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Wings of Nestor By Devri Walls,

  • Title: Wings of Nestor
  • Author: Devri Walls
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Kiora needs answers Who is the Shadow Who is Jasmine Are they connected And even pressing how can she stop the Shadow from using her dreams as a map to find them They have escaped three times, but are living on borrowed time and everybody knows it Kiora s search will push her closer to Alcander, send her to the dragon mountain of Toopai, and lead straight back tKiora needs answers Who is the Shadow Who is Jasmine Are they connected And even pressing how can she stop the Shadow from using her dreams as a map to find them They have escaped three times, but are living on borrowed time and everybody knows it Kiora s search will push her closer to Alcander, send her to the dragon mountain of Toopai, and lead straight back to Meros where magic will finally return to the land of no magic Answers will be uncovered and plans unearthed that have been waiting for thousands of years But with the Shadow s forces gathering, the rebels are hurtling toward one outcome war Armed with knowledge and hope, Kiora is determined to change that path, but will fate allow it Or will it teach her a hard lesson about following her own destiny
    Wings of Nestor Kiora needs answers Who is the Shadow Who is Jasmine Are they connected And even pressing how can she stop the Shadow from using her dreams as a map to find them They have escaped three times but are

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    1. Wh what IT S NOT PUBLISHED YET A are you joking me And there s not a set release date WHYYYYY DO YOU HATE ME SO I HAVE TO KNOW WHO SHE CHOOSES Alcander sobbing into pillow sniffle hiccup THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY ENTIRE 15 YEARS OF EXISTENCE Gimme da book por favor.I mean LOOK AT THAT COVER ________ Devri Walls just sent me an ecopy in exchange for an honest review on my blog nobentspines I think I m going to pee in my pants O.O I love life just erased my ENTIRE review It was a long really tho [...]

    2. I did it for you Alcander yelled, stepping closer to her I did it because I love you I did it to keep you alive This serieswhat can I even say about it It gets better and better with each book Devri has stolen my heart with this series I am not an emotional person while reading books, at all I do get attached to characters, but never to the point of being really emotionally upset aka getting all teary eyed over them This book made me almost cry like a baby multiple times though I am completely [...]

    3. A lot has happened to Kiora and Emane since the start of the Solus series Kiora went from a normal girl to the one who can save them all, the Solus in a matter of days Now she is with Emane, her protector and they have traveled to Meros where she will have to face an incredible darkness, her feelings for both great men in her life and her destiny.At the end of Wings of Tavea, I was not Alcander s biggest fan I mean here was this guy, who thought he was all powerful, and gods gift to well everyon [...]

    4. 4.5 Stars Love the characters of these books Even the heroine which i didn t at first You can see her grow, very slowly, but she does Story progresses with an even, nice pace as well Not the best review i know but i would totally recommend these books

    5. Okay this review is about about wings of Tavea and Nestor together Spoiler First off I read people s reviews about how frustrated they were regarding Kiora s and Alcander s relationship However, it made sense to me I guess I saw Emane as that first romance, but although I really liked him I found her attraction to Alcander fit with who she was becoming As Alcander pointed out Emane coddled her and I believe the confidence Alcander showed in her is why she falls for him She still loved Emane w [...]

    6. Spoiler Alert This started a little slower, I had a hard time with Kiora She was always making sure in the other books to focus on task on hand and keep Emane at bay But in this book shes lusts for Alcander and therefore not focused and top that baby off she won t listen to Lomay or any one whose trying to tell her to stop avoiding her destiny In the end, shes causes pain and destruction and cries a whole hell of a lot Sorry but it s all so frustrating Love and War.

    7. 5 sAwesome review posted hereokpassionforlifeWings of Nestor is both breathtaking heartbreaking as we join Kiora, Emane Alcander for the penultimate book of the Solus series.As the synopsis tells us Kiora needs answers and now, so than ever with her every move being discovered by the Shadow who constantly finds Kiora through her dreams and knows just where when to strike, so when Kiora discovers how she is being tracked, she is forced to take drastic action to keep them safe which will have far [...]

    8. Originally posted on the blog What the Cat ReadThis is a challenging review for me to write for several reasons The first is because I loved the first two books in the series so much and the second is because I m struggling to find the words to describe this book and my feelings towards it As some of you may know from my reviews on the first two books in this series, Walls has managed to create a series that is rich in visual images, enjoyable characters, and leaves you wanting long after the s [...]

    9. What was suppose to be the final book is now another fun and action filled addition to the Solus series In Wings of Nestor, the stakes are even higher for Kiora as she tries to fight the evil that is the Shadow While she has defeated one evil, this one is proving to be an even tougher challenge Kiora must hone her magical abilities, as well as learn to fight in the absence of magic Being the prophecized savior is certainly taking its toll on her, and I enjoyed watching Kiora grow even as she goe [...]

    10. This book starts pretty much where Wings of Tavea ended I liked that it was Alcander on the cover and was hoping to get to know about Alcander in Wings of Nestor I was not disappointed We get to know a whole lot and pretty much find out why he is so bitter about all of this I did feel bad for him I liked him a lot The story continues with the Shadow being after Kiora and the rest of the area Evil is growing and with Dralazar, now dead, we wish it had ended But the Shadow is even of a formidab [...]

    11. I NEED BOOK 4 Emane, Kiora, Alcander I need More So Wings Of Nestor I have read all 3 books back to back and I have managed to bargain myself a copy of book 4 too, in exchange for an honest review But I digress This is book 3, and Oh My Gosh What a book it was Kiora has had such an upheaval from life as she knew it She always knew she was different but never understood Aleric explained all of that to Kiora Kiora has since continued on her journey and in herself has become stronger Her magical po [...]

    12. Please read the first two books in the Solus series before perusing Wings of Nestor POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT Unbelievable I thoroughly enjoyed the first two installments to the Solus series, but the third out shines them in every aspect Wings of Tavea is perhaps my favorite in the series They are all so amazing that choosing one is nearly impossible The revelations are remarkable I literally had to stay up the entire night for this one The connections from Wings of Arian to this novel are ingenuou [...]

    13. 4.5 starsDid I enjoy this book Yes Double Yes All the Yes I allowed my son to pull out an entire box of tissues the LAST box in the house because I needed to finish the last ten pages, and waiting until his bedtime just wasn t an option For some reason I was under the impression that Wings of Nestor was the last book in the Solus series, but when I got to the end I realized happily that I was wrong.Walls has done it again I m hooked Wings of Nestor is absolutely enthralling The characters grow, [...]

    14. The Solus series just keeps getting better and better Wings of Nestor is my favorite installment so far One of the strengths of the books is the settings and Nestor is no different Here, we re taken to imagery rich places like Lomay s secret invisible mansion off the coast, the Tavean palace, the underground tunnel where the Wings of Nestor are, a secret hideout underneath a lake, and my favorite, Toopai, the dragon island, which is so beautifully written This world is so creatively written and [...]

    15. I had the chance to read all three books at once I have to say thank you, because I couldn t possibly read just one I m totally addicted to this series Devri Walls manages to create a perfect world with each book, making all the stories impossibly not to love A lot has happened to Kiora and Emane since the start of the Solus series Kiora has been to hell and back and she has won the respect of all that goodness that surrounds her She found out that she was supposed to save her entire world from [...]

    16. I am really glad I signed up for the Wings of Tavea blog tour in February because otherwise I d be missing out They are set in an intriguing fantasy world and have the perfect mix of action and great character dynamics.The third book felt a lot polished than the previous two and I loved the overall flow to the story The plot slowly built up, escalating to a giant battle at the end Wings of Nestor was, as I predicted, a lot darker than the previous two which makes sense in a land where war is bu [...]

    17. Mousehead and Tales review of Wings of Nestor Solus , 3I have to say that while reading this book for my review I regretted not having read the two books that lead up to book 3 Even without the entire back story I was drawn into the beautifully detailed character and world building described by author Devri Walls The story at this point is mainly told through Kiora s p.o.v.From what I put together from the details of the story Kiora is a gentle hearted young women who has been prophesied to put [...]

    18. Wings of Nestor, the third book the Solus series, is another absolutely amazing installment We travel all over the world and see so much I sometimes feel as if I ve read than one book Don t get me wrong, it s not so packed that it s too much it s just the right amount Things move at the perfect pace to make the book fly by and still allow so much to happen that I don t even know where to begin.Alcander and Emane change by leaps and bounds and really start to emerge as main characters in the own [...]

    19. You can read my thoughts on this whole series so far at my blog post for the book tour I have a non spoiler series review Really only talk some of this first book, but again, no spoilers Just click the tour banner below to go to the post, and you can read the first chapter of the first book there as well I loved this series Check it out there is also a great giveaway too I will put full reviews soon of all 3 books separately so will update then.

    20. I loved Wings of Nestor so much These books just keep getting better and better Each character from Kiora to Alcander to Emane has continued to grow in strength This book really focused on Kiora still trying to accept her destiny of being the Solus and in doing so she makes mistakes and she learns from then I absolutely loved Alcander even better in this one and how he continues to let down his barriers for Kiora and I just loved the moments between him and I am so happy that Kiora picked him ev [...]

    21. I finished this book late last night just after midnight and then proceeded to spend the next two hours sleepless as I dwelled on what had happened and how much I LOVED where this story had gone As you can imagine I woke up a little late today but no less enraptured with the Solus series I hate spoilers and so I won t say to much but I think Alcander may have made my top 10 list for male characters Seriously, check out the cover After book two I was so torn between what I wanted for Emane and wh [...]

    22. Hey guys, finished Wings of Nestor Solus 3 and just like the previous books it did not disappoint It was as thrilling and action pqcked as the others I must say, the author is extremely creative to come up with such spells and magic enchantments I am still wavering on who i think kiora should end up with, Emane or Alcander, but then again visions will also play a role That is all i will say on that matter I couldnt believe some of the twists and turns in this novel It had my brain warping throug [...]

    23. Walls keeps improving with each book, which makes WINGS OF NESTOR my favorite of the series There s not a dull moment in this story It s jam packed with action, romance, adventure, dragons, heartbreak, magic, and dragons Did I mention dragons I love how much Kiora has grown as a character I was rooting for her and backing her up when none of the other characters believed her I didn t anticipate the twist in the story, which is great I love getting surprised by stories I m Team Alcander all the w [...]

    24. Between fantasy and reality Wings of Nestor is the 3rd breathtaking installment in the Solus series and I am still spellbound This fantastic, magical world that Walls created is so wonderfully developed and the story continues to be interesting and unpredictable Kiora improves in this book and Emane and Alcander are both wonderful I am sad because whichever choice she makes in the end, one guy will be hurt by it Since Alcander is bonded to Kiora, she is his one and only for his life In this book [...]

    25. I Love this series It s the first series where I can t choose who I like most in the love triangle I ve always lived Emanebut Alcander isn t a bad guy, just hardened by war loss Kiora has a tough decision to make.This book has a lot of action where Kiora really pushes the limits of her magic She also makes a new ally who sheds light on who the Shadow is Drustan is entertaining as he pick on Alcander Emane Lomay tries to step back so the Solus can make decisions Emane learns a secret that I hope [...]

    26. This series has gotten to me The author has done such a good job of writing a story that is action packed That allows the characters to grow That allows them to make mistakes and learn from them Just awesome And the triangle works too I m a fan of Emane He has a distinct disadvantage in this world But doesn t allow it to stop Arcander is willing to admit when he s been wrong And they support her even when they think she s making the right choice The secondary characters continue to add depth to [...]

    27. Read this in one day Another great book to the whole series,but now I m excited for the end I really love how the author is still amazing us with new twists and turns in the book I m not going to ruin anything, but this book was I feel about using logic and feelings to make decisions I believe in this day and age not a lot of people do Also I love on how we continue to see kiora grow up and truly embrace her destiny On to the last book

    28. I want you guys to know that 1st, I love this series and I would read it all over again someday when I don t have other books pending but really Devri, you just had to have a love triangle and totally break my heart Read booklyf.wordpress 2016 01

    29. HOLY SMOKES Ok, so I had a little bit of a hard time getting into Book 2, The Wings of Arian Probably because I waited so long But Devri Walls grabbed with page one in Wings of Nestor and didn t let go There was so much going on I laughed and I cried Well, I cried a lot I mean a lot She got me good with this I can t wait for the next one

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