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The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back By Sariah Wilson,

  • Title: The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back
  • Author: Sariah Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Everyone knows how those fairy tales go The princess gets beautiful, nabs her prince and leaves her evil stepsisters in the dust.But what happens when you re the ugly stepsister and your obnoxiously perfect pretty, smart, and, worst of all, nice stepsister is dating the charming, devastatingly handsome guy you ve had a thing for since you were nine Quirky, artistic and snEveryone knows how those fairy tales go The princess gets beautiful, nabs her prince and leaves her evil stepsisters in the dust.But what happens when you re the ugly stepsister and your obnoxiously perfect pretty, smart, and, worst of all, nice stepsister is dating the charming, devastatingly handsome guy you ve had a thing for since you were nine Quirky, artistic and snarky Mattie Lowe does not lead a charmed life Her mother is constantly belittling her online The school mean girl has made it her mission to torment Mattie But worst of all Her stepsister is the most popular girl in school and is dating Mattie s secret crush, Jake Kingston.Tired of being left out and done with waiting for her own fairy godmother to show up, Mattie decides to change her life She ll start by running for senior class president against Jake.Ella can keep her Prince Annoying Mattie s going to rule the school.And no one, not even a cute and suddenly flirty Jake, is going to stop her.This is a new release of an edition originally published by Fire Ice Books.
    The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back Everyone knows how those fairy tales go The princess gets beautiful nabs her prince and leaves her evil stepsisters in the dust But what happens when you re the ugly stepsister and your obnoxiously p

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    1. I sighed, because that s what unrequited love made you do Sigh with self pity This was really cute I never thought I could enjoy YA again but this book made a liar out of me This a quick, light, and easy to read Very funny But very YA Yup Shocker, right The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back, as the title suggest is Cinderella flipped on its head because instead of Cinderella being the heroine, it s actually the ugly step sister who is Mattie Lowe is your quintessential, manga loving, snarky, awkward [...]

    2. I loved this adorable take on the Cinderella story Very clever, very sweet and tons of hilarious dialogue Matilda Mattie, for short feels like a bum compared to her gorgeous, sweet, smart and selfless stepsister, Ella Having been raised together by Mattie s dad since Ella s mom passed away, Ella represents everything Mattie isn t They go to the same prestigious and rich high school, and while Mattie refuses to conform to the popular crowd, she does have a secret crush on the IT GUY, Jake Kingsto [...]

    3. THE REVIEWWhy this book Seemed like a book for meWhat I thoughtOMG Mattie obsession with Jake had me rolling my eyes constantly, I was seriously embarrassed for her Girl get a life You have major problems The secondhand embarrassment in this book was also too much, I wanted to scream I was face palming like crazy The only thing good about this book was Ella, I really liked her The rest is just ridiculous

    4. Arc provided by the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review it will also be totally self indulgent and beside the point you have been warned O tempora O s And I might add O juventa O innocentia though there is no way I would take the mickey out of Cicecro This is added with the deepest respect Although this is a recently published book, it still sent me for a long stroll down Memory Lane It reminded me of the time long past when at 15, as a high school junior I had this ginormou [...]

    5. I nearly bailed on this YA romance near the beginning, but I kept reading because someone whose taste often intersects with mine had recommended it So I figured, the heroine won t make the obvious choice view spoiler otherwise smart but low self esteem heroine throws common sense and moral choice out the window when her popular forever crush asks her to do something she knows is wrong hide spoiler and I m glad I did.Mattie has two artists as parents very self involved parents One tries to be a g [...]

    6. Salad isn t food Salad is what food eats This book is so much than I expected The characters are wonderful but definitely not perfect Sometimes I thought they were jerks but they re so alive and multi dimensional I absolutely adore multi dimensional characters Aaaaa I loved everything about this book from the plot delivery to the beautiful and timeless concepts of self acceptance and love But most of all I was enchanted with Mattie She just makes everything so interesting even the predictable b [...]

    7. Little did I know that when I first read this book four years ago, Sariah Wilson would become one of my very favorite authors This was the first book of hers I read and I was hooked I m still coming down from my Starstruck high and thought it d be fun to read this one again Besides, I know this newer edition had some bonus material that I really wanted to read For those who know me, I adore Cinderella It s probably my favorite fairy tale and I always enjoy a good modern retelling The title reall [...]

    8. 5 glorious and shiny stars for laugh out loud fun, humor, wit and causing my emotions to run the gamut This is a book for all you teens out there or parents of teens or anyone who wants to just have fun while reading about some high schoolers Ok, I know what you re thinkingyou re past the high school age and so grateful to be on to greener pastures and happily content Or you re thinking, never again for high school Well I m here to tell you that no matter if high school is a distant memory and n [...]

    9. 3This book made me so happy It reminded me so much of my reading experience with some of the other books I absolutely loved Especially Fat Cat, Sean Griswold s Head and Flipped If you re a fan of any of these books, you re bound to love The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back.Mattie has been hopelessly in love with Jack Kingston since the age of 9 But before anything could happen between them he started dating her super nice, perfect stepsister Ella Not like she believes that a guy like Jake would ever [...]

    10. First of all WHY DOES THIS BOOK HAVE A HIGH RATING I want to keep this review short because I m pretty sure this book killed few of my brain cells I.FEEL.ABSOLUTELYTHING It s like I read the book but I couldn t connect with the characters even though the story line wasn t that bad The main character, Mattie Lowe, was insecure, doubtful, with low self esteem And I m sure that this was author s intention of making her seem that way but personally I found it very annoying Oh no, Jake looked at the [...]

    11. Story This is a typical Highschool drama with a ugly outsider girl who is in love with the hottest guy in school, who has a relationship with her stepsister Of course they were always secretly in love with each other and after a lot of Highschool drama there s this super cute moment and then there s only I mean sure, this is all in all a cliche But it was cute, funny and entertaining I really enjoyed reading it Characters So there s the typical outsider Mattie which only has one friend a goth g [...]

    12. 4.5 stars I received a free eARC from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review This book made me do something I haven t done in a long, long time I finished it in one sitting with an obligatory coffee and bathroom break, obviously My apartment was falling down around me, my dog thought he was dying, my cat was breaking every fragile object around him, but it didn t matter because I COULD NOT put this book down The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back is a fantastic example of how a fluffy, lighthearte [...]

    13. I loved everything about this book It was hilarious It was a super quick read Oh, and it was hilarious.The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back is obviously a take on Cinderella but you know, about one of her sisters Mattie, aka Matilda, is known as the ugly sister Well, next to her step sister Ella she believes so However, that s not the case Mattie just has lots of insecurities like everyone else does and you watch her grow throughout this book I honestly loved and adored Mattie so freaking much She m [...]

    14. Actual Rating 3.5 starsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This review contains mild spoilers for the book.This story is a twist on the Cinderella fairytale with the stepsister being the protagonist I am a sucker for fairytale retellings whether they are a fantasy version or modern day so I was very excited to read this book for that reason And I enjoyed the book overall, but there were just a few things that prevented me from liking it than I did First, it real [...]

    15. Matilda aka Mattie or Tilly is a tall, awkward, fuschia haired, manga drawing girl with the perfect stepsister Ella I guess I d always thought of Cinderella s stepsisters as being lazy, ugly, with big noses, big feet, and grating, irritating voices In this modern re telling, Mattie does not come off across as that way at all In fact, I think she is just a very insecure girl Her mother all but abandoned her when she was young and has very limited contact with her and her dad is a busy, distracted [...]

    16. Oh my goodness why didn t I read this book sooner I ve had it on my kindle for so long It was so cute And clean I really liked it.

    17. 4 1 2 stars Very fun and enjoyable book Adults will enjoy it as much as teens will My daughter loved it too, even as much as me Characters were fun Ella was my favorite.

    18. Clean, cute and sweet How often such adjectives apply to YA fiction these days They all apply to this book, and although I don t belong to its target readership, I enjoyed this quirky teenage romance.Its protagonist Mattie is the ugly stepsister, or she thinks she is Very insecure beside her beautiful, petite stepsister Ella, Mattie is steeped in her teenage angst She loves the most desirable boy at school, but there is no way he could like her back She is a talented manga artist but there is no [...]

    19. Another free kindle book that I bought on whim that turned out to be AMAZING, and possibly one of my new favourites Firstly I love the main character she is perfectly relate able, and I think a lot of girls feel they are in the same position as her, except perhaps without the flawless step sister, rich background and of course the pink hair Mattie Lowe is amazing, and is now a heroine of mine The true colours of high school life are shown very clearly and realistically, which again is one of my [...]

    20. I REALLY wanted to love this storyor even like it However, the heroine is one of the most whiny, insecure, absurd characters I ve ever come across She is in love with Jake, but why When our introduction to the guy is him getting mad and yelling at our heroine because she won t lie for him in detention, and them the very next day he is trying to get her to cheat for him on an assignment, I fell off of the I love Jake bandwagon But wait, Mattie is in love with him despite all of these things becau [...]

    21. Full of humor and teenage drama that had me laughing 4.5 starsI really enjoyed The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back It was full of humor and sometimes laugh out loud teenage drama Although our main character Mattie had some extremely serious issues that she was dealing with the book was light hearted and a lot of fun It was great watching her self confidence grow and so fun to see her and her sweet sister Ella become best of friends I was cheering for our Hero of the story Jake to turn out to be a g [...]

    22. How super cute was this book Okay, I am a sucker for a good Cinderella story, we all know that And I love fun fluffy romantic comedies So yes, this rating comes totally biased But still I loved it So super cute I loved Tilly So funny And, I m sorry, but how could you not love somebody who was literally named after Jake Ryan LOL

    23. This is a good one It was hilarious I liked the personalities of both sisters I liked how the book showed growth and development and moral strength of both sisters Looking forward to reading by this author

    24. ARC provided by the author for an honest review Everyone knows Cinderella s story, but the stepsister s is just as good Sariah Wilson gives an old classic a twist and tells the story from a different POV in The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back.Mattie is always left in the shadows of her beautiful and popular stepsister Ella Ella has the looks, the friends and the guy That s right, she s dating the guy Mattie has crushed on since elementary school But Mattie is through being Ella s ugly stepsister Sh [...]

    25. This is not your typical young adult teen romance This book is such a sweet and funny Cinderella story about Mathilda Mattie Lowe, a manga artist, who perceives herself to be the ugly stepsister of Ella the beautiful, perfect, and popular cheerleader Eighteen year old Mattie, with her fuscia streaked hair and non prescription black rimmed glasses her crutch of sorts , is a defiant emo artist with with a long list of grievances against her perfect stepsister, Ella Having never been kissed herself [...]

    26. 4.5 starsLove I m pretty sure you are going to read that word one too many times in this review but it just cannot be helped This book was so cute and I just loved it.Here s the thing I have a teenage daughter that loves to read She especially loves romantic teenage books but it is so hard to find those kind of books that are clean no swearing, no sex I practically become giddy when I find a book like The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back It is full of all things teenager school drama, boy crazy dram [...]

    27. My first NetGalleyRead Adored this book Have read it so quickly If you love fairy tales, happy endings and romance you ABSOLUTELY MUST read this book Cinderella retold Funny, romantic, cute just adorable A big thanks to Sariah Wilson and to NetGalley.

    28. This is simply delightful I loved Mattie s voice in this surprisingly humorous and poignant story that is easy for most of us to relate to There were many times I cackled out loud at some thought or antic The pacing was perfect for this book I just had to keep on reading to find out what would happen next.Almost as endearing as Mattie is her step sister Elle Both girls are strong, independent and creative but pursue different outlets for their talents Importantly, however, both have their hidden [...]

    29. Think Clueless meets Cinderella, but from the other side It s fun, light hearted, with nuggets of truth, and contains enough teenage angst to remind older folks how traumatic school really used to be A great read

    30. Why in the world did I wait so long to read The Ugly Stepsister Strikes Back Oh my heck It was adorable and I absolutely LOVED it Can t wait to read books by Sariah Wilson

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