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She Can Tell By Melinda Leigh,

  • Title: She Can Tell
  • Author: Melinda Leigh
  • ISBN: 9781612185651
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a terrible accident abruptly ends her riding career, Rachel Parker returns to Pennsylvania to rebuild her family s horse farm But her welcome home is anything but warm Her sister s abusive husband and a violent vandal threaten Rachel s new business and her life Someone is systematically trying to destroy her Someone who knows private things about her Someone who When a terrible accident abruptly ends her riding career, Rachel Parker returns to Pennsylvania to rebuild her family s horse farm But her welcome home is anything but warm Her sister s abusive husband and a violent vandal threaten Rachel s new business and her life Someone is systematically trying to destroy her Someone who knows private things about her Someone who s been watching her Now Rachel must face the fact that the sins of her carefully hidden past have returned to haunt her Police Chief Mike O Connell never had trouble drawing the line between his personal life and his job until he met Rachel Parker Mike s investigation uncovers a shocking number of secrets and suspects But the stalker s escalating violence convinces him he doesn t have much time to sort through it all Whoever is watching Rachel wants her dead Mike and Rachel race to untangle a web of deceit and lies that stretches two decades into the past before her stalker strikes again.
    She Can Tell When a terrible accident abruptly ends her riding career Rachel Parker returns to Pennsylvania to rebuild her family s horse farm But her welcome home is anything but warm Her sister s abusive husban

    One thought on “She Can Tell”

    1. I liked this romantic suspense that had its exciting moments but it also had parts that were a little slow moving I guessed who the bad guy was pretty quick I read this series out of order and future books are much exciting Horsewoman Rachel is trying to rescue her sister from an abusive husband when police chief Mike arrives on the scene.

    2. 3.5 StarsMuch better than the first in the series, the suspense is still a little weak as obvious who the bad guy was.Hopefully the next will be even better

    3. I liked She Can Tell better than the first book in the series Yes, it was easy to tell who the bad guy was but the plot was well paced and kept me wanting to read until I finished I liked both Rachel and MIke and thought their attraction and romance felt real Although I really didn t need Rachel referring to Mike as He Man It seemed a bit much and a little too corny for me Rachel was a strong heroine, although emotionally unavailable until Mike, which I prefer She is being threatened and watched [...]

    4. After really loving the first novel in the Can Tell series, I was really looking forward to reading this new one What a disappointement I had a real problem liking the heroine in the novel, Rachel Half way thru I found her to be irritating There s nothing wrong with a strong female lead, but sometimes it s just overkill I can never figure out why men would think that s endearing the fact that she can do everything by herself doesn t need any help doesn t need to go to the hospital after being se [...]

    5. 3.5There were things about this novel that I really appreciated, some things that feel short and some things that bothered me Overall, I enjoyed the story, I like this author, I will continue with this series Things that bothered me The blatant corruption Now, I m not so naive as to believe these things don t happen, I know they do, but damn, can you at least try to hide it Its as if forensics, witness statements and basic police procedures cannot hold up next to the word of a couple of rich guy [...]

    6. Another great suspenseful novel full of multiple story lines that all converge together with a great supporting cast in a small northeastern Pennsylvania town Rachel Parker has returned home 7 years after running away She has come back to try and turn her grandfather s farm into a horse training and breading business after her career ended after being thrown from a horse Not long after arriving bad things start happening on the ranch An attempted break in and threatening messages painted on her [...]

    7. Twenty five years ago, a mysterious watcher kills a man named Harry and disposes of his body.Now, in the present day and in the same township, a woman has returned to Pennsylvania to rebuild the family horse farm With her own baggage, secrets, fears, and vulnerabilities, Rachel Parker is determined to start over and carve out a place for herself.But almost immediately, vandalism and graffiti and frightening messages threaten her world, while nearby, her sister Sarah s husband has turned abusive [...]

    8. This book combines mystery and romance Someone is out to get Rachel Parker and drive her out of business Since there is than one possible candidate, the task of the local police chief, Mike O Connell, is to figure out who it is before anything terminal happens to Miss Parker.There is also a sub plot to do with dodgy business dealings, which means that O Connell s role as chief of police is under threat.The mystery element is handled well The complicating factor is that O Connell and Rachel fall [...]

    9. Wow this book was really good The suspense of the story had me turning each page, trying to figure out who was after Rachel I loved the way both Mike, and Rachel felt strong emotions to one another from the start, but didn t act upon them till latter on in the story line This book was filled with lots of action that kept me holding my breath at times I m going to give you a sample of the book below taken from chapter 27She sprinted to the barn Her foot skidded on the slick grass, but she scrambl [...]

    10. Two haiku review Someone s after herPolice chief tries to protectAnd he s really hotFour and a half starsI figured out the bad guyLoved the characters

    11. Great series Love the drama and the characters are super can t wait to read the rest of the series would definitely recommend

    12. Twenty five years ago in Northeastern Pennsylvania, a mysterious man, the Watcher, liked to watch people and see the secret, private things they did when they thought they were alone He has been watching a man named Harry Boyle, who he felt had betrayed him He stabs Harry to death, sets the man s house on fire, and disposes the body But there was a witness to the disposal, a little girl named Rachel Parker.Fast forward to the present day, horse boarder trainer and riding instructor Rachel Parker [...]

    13. Landing in a racing pile of pounding hooves put an end to Rachel Parkers riding career She returns to small town Pennsylvania to turn her grandfather s dilapidated farm into a profitable horse farm Rachel had inherited the farm years ago but never done a thing with it Now she realizes just how much work the house, barn and property needs As if that weren t enough to stress her out, sister Sarah is in an abusive marriage Rachel rescues her and her daughters but not before Sarah s husband attempts [...]

    14. I was disappointed in this book, but I gave it 2 stars because I got halfway through the book before giving up on it I really wanted to like it, but I had some problems with it For starters, the prologue really turned me off It was gory and uncomfortable to read Not really what I had in mind when I thought, Oh, this will be a nice romantic suspense book Second, I couldn t figure out how the vandalism and The Watcher and murder and all of the other mess connected Yeah, I m sure if I finished read [...]

    15. I ve really enjoyed watching Melinda Leigh grow as an author Her third outing, She Can Tell, is her best yet.Rachel Parker has moved back to the small town in which she grew up Since her return to the family farm, she has been dealing with vandals who are growing increasingly daring in their efforts to damage her property and scare her She believes it s her sister s abusive husband, but the town chief of police, Mike O Connell, thinks it might be linked to something We re also introduced to the [...]

    16. spoiler alert Rachel moves back to her hometown in Pennsylvania to take over the family farm Her sister, Sarah, six years her junior calls her one night needing to be picked up, her husband Troy Mitchell a councilman s son had come home after a fight drunk again After calling the cops she races to get there in time when the call goes dead When she gets to the house she hears yelling, her sister scream and when she ran in her sister was laying at the bottom of the stairs, out cold, bleeding and T [...]

    17. This was a fantastic book, really into this series already and already know I am going to enjoy it I had the killer worked out quite quickly however the author again managed to sow doubts in my mind although I was sure this time than the last Rachel Parker has come back home to rebuild her parents horse farm after a terrible accident ends her riding career However her welcome home is not that welcoming as her sisters x husband and a man are planning to destroy her, somebody who knows everything [...]

    18. Protecting Mike RachelMike and Rachel do not believe in love but the attraction is there from the first meeting and then the troubles started for Rachel attempts to get her to leave town and then escalating while Mike is trying to protect Rachel he is under scrutiny by the city council for being unprofessional in his job as the police chief leading up to his suspension All ends well with the capture of the Watcher Stalker after Rachel is kidnapped then escapes followed by her saving Mike Then th [...]

    19. Better than the first Although I was still guessing up until the end there weren t a slew of bad guys in this onejust a lot of suspicion and speculation I really liked Mike s character, he s the perfect combination of alpha and gentle giant LOL And as with the first book, I really liked the progression of the Hh relationship No insta lovet hopping in the sack after day twojust a slow build that developed over time All in all a good read that I would recommend to my reading friends Now for book 3 [...]

    20. Another strong entry into the She Can series of romantic suspense books It was 4.5 stars for me This was book 2 Although a stand alone, it was very fun that Police chief Mike O Connell secondary character from book 1 was the hero of this book The heroine, Rachel Parker, was a new character Rachel moved back to her hometown after a riding accident ended that career option Like the first book, it was a complicated story Sub plots, involving Rachel s younger sister and her family, were interwoven w [...]

    21. Extremely Intoxicating Thriller Mystery After a terrible accident ends Rachel Parker s horse riding career, she returns to Pennsylvania to rebuild her family s old horse farm Her arrival is not met with open arms as she learns of her sister s abusive husband He and a violent vandal threaten Rachel s new business, as well as her life Her past secret sins have been found out, but Police Chief Mike O Connell comes to aid her and they work diligently together untangling a dark web of deceit and lies [...]

    22. Another Great ReadWhat a hero He man Mike is devoted to keeping his town safe The guilt over losing a young woman to a serial killer, and almost losing another victim before catching the killer weighs heavily on his conscience When Rachel enters his life, protecting her from a stalker and her sister from an abusive husband starts taking up much of his time, both on and off duty As the stalking escalates to attempts at murder, his professional barriers fall away and his heart gets involved Entert [...]

    23. Okay, again with these people solving the case, with no real basis for coming to the conclusion of whodunit I pretty much enjoyed the books so far, up until the endings So what I would probably have given 4 stars goes down to 3 Alsooposing to your woman at somebody else s wedding WHO DOES THAT At least it was in private and not like during the toast or something, but let the bride and groom have their special day Propose on your own time

    24. Unlimited A strong four When I started this book, I was afraid it was too much like the first book in the series I soon learned differently Some of the characters are the same and I like them This is about a woman who owns and boards horses, but someone is out to get her I have gotten the third in the series She Can Scream but I will read something else first.

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