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Deadly By Sara Shepard,

  • Title: Deadly
  • Author: Sara Shepard
  • ISBN: 9780062199768
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deadly, the fourteenth volume in Sara Shepard s YA Pretty Little Liars series, delivers juicy scandals, dark secrets, and shocking plot twists This 1 New York Times bestselling series is also a hit ABC Family original TV show.High school seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have all done horrible things things that would put them behind bars if anyone ever foundDeadly, the fourteenth volume in Sara Shepard s YA Pretty Little Liars series, delivers juicy scandals, dark secrets, and shocking plot twists This 1 New York Times bestselling series is also a hit ABC Family original TV show.High school seniors Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer have all done horrible things things that would put them behind bars if anyone ever found out And their stalker A knows everything.So far A has kept their secrets, using them to torture the girls But now A s changed the game Suddenly the girls are hauled in for questioning, and all their worlds begin to unravel If A s plan succeeds, Rosewood s pretty little liars will be locked away for good
    Deadly Deadly the fourteenth volume in Sara Shepard s YA Pretty Little Liars series delivers juicy scandals dark secrets and shocking plot twists This New York Times bestselling series is also a hit AB

    One thought on “Deadly”

    1. I m happy there is a 14th one, these books are good and keep me interested And I don t care if there is 20 which I hope there is, I ll read them all these books always sell so stop whining if u don t wanna read it which I m sure you well then dont.

    2. Before ReadingThis is not happening.I m dreaming.There can not be another one of these books.I am dreaming pinches self How can Sara continue this strung out, dry series After ReadingHow much can I endure Why must I torture myself by reading the bullshit that this series spews out How many times can these girls ultimately screw up to the point of no return If I were these girls, I would go into protective custody with either the police or a greater force, but because of the obviously corrupt law [...]

    3. Like i saidey re going to be in walkers with white hair and A is still going to be stalking them I can see it now I saw you steal that apple at breakfast I m telling the orderlies A Three books coming in the series At least She ll be at 99 before she stops Question Do you have an end for the Liars in mind Answer Right now, I m planning to write three books for the series and I have an idea for an end for that book in mind After that, I m not sure That s the thing about PLL though the character [...]

    4. To all of the people complaining about Sara writing books, guess what Nobody cares If you don t like them, don t read them I, on the other hand, can NOT wait for the 13th and 14th book to come out Sara Shepard is a genius for writing these books and continuing to keep the story going I have never been much into reading until I picked up this series I personally hope there are than just 14 Sara, keep up the good work You still have some super stoked fans

    5. For those of you complaining about the complainers and saying just don t read them We can t just quit the series, long as it may seem It s just too long of a series A good series, but a long one I feel like she s milking it THE COW IS DRY, SARA please understand, I started this series when I was in 7th grade I am about to be a sopho in college now I ve tried to stay faithful But this series is becoming exhausting I m only continuing to read on because I want to see if A is who I think it is, but [...]

    6. I think this series is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING I can t get enough of it I applaud Sara Shepard for her hard work , time and dedication She truly is an EXCELLENT writer I honestly don t want this series to end anytime soon And as for you guys who are complaining, if it bothers you so much , don t read it, but unlike you guys there are actually some of us dedicated fans, who dearly appreciate your work, so why the negative comments and feedback, it s unnecessary I d like to see half of you write a book [...]

    7. I ve done it, you guys It s done.I ve finally given up on the Pretty Little Liars franchise.I have officially decided that after thirteen books, if I m still waiting and begrudgingly handing over 17.99 a pop to see where this dumb, drawn out series goes, it s just not worth it I bet even Shepard herself is getting depressed over the amount of story that is missing from the series.The eighth book definitely should ve been the last one I m so proud of myself for finally giving upom the HarperColli [...]


    9. All these complaints about how long the series is getting is annoying You don t have to read the books, so shut the fuck up already.

    10. Sara, the only thing that I don t like is that I have to wait until June This book was one of the best in the series You have done it once again and don t let anyone tell you different The ending the connections EVERYTHING

    11. Deadly by Sara Shepardbook 14 in the Pretty Little Liars seriesLet s jump right into it, shall we Okay, so, this book didn t really have many distinct and separate story lines for each girl, they were moulded together, which I didn t mind at all.The girls are in deep trouble in this 14th instalment, as A is getting nastier, and conniving as the books go on, this time actually nailing the girls for a while anyway I love how we got to find out the identity of helper A , and I was not expecting t [...]

    12. WHAT WHY In the beginning I thought it was 8 books in the series I was thinking to myself ehh not too bad A little lengthy for a series, but I can handle Then about sometime last year I find out there was 12 and I thought to myself Why so long, how can someone come up with this much, I don t understand Then earlier today I find 2 books added to the series WHY MUST YOU MAKE SO MUCH STOP, NOW FOR THE SAKE OF THE FANS PLEASE JUST STOP NO MORE PLEASE Sara Shepard just wants the doe she s making ban [...]

    13. 1 They changed the name from Betrayed to Deadly sigh I will never get a Diabolical in this series, will I 2 They claim this is the last book They said that with Book 8, as well Fourteen is a weird number to end on, and I doubt this popular series will end there, so maybe I will get Diabolical at some point Edit This was written before Toxic was announced Obviously there are books on the horizon, but I don t feel like deleting this commentary right now.

    14. Although i hope this is the last one and this series has books then necessary i can t deny my love for how the books are written and how Sara writes them Yes there has been too many and it should come to an end but quit over complaining about it when you are going to buy the next one, if you don t like it as much as you claim stop BUYING them stop searching them up just finish with them,it s unfair on the people who do enjoy these books and it s ruined by hateful comments on it all the time Obv [...]

    15. Warning will contain spoilers I was really hoping that the story would wrap up this book And for a while there, it did seem likely At the very last possible second, the A team would be caught, the police FBI notified, the girls would go on talk shows and have another movie made about them and spend the rest of their lives looking over their shoulders.Alas, that was not the case.First off, the plot Some of the elements are quite ridiculous Emily s relationship with Jordan really She just happened [...]

    16. Despite the unremittingly negative tone of my last PLL review, this time I can actually begin with a spark of hope This gift is given to me by this volume s epigraph No one here gets out alive Surely this is a promise from Shepard that the horror will soon be over Not this volume, not the next volume, but surely by the volume after when this cycle is supposed to close, all four PLLs and every one of their idiotic family and friends will die horribly as Rosewood is destroyed in a well deserved ap [...]

    17. Listen, guys I know we re all a little edgy here It s understandable We ve been standing by and watching year after year, as something we are largely invested in dies a slow, agonizing death We all feel it This series should have have ended at number 8 That would have been dignified At the very least, loose ends should have been tied up in 12, since we had come to believe in the 4 book story arc formula That would have made sense Forget that the line between allowing unrealistic plots for the sa [...]

    18. spoilers Oh my GOD For one thing, I m extremely proud of myself because my theory was correct As I said in my review of Crushed back in June, I predicted that Nick Maxwell Tripp Ali s boyfriend from the Reserve, who also pretended to be Courtney s boyfriend as a request from Ali was Helper A And who knew He iswell, was.The ending to this book is absolutely fantastic It wrapped up so much I was actually starting to feel hopeless myself as I got deeper into the book and into the girls problems Mos [...]

    19. Okay, I loved this series when it first started out But now that it s going to have a 14th book, it s a bit ridiculous Sara Shepherd just needs to finally end it all I quit reading The Lying Game because of how stupid they were getting and to be honest, Pretty Little Liars crossed that line a while back Sure, most people would be like Stop reading them , but I just want to know who A is and complete the series If another one is released after this one I m 500% done.

    20. After What shit was this Anyway just two to go hopefully I can make it Before Please tell me this one is reallythe last book in the series Forrealthis time

    21. WHY can t they just end Seriously I thought it was supposed to end with 5 or something, and then it got changed to 8, and then 13, and NOW there is a 14 Please, just tell us what happens I ve been sticking around since my sopho year of high school, which was 7 years ago almost Seriously, let it end

    22. Sch n, endlich eine Aufl sung zu haben Es war wirklich ziemlich spannend und eine richtige Achterbahnfahrt mit vielen plot twistsda hat es sich gelohnt die 13 B cher davor zu lesen D

    23. Includes spoilers from previous books Also includes a rant for the previous books, so please don t read this if you haven t read book thirteen I m looking at the genre tag on the books page, and i m wondering where the zombie tag is.If you ve read the rest of the series, you probably have an idea on why i m wondering this.If you ve read the rest of the series, but don t have any clue what i m on about The answer is Ali.Ali has died many times, but has never stayed dead She hasn t got caught by t [...]

    24. This better be the last one or I will go all A on Sara Shepard The series really should have ended with book eight Also, a green background for a book titled deadly Just no It should be black or dark red which would not match the other books, but still, light green Yeah, I might be complaining a bit, but it seems to me that her writing quality in the second half of the series has been decreasing, not increasing and there is so much unnecessary fluff In addition, some of the characters like Aria [...]

    25. OH MY GOD I AM SO HAPPY THIS IS COMING OUT SOON I am sad it s ending and I would be overjoyed if there were 20 books in the series because I just don t want it to end Good job Sara Shepard you are such an amazing writer and I can t wait to read the next book

    26. Whoa I was not expecting to actually get a reveal 2 books away from the finale This is definitely the best book in this arc books 9 and on so far It got a bit twisted and dark and I flew through it.

    27. THIS REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO THE PREVIOUS BOOKS IN THE SERIES ALSO TO THIS BOOK AS NEXT BOOK ISN T OUT TIL JUNE NEED TO READ THIS BEFORE IT DOES SO I CAN REMEMBER This was my favorite Pretty Little Liars book out of the last few that came out This one didn t focus on framing the wrong person It was based on finding Ali This was a nice change and it set the next book up to be the final This could have been the final had the ending been a little different Though everything came out in this [...]

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