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Butterfly, Butterfly By Petr Horáček Petr Horcek,

  • Title: Butterfly, Butterfly
  • Author: Petr Horáček Petr Horcek
  • ISBN: 9781406340068
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this inventive peep through the holes picture book, Lucy searches for a butterfly in her garden Follow her as she meets a pink earthworm, a brown spider, a red ladybird and many creatures, and get ready for a surprise a 3 D butterfly
    Butterfly Butterfly In this inventive peep through the holes picture book Lucy searches for a butterfly in her garden Follow her as she meets a pink earthworm a brown spider a red ladybird and many creatures and get

    One thought on “Butterfly, Butterfly”

    1. This is a big favorite of my 3 yr old twins Holes in the page to give you a sneak peak into the next pages, it keeps all my kids entertained every time we read it Besides that, the front cover has a wonderful shiny rainbow type cover, that catches the light and makes rainbows whenever you move it I often find my twins reading this one to themselves, almost word for work, remembering what I ve read to them previously A great addition to our collection of bug books.

    2. 4 StarsA visually stunning picture book about a young girl who encounters all sorts of fascinating insects while searching for her butterfly friend in her garden This story also served as a perfect visual aide when teaching young children an explicit lesson about the letter B butterfly, beautiful, beetle etc The images within also prompted a great array of creative ideas so the children could design their own beautiful butterfly gardens.

    3. I hate bugs but I loved the amazing pop up at the end Spectacular Great for learning bug names and colors.

    4. I really like this book and would love to use it in a spring storytime I know it would work well with preschoolers, but I wonder if babies and toddlers would stay interested in it as well It might be a bit long for that age group, but I can envision waving different color scarves for each colorful bug, which would add interest It s a great way to learn about colors, as well as many bugs you can find in your own backyard The best part is the wow factor of the last spread, where the colorful butte [...]

    5. We all enjoyed the clever cutouts, though the story was decent, the cutouts stole the show All three kids flipped back and forth between them to check them out a couple times The four year old the targeted child for this book was engaged with the book than usual for both story, illustrations, and the cutouts surprise pop up.

    6. Lucy saw a beautiful butterfly The next day she lost it but found a pink earthworm, a brown spider, a green beetle, and red ladybugs surrounding her All these bright colors help children match the colors with the insects Then after looking at all these insects, she looked up in the sky and found the beautiful butterfly.

    7. Not much of a story in this one it s all about the illustrations The peek through pictures are pretty cool, but I m not sure if they d be visible enough for a storytime The last page is great, but I feel like it might get damaged quickly Simple book with colourful bug illustrations, reminiscent of an Eric Carle book Would work well with young kids, I think.

    8. This isn t really a book about learning colors, but enjoying colors in Horacek s brilliant illustrations of the garden creatures that the young girl discovers Horacek definitely has a unique way of expressing his ideas and I always enjoy his work.

    9. This book is beautiful I love the art and the way Hor ek uses cutouts tying together pages in ways I couldn t have thought of myself Beautiful illustrations and a beautiful, sweet, simple story.

    10. 4Summary One day Lucy finds a beautiful butterfly in her backyard The next day she went to look for the butterfly but could not seem to find it anywhere While she is looking for the butterfly she discovers many other insects in her backyard The book notes the different colors and patterns of the insects which helps familiarize the child with these concepts In the end Lucy sits back and finds the beautiful butterfly flying overhead Themes The theme in this book is very simple, when you are curiou [...]

    11. If there s anything that I ve noticed that kids love, it s a holes in the pages that give you a little sneak peek as to what s on the following page and b pop ups So even though Butterfly Butterfly A Book of Colors had a couple of rips and tears in it usually a no no for a readaloud , I picked it up anyway for storytime because I knew that the kids would love it, plus it made a great tie in to the The Very Hungry Caterpillar flannel story that we used It s bright with a shiny cover , colorful, a [...]

    12. This book caught my attention due to the brightness and use of a two tone silver covering the front cover This wasn t an intentional read, but is such a great book A story which is mainly about a butterfly, but also covers other insects and colours.This book is bright, colourful with beautiful sketch like illustrations which are smudged with colour A great bonus to this book is the holes in the pages, this encourages participation from the children which entices their curiosity and allows their [...]

    13. What begins as a fairly ordinary book about colors quickly turns into something special as Lucy chases, but fails to catch, the butterfly fluttering through her garden Through a series of clever die cuts, Czech artist Horacek creates a miniature world of the insects and small critters that surround Lucy I especially like the orange snail shell that turned into the faces of three purple caterpillars with the turn of a page When Lucy eventually spies the butterfly again, it is an enormous pop up [...]

    14. In this book, a little girl finds a butterfly in the garden The next day, she wants to look for it again, and, on her search, she finds other garden friends including a snail, spider, dragonfly, ladybugs, caterpillars, etc It s great for building vocabulary because you can ask children the names of the bugs and the colors featured This book is gorgeous very bright and appealing to pre schoolers I used the Spanish version, Mariposa Mariposa, for a Spanish story time program about butterflies The [...]

    15. This is a beautiful book for the whole book approach to storytimes Not only does it show different insects, but it also uses colors well When the little girl goes looking for the butterfly, she finds a whole host of other bugs before finally finding the butterfly which opens up on the last page to a beautiful pop out The kids oohed and ahhed over this one especially the last page and we had a lot of fun talking about what we noticed on the end papers take a look yourself and see if you can spot [...]

    16. Toddler Storytime, Monticello Public Library, June 13, 2011This is a bright, beautiful book about a girl exploring her backyard and discovering all sorts of bugs Horacek emphasizes the beauty of the creatures instead of the creepy crawlyness Not sure the little ones at storytime really noticed the creative cut outs one page shows a ladybug, the cut out is actually giving a peek at the girl s red and black dress on the next page A beautiful pop up butterfly surprises the readers on the final page [...]

    17. Lucy sees a beautful butterfly one day and chases it all around the garden But when she tries to find it the next day, she can t seem to locate it anywhere She does, however, find many other glorious creature like ladybugs and worms Finally she finds her beloved butterfly again and it is beautiful than ever What begins as a so so book quickly turns into an adventure Cut outs are slowly and smartly incorporated and at the end there is an amazing pop out Cute book that introduces outdoor creature [...]

    18. While searching for her butterfly friend, Lucy uncovers many other colored creatures but not until she looks up does she find her beautiful butterfly Die cut pages reveal a pink earthworm, brown spider, red ladybug, and green beetle among other colorful creatures and finally on the last page is the brightly colored butterfly that delightfully jumps off the page Butterfly, Butterfly is an adventure and illustrates beautifully how color is found in nature and in unexpected places.

    19. Our Pretty Butterflies and Pesky Flies OPPOSITES Story Time would not have been complete without this little gem I opened the book to the inside cover where each of the bugs featured in the story except the butterfly are pictured I said, I wonder if we ll see any of these in the story I then pointed to each one and the children named them with me I turned to the title page and said, and here s a to which the children all said, BUTTERFLY

    20. Rich colorful illustrations add to this book about a girl who finds a butterfly in her garden Easy text is used to show the different insects and creatures that the girl discovers as she looks for the butterfly The butterfly pop up at the end will leave kids smiling This is a fun book for kids to learn colors, the names of the insects and creatures in the garden, as well as descriptive vocabulary like munching and shimmering

    21. Children will absolutely love this book, especially if they like butterflies and other insects The surprise pop at the end, while it has the possibility of being easily destroyed, is unexpected and wonderful A great story time book in the making, along with a craft that corresponds to the book Excitement abound

    22. Read at Baby Toddler Story Time on 3 19 11 storytimesecrets Read at Baby Toddler Story Time on 3 6 12 storytimesecrets Read at Moms Club Story Time on 5 13 15 storytimesecrets

    23. Lucy looks all around to find a butterfly in her yard, and even though she does not find it until the very end, she encounters all sorts of other boldly colored insects Lu seemed to pay extra attention to this book with holes between pages and a lovely pop up butterfly at the end because she kept hearing her name A baby story time book.

    24. The kids really liked this one They were both really into bugs one day, so I looked for some books on bugs, but this was the only one I could find I wasn t expecting much, so I was impressed with the variety of bugs, the cut outs, and the big pop up butterfly at the end The kids loved that big butterfly, too.

    25. A girl plays with a butterfly one day but can t find it the next she finds all kinds of other spring animals instead When the girl finally sits down and looks up in the sky she finally sees the butterfly she s been looking for It has a nice pop up butterfly at the end The big text is easy to read too This one is an ideal read aloud.

    26. One of my favorite books for bilingual storytime A little girl finds a beautiful butterfly, but when she returns the next day, the butterfly is nowhere to be seen As she searches, she discovers all of the colors one creature at a time until finally arriving at the surprise she was hoping for all day An excellent choice for colors or insect theme programs.

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