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Drown By AlexJones,

  • Title: Drown
  • Author: AlexJones
  • ISBN: 0001212
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook
  • Dom Sal is the star quarterback of his high school football team His charming, earnest personality has girls tripping over themselves to be with him Everyone knows his family lives in the St Michael Charity Housing, but all that matters is how many touchdowns he can score And Dom never lets them down No one knows he hides a secret he dreams about men.Damion Adrik isDom Sal is the star quarterback of his high school football team His charming, earnest personality has girls tripping over themselves to be with him Everyone knows his family lives in the St Michael Charity Housing, but all that matters is how many touchdowns he can score And Dom never lets them down No one knows he hides a secret he dreams about men.Damion Adrik is the school freak His gothic style and cold, biting sarcasm keeps everyone at arm s length His all too perfect family is a prison cell, and he s slowly destroying himself from the inside out No one knows he has secrets of his own and that he s tormented by the darkness he takes comfort in No one truly sees him, until Dom.When these two worlds collide and the spark of attraction pulls Dom and Damion together, both boys are faced with choices that will break their realities in two While conflict with parents and peers drives them closer together, their inner battles threaten to destroy the relationship they fight so desperately to keep In the end, they must choose whether to be true to themselves, and each other, or to drown in the lives they built before.
    Drown Dom Sal is the star quarterback of his high school football team His charming earnest personality has girls tripping over themselves to be with him Everyone knows his family lives in the St Michael C

    One thought on “Drown”

    1. It s really like 1.5 Stars since I managed to finish it.First thing, this book read like a really promising rough draft than an actual book that I would be happy to pay 5.99 for The editing was ATROCIOUS BAD just BADDD I actually went back to check if it was self published It is not, it is through Rebel Ink Press, I guess part of their rebellious spirit is rebelling against grammar rules.The use of nouns in this book pretty much ruined my reading experience The author overused the words the go [...]

    2. Wow Just WOW This book was really amazing You get to follow two unlikely matched boys grow to not only love each other, but love the life they re given One in faith of God and the other in faith of pain and desperation, my heart really went out to them both They made a perfect pair of love and forgiveness This book was filled with so much emotions, so much strength and weakness Through their good times smiling, and through their fights, you really get a feeling of real life with these two charac [...]

    3. I did want to like this novel but unfortunately I just couldn t, it was full of angry , destructive and ugly natured characters and was overloaded with so many depressive subjects that it became harder and harder to wade through the book I practically forced myself to finish the book but it was hard going in the end and there were big chunks that I glossed through just to get there, I think I was trying to see if there was any light to be found but if there was I didn t see it Because of the nat [...]

    4. I think what grabbed me first on this book was the amazing cover art I don t usually, but rather see what the story is about first and if that s appealing to my tastes then I ll scoop it up In this case you really can t judge a book by its cover I m not saying it s a shitty story because there s much of it I did enjoy How well it was written, next to known in grammar errors and the whole thought put into place to make it something good, and then there was some aspects of it that I didn t, so I l [...]

    5. Dear Author, Goths are NOT all like Damion Yes, we sometimes do wear all black, and tend to live in our own heads Considering the dreck all around us, sometimes our imaginations are a safer place to be We are not a bunch of death obsessed, anti social, satan worshipping pyschopaths Believe it or not, there are Christian Goths And lastly, Marilyn Manson IS NOT GOTH He has made that fact perfectly clear and yet even now people still link him to the subculture I d have respect for an author who ac [...]

    6. This story was filled with so much emotion and such beautifully crafted characters that I felt like it was too real at times The story is about two high school senior boys who come from two totally different worlds, but both have pain and secrets that they must deal with before finding love and realizing that it s worth fighting for I loved reading Dom Damian s story, how they overcame not only their own prejudices about one another but also facing adversaries that took courage, faith, and love [...]

    7. Exactly what I hoped it would beA popular jock and an unpopular goth falling in love whilst battling prejudice, religious beliefs and the Goth s unhealthy addiction to self harm.

    8. This is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read Waves and currents and pools of exquisite prose form a compelling tale of two young men from vastly different backgrounds What they ultimately find together is love and healing, and a future together.Dominic is an athlete, the high school s star quarterback He has everything He has the admiration of the entire school He has a beautiful girlfriend and the rest of the school worships him He is academically gifted But he comes from [...]

    9. TW for talks of suicide and self harm I wonder how long ago this book was really written before it was published I m not sure of the author s age, but bands she mentions were popular and still made music back when I was in high school and I m 25 now.I sympathized with Damian and I didn t at the same time What he went through was tragic How his parent s dealt with that tragedy was abismal And Damian s coping mechanism was heartbreaking I knew cutters and I knew they have to be going through a lot [...]

    10. I was a bit surprised that I liked this book as much as I did Normally when people write about teens the angst is really overdone but I didn t get that from Drown Damion and Dom are an odd couple but I think that the only type of person that could have reached Damion would have been someone like Dom I wanted , but it s not that I wanted from the story I loved the story depth maybe I realize that if the author had gone deeper into everything that happened the book would have been way longer than [...]

    11. This was a very emotional and heartwarming story I loved the boys, they were so different but so alike in so many ways I d love to see a story for James because he changed alot through this book, and I d love to see the effect it had on his life.

    12. This is going to be a short review, I just wanted to say I have never seen such a selfish MC before Everything was about him, if something went wrong it was always everyone else He lied broke promises cheated and yet faced no repercussions Before the view spoiler suicide attempt hide spoiler , I would have probably rated 3.5 But this was just beyond selfish once again taking the easy way out.The pronouns were over used Every sentence either containing The Jock or The Goth The author tried to vil [...]

    13. I liked the core of the story, the relationship between the two main characters, the way Dom helped Damion with his issues and the way Damnion ultimately found the strenght not just in Dom but in himself too But the book suffers of a few problems The first and biggest one to me is that the author often uses the jock and especially the goth for the two main characters I can deal with it a few times, but after a while it becomes very distracting The second problem was the point of view the story i [...]

    14. Very disturbing but compelling and quite realistic portrayal of self harm mental illness Thisnbook demonstrates just how much harm parents, adults, peers and society affect the lives of our children Sends a tacit message that society needs to address these issues conclusively The coming ut, self ID as gay is accurate and shows a depth of understanding of the miriade concerns Portrays courage and resolve in dealing with being gayd so manyother issues.Cant wait to see what is next from his auhor.

    15. I really like this book Even though I m in a super depressed state of mind and books like this have the effect of also bringing me down, there are so many qualities that Dom and Damian possess, that I too possess So I could relate to them I know the reviews are all over with this book I think it s one that may depend where a person is emotionally themselves I couldn t put it down and I didn t want it to end.

    16. I enjoyed this book, I think what I really liked the most was how the Jocks faith was handled and the conclusion that he came to about God and what he believed about being gay I find that in many of the M M books I read and christians are haters and the worst evil characters you will find, while in reality some areme are not Some are thoughtful people just trying to reconcile what they are taught to believe with what Jesus really said Thanks to the author for making this point.

    17. Just too much First, I would have to agree with the person who wrote the review about the overuse of the word goth constantly It was irritating and distracting Second, I hate that Damion cheated on Dom even if it was just the one time and out of hatred and self loathing At that point, the book became an epic failure to me, and I was completely turned off by everything that occurred afterwards.

    18. Another GLBT novel about a trouble teen who finds support and love from an unexpected source The stroy involves some graphic details regarding one characters difficulties with cutting, but in my opinion it was very eye opening and helped me to better understand why someone might be a cutter This is probably not for everyone, but I found it very good.

    19. One of the best coming of age stories I have ever read The story of two young men, from different worlds who come together to conquer the trails and trepidations of small towns, smaller minds, and Love bigger than them both It s a story telling how with love, even the darkest night s can be beat back in the bright rays of morning.

    20. DNF stopped at 73% pat myself on the back I m totally pissed, this book could have worked, But they were so many things that just irked me the wrong way YEAH i got it Dom Sal is the JOCK and Damion Adrik is the GOTH, the freak I m not even sure why the author even bothered giving them names since it s hardly used

    21. Omg it was a great story Yea there were a lot of sad stuff like how Damian s dad didn t care for him or how others cared for him I really do like how Dom cares about him and would do anything to help him

    22. loved it, really loved it Sat up till the early hours and finished it It was strong Powerful And all the emotions grip a person hard The author has done a splendid job.Sometimes I am so glad I didn t listen to the reviews.

    23. Agree with a few comments that this book was poorly edited That said, it was a really great story Not your ya novel with themes of cutting, drugs, and suicide It was very emotional and I found myself engrossed despite the sometimes confusing dialogue.

    24. I rarely give a book 5 stars.This is a book that deals with a lot of taboo subjects I have to say though, it was an honest look into cutting, and suicide I enjoyed this book And I definitely recommend this book

    25. Liked it I got the feeling the author cleaned up the use of the goth and the jock by the time I read it I only saw it on occasion.

    26. A must readThis is truly a love story Take the time to read this heartbreaking yet feel good story about true love

    27. It was dark with self destructive MC s that are still in high school Underage everything This was a rough read needs some editing , but I couldn t put it down I ll look for from this author.

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