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Amen Corner By James Baldwin,

  • Title: Amen Corner
  • Author: James Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780440206620
  • Page: 145
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Only a boy preacher who had grown up to become one of America s most eminent writers could have produced a play like The Amen Corner For to his first work for the theater James Baldwin brought all the fervor and majestic rhetoric of the storefront churches of his childhood along with an unwavering awareness of the price those churches exacted from their worshipers For yeOnly a boy preacher who had grown up to become one of America s most eminent writers could have produced a play like The Amen Corner For to his first work for the theater James Baldwin brought all the fervor and majestic rhetoric of the storefront churches of his childhood along with an unwavering awareness of the price those churches exacted from their worshipers For years Sister Margaret Alexander has moved her Harlem congregation with a mixture of personal charisma and ferocious piety But when Margaret s estranged husband, a scapegrace jazz musician, comes home to die, she is in danger of losing both her standing in the church and the son she has tried to keep on the godly path The Amen Corner is a play about faith and family, about the gulf between black men and black women and black fathers and black sons It is a scalding, uplifting, sorrowful and exultant masterpiece of the modern American theater.
    Amen Corner Only a boy preacher who had grown up to become one of America s most eminent writers could have produced a play like The Amen Corner For to his first work for the theater James Baldwin brought all the

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    1. Blues for Mister Charlie 1964 is James Baldwin s first play It is very distantly based on the case of Emmett Till a 14 year old African American who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955, after a white woman said she was offended by him in her family s grocery store Despite confessing to the murder, the two white men were acquitted And so Baldwin s play deals with the aftermath of the brutal murder of the young black man Richard by the white townsman Lyle.The play then, for me, takes place in Plagu [...]

    2. This play has been on my mind has been bugging for several years, Baldwin , Emmett Till 1955, Baldwin , , , , , But if it is true, and I believe it is, that all men are brothers, then we have the duty to try to understand this wretched man, Baldwin, Baldwin, It is we who have locked him in the prison of his color It is we who have persuaded him that Negroes are worthless human beings, and that it is his sacred duty, as a white man, to protect the honor and purity of his tribe , , , Richard, A [...]

    3. , Baldwin , , , , , , Margaret The Amen Corner Go Tell It on the Mountain, , The Amen Corner, Go Tell It on the Mountain, , , , , Arthur Miller, , , Baldwin , , The Amen Corner Margaret, , , , , , She done forgot it ain t the woman supposed to lead, it s the man Margaret , , Luke jazz Sometimes what we want and what we ought to have ain t the same Sometime, the Lord, He take away what we want and give us what we need Margaret , , , , , , Baldwin Her triumph, which is also, if I may say s [...]

    4. No one yet knows, or is in the least prepared to speculate on, how high a bill we will yet have to pay for what we have done to Negro men and women She is in the church because her society has left her no other place to go Her sense of reality is dictated by the society s assumptions, which also becomes her own, of her inferiority This play is heart breaking and the introduction by Baldwin really makes it clear just how little freedom is enjoyed by the african american population at large Margar [...]

    5. I am trying to work my way through Baldwin s entire canon This is solid writing But I think my favorite writing is in his introduction to the work I understand what Baldwin is trying to do here He wants to make a one dimensional character three dimensional We get the story of the death of an African American male in the south during the 1960 s Racism is rampant and you are privy to conversations, albeit imagined, between the white southerners that attempts to give credence to their myopic view o [...]

    6. A play inspired by the story of Emmett Till, I knew this would be a rough read but underestimated by just how much For majority of the play, Baldwin had me convinced that the story wouldn t play out the way Till s story did but in the end, it shook me completely to realize just how indifferent the world really is.In his introduction, Baldwin tells us The plague is race, the plague is our concept of Christianity and this raging plague has the power to destroy every human relationship.The play ope [...]

    7. Malik CooperEnglish Period 3Banned Books EssayBooks that are banned from schools are books that are looked at by parents that complain about things that some of them have probably did They are just too afraid to sit down with the child and talk to them about the different things in the world So the child goes and gets books to read and learn on their own If all the books get banned and we have parents afraid to sit down and talk about sex, drugs, and violence how will we learn You can experience [...]

    8. Not my favorite book of Baldwins , but I appreciate his short, but powerful play, Blues for Mister Charlie The dialoge in the book is at times rigid, cliche, and predictable Unlike many of his novels, Baldwin seems to struggle with the confines of the artform, the play s lack of space or room to fully develop his characters This is most harmful, in my opinion, with the character Richard, who comes off as a stock character with elements borrowed from Baldwin s Rufus of Another Country, Richard of [...]

    9. i am not yet sure what makes a play great, or a revelation i haven t read enough but what i do know and can lean on with all the weight of my heart, is when a work pulls me up, and out, and all about which is what this play did i finished it in tears, as i knew i was baldwin, you are my saving grace.

    10. A theatre and book review I saw the performance at the National Theatre in London on 7 20 13.James Baldwin began to write this play in the summer of 1952, after he returned to New York after spending four years in Paris While he was there he completed his first novel, Go Tell It On the Mountain, and after he borrowed money from Marlon Brando he returned home in an attempt to sell the novel The Amen Corner, like Go Tell It On the Mountain, is set in a black church in Harlem and is semi autobiogra [...]

    11. I have never been much of a theatre goer, but I have always read playswhich is perhaps odd I hadn t planned to include plays in these notes, but I read this because I had recently read James Baldwin s Go Tell It on the Mountain, so it seems sensible to comment on it Although not staged or published until the mid 1960s, Baldwin wrote The Amen Corner after completing Go Tell It on the Mountain in the 1950s both are studies of African American families that are immersed in the Church, Baldwin obvio [...]

    12. First, let me say that I have a tremendous bias, as James Baldwin is my favorite author and I have not come across a work of his I haven t liked As one who has spent a great deal of time in the church before migrating into the world I can say with a fair amount of accuracy that his depiction of the church is perfect even in the present day Baldwin does well to highlight the yearning for church not as a place to refine one s love but rather as a place of refuge even though one s problems go unres [...]

    13. A scatter shot re telling of the Emmett Till case with the same hamfisted and overcooked staging of One Day, When I Was Lost The introduction to the play is a worthwhile read if only to capture Baldwin s mission with the play as well as the understanding that this play was of a moral obligation than a passion project as one who has little nice things to say about the theater Just a smattering of issues the trial scene in the third act is a labored contrivance in a way that I suppose many trial [...]

    14. The 1955 murder of 14 year old African American boy Emmett Till was brutal and shocking by any standards After speaking to a white woman in a Mississippi grocery store, Till was kidnapped and taken to a barn where he was beaten and had his eye gouged out before ultimately being shot in the head and dumped in the Tallahatchie River Roy Bryant was acquitted of murder despite pretty much bragging all over town that he did it.Blues for Mister Charlie changes the names, but is based on the events of [...]

    15. Like most of Baldwin s work I find his anti intolerance stance admirable The book did not catch my attention either as a play or a statement Unlike To Kill a Mockingbird, which felt a bit universal, this book doesn t escape the world it was set in.I can respect the historical significance of this book, but to a twenty first century whippersnapper for whom racial coexistance is not an opption but implied in existence, the issues it deals with are disrespectfully and yes, naively discarded as an [...]

    16. i read this in one sitting it s always a good sign when a book causes you to actually laugh, cry, guffaw, and such out loud considering baldwin didn t really do drama in the intro to my copy he writes that he never intended to do drama at all and actually hates the form , but he does a really great job with it the setting and scene directions are great i could visualize the stage set up while reading it and the physical set up added a lot to the action wish i could have seen this performed as i [...]

    17. Ok, this was an interesting read By interesting, I mean I m not quite sure how I feel about it.Baldwin does and says so many things here, in 113 pages.There is the euphoria of praise and worship the delusion that one sometimes encounters in religion the pain hidden in an overenthusiastic love of God the righteousness self righteousness, false righteousness, all of it then, there is the sadness of it all.Baldwin deals with the conflict that arises when one stops believing and yet has a sense of l [...]

    18. A bitter experience, reading this play An ugly story based on the case of Emmett Till , beautifully told Baldwin portrays the disfigurement of race, sex, and Christianity in mid 20th century America, and offers little hope for redemption.

    19. After seeing the recent doc I Am Not Your Negro , I wanted to become familiar with James Baldwin s work which led me to this play Baldwin was, of course, not primarily a playwright As he explains in his intro, he didn t particularly like theater but he gave it thought in 1958 when Elia Kazan encouraged him to write a play For someone not all that drawn to playwriting, Baldwin here has fashioned quite a powerful piece It was produced on Broadway in 1964 directed by Burgess Meredith a 2 month ru [...]

    20. My thoughts on a classic really don t amount to much This play was written to shock shock at the language a black man uses when talking to a white woman, and talking among his friends It says something about where we are as a country that the language no longer shocks we hear it pretty much daily if we watch drug dealer action movies on Cinemax The story itself screams 1960s in some ways particularly with the traditional white liberal stumbling about trying to keep his peace with the black commu [...]

    21. Anything James Baldwin ever wrote is always worth a read, and Blues for Mister Charlie is no exception It is a searing and painful read, and doesn t flinch away from the brutal realities of racism Reading this book was another example of being reminded how little progress we ve truly made in terms of racial equity If you replaced the murderer s occupation of storekeeper with that of cop, this play could have been written last year instead of the 1960 s.Baldwin was one America s greatest writers, [...]

    22. When I first read Blues for Mister Charlie decades ago, I found the play s extreme polarization between blacks and whites contrived Now, I m sorry to report it feels incredibly, painfully truthful There a lot of fury in James Baldwin s courtroom drama about a murdered young black man but there s a lot of compassion and sorrow in it, too As with everything he writes, this drama has a sense of immediacy to it, an immediacy that hasn t lessened over the years but has stayed as urgent and clear sigh [...]

    23. This was good, but did not for me add a great deal to my understanding of Baldwin as an author As always his ability to create understanding of his characters, from so many different angles, is sublime, but I felt it tread many of his same themes and conflicts in similar ways to his novels Shirt and enjoyable, but not especially memorable in written form at least I d love to see a production of this play

    24. This is a play and reads that way This, however, does not detract from how powerful it is A man was murdered and the man who killed him was found not guilty But this also delves deeper into people s thoughts and is so profound.

    25. One of my favorite works of Baldwin s that I ve read so far A brutally real, but important narrative in response to the murder of Emmit Till.

    26. So this was my first exposure to Baldwin s storytelling, as opposed to his nonfiction, and for two acts I was all, OK, sure, strong black woman trying to hold her church and family together people in the pews like to backbite righteousness descends into sanctimony control vs freedom blah, blah, blah why does everybody rave about James Baldwin Then the third act has this perfect shocking climax where you realize that every word and movement of the first two were absolutely essential to understand [...]

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