...]

    19. I won this book on.I must compare it to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and in doing so feel it lacks just a wee bit not much however The imagery was intense and beautiful The fighting scenes of which there were a lot were realistic and one could visualize them easily.The main characters were fairly well written but somehow I didn t feel a real connection with them.I really felt this book was too long although epic fantasies do tend to be quite long it seems.The book kept my attention and I d [...]

    20. Disclaimer I received this book for free through the First Readers program.Orphans Alan, Kate, Mark and Mo find themselves drawn inexplicably towards a mysterious mountain in the Irish countryside There, they stumble into an alternate world where dark forces are at work and they are the only ones who can stop it.While there are several lovely passages in this huge novel, I found it difficult to relate to any of the characters The children s dialogue is somewhat stilted as well.I did find the She [...]

    21. I was really hoping this book would be awesome, but I had a hard time getting into it Honestly, I haven t even finished it yet I still plan to, but there are other things I d like to read while I do that Maybe I ll change my mind about what I think about it later.First, I had a hard time keeping my mind around what was going on I thought some things happened really fast and some things seemed to drag on and on Second, I did like the concept of it, so I really wanted to really get into it Oh well [...]

    22. Though the story line in this book was fairly enjoyable, I did find the pace to be very slow and boring during what should ve been very exciting parts of the story I believe it was the over abundance of descriptive wording that made the pace so slow, because I made a note that if he the author had shortened a few of the paragraphs, that they would ve been much faster and enjoyable to read.If you want a very descriptive book that is slow paced, this is your sort of read But if not, then I would [...]

    23. better in concept than reality It felt like a typical male fantasy author tried to aim towards YA, but it just felt clunky and I didn t really enjoy the story I had to push myself to finish it to return it to work, and I just wanted so much Like, congrats, you came up with a bunch of fantasy sounding names and shoved in a LOT of mythology, but I would like to see it be interesting and full of less cliches It just felt like it was missing something.

    24. DNF I really tried The jacket made it seem like a book I would really enjoy The character interactions are awkward and simplistic The dialogue didn t flow not did it seem natural Gave up after 60 pages when nothing interesting had happened yet and the dialogue and poor scene transitions got on my nerves.

    25. The Snowmelt River is about four orphans who who travel through a portal to another world called T r I especially liked the characters and the way the auther described Tir The plot was ok but dragged in places and I think the book would have been a lot better if it had been shortened significantly.

    26. I found this book difficult to follow the whole way through It seemed choppy It felt like inferences and connections were made but never explained that I should have understood I am no stranger to world building and trying to follow complex plots, but this just didn t click with me I guess Nothing to make you blush or run for cover.

    27. This is not a genre I would normally go for I am reading this series as I won book 3 as part of the First reads giveaways I did find it slow to take me in but once I get through the next 2 I am sure I will be awaiting Following the orphans on their adventure was slow to start and I felt sometimes too long winded I am only just getting the grips of this series Now to move to book 2

    28. I ve read half of this very long adventure fantasy I m having a hard time getting through to the next chapter not sure if I will finish this book, it s hard to see where the author is going with the plot.

    29. not so much finished as decided not read the rest, so only 1 star Just not keeping my interest, characters and their conversations not believable Perhaps it gets better but it s a big book and there are so many other books out there calling to me.

    30. I enjoyed this book , it took some time to read and at points I became a little lost If you are looking for a fast easy read this book may not b for you but otherwise I do recommend this book I will re read this at least once

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