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My Fake Fiancé (story #1 from Wedding Flirts!) By LisaScott,

  • Title: My Fake Fiancé (story #1 from Wedding Flirts!)
  • Author: LisaScott
  • ISBN: 9781476377292
  • Page: 373
  • Format: ebook
  • Short story 1 from the Wedding Flirts collection 13,000 words When Samantha s invited to a frenemey s wedding, she can t show up dateless and pathetic even though she is dateless and pathetic So, Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fianc But when he needs her to return the favor, Sam starts wishing the fake relationship was real Can they turn their lies intoShort story 1 from the Wedding Flirts collection 13,000 words When Samantha s invited to a frenemey s wedding, she can t show up dateless and pathetic even though she is dateless and pathetic So, Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fianc But when he needs her to return the favor, Sam starts wishing the fake relationship was real Can they turn their lies into love This is one of the short stories from Wedding Flirts 5 Romantic Short Stories Buy the entire collection and discover the thread that links the stories together You might also enjoy Lisa s other Flirts volumes, including Flirts , Beach Flirts , Holiday Flirts and Fairy Tale Flirts Look for Fairy Tale Flirts 2 in summer 2012.
    My Fake Fianc story from Wedding Flirts Short story from the Wedding Flirts collection words When Samantha s invited to a frenemey s wedding she can t show up dateless and pathetic even though she is dateless and pathetic So Sam

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    1. The premise Sam hiring a fake fianc Justin to show up at her frenemy s wedding not without a date is too silly and is worth a thousand eye rolls but it s these stories that usually guarantee entertainment and I admit I was entertained some but I was also annoyed a lot The plot is very predictable and way too tacky while there were certain details that needed to be reproached The ff are just a few of them 1 Poor single lady had to shave her legs every day I shave my legs as often as never Lol Gla [...]

    2. Samantha needs a date for a wedding and with a little help from a friend she hires an actor to play the perfect fiance Only he s a little too good at it and she finds herself falling for him for real.It s predictable but cute The characters are likable The romance isn t too much Actually it could have been a little .My biggest complaint is it s too short It is a short story But it left me wanting Everything happens a little too quickly for me And the endjust kind of leaves you hanging.

    3. I didn t have high hopes for this tale Between my hating the act of lying and finding Insta love annoying, I expected just to roll my eyes through this one and move on However, I found Samantha and Justin just likable enough to forgive the ridiculousness that is this story.

    4. My Fake Fianc was a quick, fun and easy read There was laughter, tears, heartache, romance, love, family and friends I love the story And the characters are great They were easy to love.Samantha Cooper or Sam for short, is a very funny, cute, fun ,quirky heroine The problem with her is that she s afraid and terrified for her emotional well being by going back and attending her frenemy s wedding She got a low self esteem But I couldn t blame her She has been through a lot of embarrassing moments [...]

    5. For a short read, this was a very delightful story It is part of an anthology of five short stories called Wedding Flirts all by the same author.Samantha is twenty nine and dreads wedding invitations, but specifically the one that comes almost at the last minute from an old frenemy from high school that used to love one upping her Samantha has a cunning roommate who has made the bridesmaid role her calling and dreams of getting into the wedding industry as a coordinator She suggests that Sam go [...]

    6. This is the second short story by Lisa Scott that I ve read and may I sayI did enjoy this one than The Hot Girl s Friend.It s short and sweet and I could ve given it 3 stars, but the end seemed very cheesy for my taste I liked Sammie and Justin and I would sure love to read about them if the author ever considers writing a longer novel with these characters I like the premise and though it s a short story I think the characters were well developed and are likeable.My biggest problem was the in [...]

    7. Lisa Scott s Flirt series are a must read if you re looking for fun, quick reads with quirky characters In this book, the heroine needs a fiance to her frenemy s wedding She hires one who asks her for a favor in return The love blooms naturally to a satisfying conclusion Humor and poignant moments are part and parcel of the Flirt series

    8. Cute and fun storyIt s full of cliches and totally predictable but despite that I thoroughly enjoyed it Scott has somehow managed to take a often used storyline dotted with cliches and write it exciting and fun Was just what I felt like 3.5stars rounded up

    9. This was part of my free downloads for this month and this just a sweet fluff and nice read for the weekend Defenitly will read books from this author

    10. When does lying ever actually work in your favor It s never worked for me, but that may be because I m awful at it My Fake Fiance is a short story 96 pages on the Nook that is a very quick read So, what would you do if you were single and invited to a frenemey s wedding show up with a ready made lie, show up dateless or just not go at all Like most of Lisa Scott s stories, it s cute and gives you the happily ever after that you secretly or not so secretly, in my case crave I would probably go st [...]

    11. What I like best about Lisa Scott s stories is that they are clean romances her stories concentrate on the deeper lover rather than the physical lust And I m glad to say that this was another good one This story was just a repeat of movies like The Wedding Date and, of course, My Fake Fianc , with the same premise two people trying to fool family friends with a sham engagement and, accidentally, falling in love in the process For Sam, this all begins when she is invited to her frenemy s wedding [...]

    12. I have been wanting to read this novel since I read Fairy Tale Flirts I love Lisa Scott s Flirts novels In My Fake Fiance , Samantha Cooper is invited to her frenemy, Carrie Lamont s wedding Feeling desperate about her nonexistent love life, she and her roommate, Micki, devise a plan to create a fake fierce and find the perfect guy to play the part Justin Banks, the heartthrob who agrees to play the part, uses the situation to his advantage by telling his ill mother he has a girlfriend This stor [...]

    13. I have liked all of the author s other works so far but this one was disappointing My first issue is that the book was written in first person from both the main characters It was hard to follow who s mind I was reading and which one was leading that section The overall story was good, but certain aspects just didn t make sense The hero was 32 however he felt like his parents divorce was his fault As a teen I could see how he would feel that way, but as an adult surely he knows the fault lies wi [...]

    14. A short story about a girl, Samantha, who is invited to a frenemy s wedding Her roomie is cousin s with the groom, so Sam really feels she needs to go She wants to come off as successful, so she hires a guy to pose as her rich, smart, Australian, fianc Justin s mom has been sick and wants to see her son happy, so he s hoping that Sam can return the favor.It was short, but cute I liked how some of the potential scenes faded to black and there were no descriptions I know the feeling of wanting to [...]

    15. Free short fluff 2013For a short story, this was an ok read It is a predictable romance happily ever after ending I liked the characters but they re a bit forgettable They remind me too much of all the other contemporary romance characters And there was telling in this story then needed I think Lisa could ve stuck with Lisa s point of view and done without Justin s point of view By doing so she could create show on the character s feelings And there would be room to describe the couples kissi [...]

    16. This was one of those short and easy reads Samantha gets an invitation to a wedding of a girl she has always been in competition with so what does she decided to do for a date What any normal girl would do, hire a guy she just met to pretend to be her fiance If this doesn t sound like a love story waiting to happen then I don t know what does You may be able to guess what happens but if you enjoy reading these kind of stories to feel good and enjoy the romance this is one for you There are a cou [...]

    17. My Fake fiance from Flirts Weddings by Lisa ScottFrom Wedding Flirts When Samantha Cooper gets a wedding invitation from her arch frenemy from school she decides she needs to find a way to go with her head held high So she hires a fake fiance with a fake accent and fake job Justin Banks was only acting for the money but he found himself wishing he was the kind of guy Sam would really want, because she could sure be the right girl for him.justjudysjumbles

    18. First book in the series that I ve read Cute cheesy short story I find Sam a it flighty, seeming to have no real ambition while Justin on the other hand, is a very hard working, responsible guy who plans to have a truck catering business of his own He even really cared for love his mother Justin s attitude seems to have rub off Sam because she volunteered her wedding money, which her mother bequeathed to her to Sam s business In the end, they decided to end their fake with benefits relationship, [...]

    19. Samantha is invited to a frenemies wedding, she can t show up dateless and pathetic even though that is what she is So Sam hires a hottie to pose as her perfect fiance When he needs the favor returned, Sam starts wishing it was real and not the fake relationship she paid for This is a quick, romantic read It is light hearted and funny with a heart warming plot I don t want to say much because it will give away the whole thing.

    20. I enjoyed this quick read It was cute and funny, totally perfect when you want to read something in one sitting I read most of it while hanging in a waiting room The dialogue is witty and moves the story along well, the point of view switches back and forth between the main character and her love interest smoothly I appreciated the inclusion of the little things that we all do that can backfire with humorous results.

    21. Oh hell I m crying that was an outstanding short story It was first a deal that turn into love.3 Wow Lisa Scott is the second best writer I read and has outstanding ideas I wouldn t have wrote this book any better I can t wait to read the rest of her short stories and I won t stop writing reviews complimenting on how well she wrote these stories And In 124 pages.

    22. Check out this GREAT author She has Three 3 AbFAB books FREE on and BN Lisa Scott s books are great pick me ups and awesome for a laugh Read one or ALL three of Lisa s FREE reads you ll want ALL her books readlisascott author show itter ReadLisaScott

    23. Adorable little story and I enjoyed it for a quick read, unfortunately that was all it was a quick read The story line was rushed and I wish there was substance in between for the two characters as they had a lot of potential Outside of that, I though it was a cute short story with likeable characters.

    24. HE HAD 800 THREAD COUNT SHEETS 3 It was all cute and fluffy until he broke out into a sob while he was talking to himself and it was a little too I wish I wasn t a short story ish but it was still okay

    25. So far I have enjoyed all of Lisa Scott s stories that I ve read This one was good as well but it had a few quirks that took me a minute to get used to The story is written in first person from both hero and heroine The first time it switched up and I to re read the section.

    26. Cute story, well I liked the idea of the fake fiance It started out pretty good but it sort of fell flat Some scenes just didn t work and I thought they ended to quickly I guess I ve been reading to many erotic stories because this romance is lacking any heat.

    27. Samantha asks Justin to pose as her fake fiance in order to impress a high school frenemy at a wedding, but soon fake feelings become real Although this was a predictable short story, I somehow enjoyed the banter between the 2 main characters.

    28. I guess it was good for a short storyI mean I can t criticize it for being rushed because its supposed to be a short story so yeah it was goodwish authors would stop making short stories though for good plots.

    29. My Fake Fiance is a quick, fun, flirty short story With just 38 pages you will fly through reading it and want to read by the end I loved Samantha and Justin and could have read I will definitely be reading of the authors other writing.

    30. This is a very short story It s very predictable, short and sweet, but at the moment I read this, it s the story I wanted to read nothing much required for thinking, perfect beach read, might I say.

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