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Nobody's Slave By Tim Vicary,

  • Title: Nobody's Slave
  • Author: Tim Vicary
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two boys meet on a voyage which transforms their lives Madu, a young African, is captured by the Elizabethan slave trader, Sir John Hawkins Tom Oakley is a young sailor in charge of the slaves At first the two boys hate each other But as the story develops their roles are reversed, and each comes to depend on the other than either would have once thought possible.Two boys meet on a voyage which transforms their lives Madu, a young African, is captured by the Elizabethan slave trader, Sir John Hawkins Tom Oakley is a young sailor in charge of the slaves At first the two boys hate each other But as the story develops their roles are reversed, and each comes to depend on the other than either would have once thought possible.This is a fast moving adventure story based around real historical events History as you never learned it in school
    Nobody s Slave Two boys meet on a voyage which transforms their lives Madu a young African is captured by the Elizabethan slave trader Sir John Hawkins Tom Oakley is a young sailor in charge of the slaves At firs

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    1. Nobody s Slave by Tim Vicary shows a look at the slave trade from the people doing the capturing and trading, to those that they captured It is told in different POV s so as to give the big picture, and in my opinion that really worked for this novel Especially because we see how Madu and Tom s worlds intersect and change I thought it was interesting that there were real characters from history that played such important roles like the slave trader John Hawkins and Francis Drake Also, the author [...]

    2. After reading this book, then re reading the description, the description does not do this marvelous story any justice Not that it s bad I imagine it is a tough task for an author to sum up all the amazing events in this novel into just a few sentences this really is the type of story that you have to read to experience yourself I almost this that this book should be taught in the high schools as it gives such a human face to slavery in Africa at the hands of the English It s one thing to learn [...]

    3. Ripped from some of the most evil parts of our history as humans, Nobody s Slave celebrates the human spirit in an unexpected and touching way I was particularly impressed by the authenticity that Mr Vicary brought to the scenes and with his characters It is clear that this author has done his homework and it shows It is almost impossible to separate fact from fiction as the story seamlessly transitions from character to character, and country to sea There is heart pounding action and written in [...]

    4. Madu and his friend Temba are doing their manhood training by killing a leopard They are successful, but soon afterwards their village is attacked by a warring clan and the friends are forced to flee and not everyone survives Soon slave traders arrive and Madu is taken away What follows next is a gut wrenching tale of heartache and drama between the young Madu and his captors There is much action at sea, one battle after another This fast faced historical novel blends fact with fiction, and I fo [...]

    5. The book Nobody s Slave, by Tim Vicary, was an interesting book and it shows what the slaves had to face on the ships and their struggles when on the ships The book portrayed many themes but the two that it portrayed most were the themes evil and loyalty To begin with, the book Nobody s Slave shows that slave trading in our history was evil and he showed this by the struggles that the slaves had to go through For example, the slaves struggled when they transported them from one place to another [...]

    6. Madu and his friend, Temba, have gone into the jungle to catch a leopard Madu has a plan which will let him catch the beast without sacrificing his goat Right now it is the most important thing in his life.Tom Oakley, a nephew of Francis Drake, is on his first voyage The ship is bound for Africa to pick up slaves.Soon these two will meet and both their lives will be changed forever This is a very exciting and moving tale about the early slave trade The story is fiction but the history is real Th [...]

    7. Nobody s Slave was about two very different boys from two completely different worlds that meet in a sad way Throughout the book they both learn very valuable lessons that will shade away their ignorance and probably affected them for the rest of their lives This book based off of a true story may spark your interest or it may not.This book is a excellent read for a class but personally I would not read it for pleasure by myself, the book was quite long and hard to get into At the beginning the [...]

    8. I really enjoyed reading this book I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in the Transatlantic Slave Trade This story is mostly for young adults and older This book was really interesting because I got to learn a lot about the Slave Trade and its process For example, I learned that the process is really rough for the slaves, and I also learned the process the slaves go through from Africa to America It was really interesting because almost every other chapter is alternated between the [...]

    9. This book is about a African boy and a sailor white boy becoming friends They hate each other so much that they try to kill each other multiple times The main character is Madu who was captured by European sailors, such as the other main character Tom They don t like each other then soon realize they need each other than they think When I received this book I was really excited to start reading When I started reading it started interesting and then soon became boring I did not like this book be [...]

    10. This book is about an african slave named Madu and a European boy named Tom At first Tom hated all African but later on in the book, his views changed Towards the middle of the book, Tom and Madu cross paths and at first there was a lot of hatred Towards the end of the book, through collaboration, Madu and Tom like each other This book tells readers about the Trans Atlantic slave trade and the mistreatment of slaves.From the beginning to the end I loved the book I thought there was a lot of acti [...]

    11. The novel Nobody s Slave dwells into the tale of an African child being abducted and taken away from his homeland in Africa to experience the horrors of being apart of the slave trade Tim Vicary used his novel to highlight the perspective of becoming a slave and the struggles and hardships that come with it The slave trade occurred between the 15th and 19th century, spreading to mainly North America, South America, and Europe Through his characters, readers begin to understand what it is like to [...]

    12. Not my usual type of book but, I read it because I love historical books and it was a new perspective I was curious about how the two young men in the story would interact and how their feelings and experiences compared Usually, I can relate to the characters in a story but in this case, I couldn t imagine dealing with the things they had to and, I hated even reading about how horrific their experiences were I believe that we all need to see or read about the past and the wrongs committed in the [...]

    13. True friendship between enemiesExcellent tale of 16th century slave trade with many elements of the story borrowed from historical accounts Who is nobody that enslaves you Maybe you can enslave yourself Lots of action and the characters are interesting and well developed I love this story of how people can mature and change their opinions and feelings about other people.

    14. This was a very moving story about slavery from many perspectives Vicary writes about two young boys on seemingly opposing sides both trying to understand The descriptive writing made you feel like you were right with them as they cross the ocean and beyond.

    15. A really thought provoking storyNobody s slave yet slavery did exist This story shows both sides within an incredible story Vicary writes with vivid details and a continually moving plot.

    16. Tim Vicary s Nobody s Slave teaches many important lessons The most important one being that facing reality takes maturity and self acceptance The title of this book strongly relates to the content of the novel in various ways For example, the book focused on two boys, and their life journeys First, a boy who was on a slave ship working as a sailor Next, the second boy was captured as a slave and brought on the ship Their journey across the Atlantic, and what happens when they get to the new wor [...]

    17. An enjoyable read by an excellent author He has combined history, fiction, and a touch of modern day morals to tell a spellbinding action adventure story It highlights the unseen, and often untold, cruelty of the early slave trade between the English and Spanish residing in the new world.I have rated this book 4.25 stars.I obtained this book from in Kindle format.Thank you Frank

    18. Spoiler Text view spoiler In the novel Novel Nobody s by Tim Vicary it was held in a pretty chanced and deadly time period for the slaves In this time period for the slaves it was chanced because every decision they made was very risky but they did it for their survival and to be free, on page 104 they were thinking out the escape plan and Okafo says , I have said before We must look for a chance to steal a knife, and cut ourselves free That will be the signal to fight And if we lose If u drop t [...]

    19. I recommend this book because it informed me about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and how different people were treated during this time period Also, it included interesting characters who were a good representation of the two main opposing sides of the group of people at the time In Nobody s Slave, Tim Vicary portrays the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade as an age of violence and loyalty To start off, Tim Vicary s use of imagery helps convey the various aspects of his message about violence For examp [...]

    20. I really enjoyed this fictional account of survival and friendship between Tom a young English sailor and Madu a young black slave set amidst the back drop of Francis Drake s third voyage to obtain slaves from Africa to sell to the Spaniards.I feel that I have an affinity with Francis Drake as I originally hail from Plymouth in South Devon and, before his retirement from the Royal Navy, my late father was based at HMS Drake in Devonport and my wedding reception was held there too However, after [...]

    21. Tim Vicary s Nobody s Slave was written based on the Trans atlantic slave trade that took place during the 16th century This time period included slave owners capturing Africans and traveling overseas to sell them later In my opinion, this novel portrays many themes throughout it such as development, division, conflict, as well as many After reading this novel, I now know a lot about what it was like for people in this time period I also learned about different groups of people and the conflic [...]

    22. Set during the Transatlantic slave trade in the mid 1500s, Nobody s Slave highlights many issues with prejudice against the Africans Tim Vicary uses his novel to portray the pains of a slave being traded and a young boy in charge of the captured slaves Slavery began in 1619, when slaves were brought from Africa to the American Colony of Jamestown Virginia to aid the production of tobacco As Vicary points out, this was a time when white people took advantage of Africans just because of their inab [...]

    23. Set in the 1400s during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Nobody s Slave addresses many social problems Tim Vicary uses his novel to express the horrific struggles of the Africans during the Slave Trade when they were traded by the Spanish and English In the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the Africans were captured out of their villages by the English, taken on appalling voyages overseas, and then traded with the Spanish Vicary points out that this was a time when war between the English and Spanish [...]

    24. In Nobody s Slave, Tim Vicary has a shocking portrayal of the Slave Trade of the 1600s in a way that shows just how miserable slaves were because of the restraints and oppression they had to face on an unwanted journey to the new world and when they arrived to the Caribbean they find a struggle to survive against the Spanish The story just continues from there with the slave ships surviving a terrible storm and going into a Spanish harbor to be repared But at the same time the new mayor of South [...]

    25. Nobody s slave is a story of how two boys from totally different worlds and totally different backgrounds, cross paths during the 16th century transatlantic slave trade The story is told from two perspectives one of the perspectives is from a European boy, Tom, who works on the slave ship for the captain, the other is from the African boy, Madu, who is a captured slave from Africa and is being taken across the world to be sold into slavery The story tells of how the boys first start out by think [...]

    26. Set in the Elizabethan time period, nobody s slave informs readers of the obstacles Africans had to face in order to survive their new lives as slaves Tim Vicary uses this novel to highlight the unique struggles of Africans in the early 1500 s During this time in history, english slave traders sailed from Europe to Congo, Africa to capture Africans as slaves to bring back to Queen Elizabeth towards the end of the book Readers begin to understand that nobody wants to be a slave, and everyone dese [...]

    27. In the book, Nobody s Slave, Tim Vicary portrays the 1500 s realistically, by slavery and religion Vicary makes clear images about what happened during the horrible time of slavery He portrays slavery as a bad thing and religion as a good thing In the story, hope is a main theme The main character, Madu states that he is nobody s slave many times throughout the story It s also clear that he is hopeful and determined to escape, trying numerous times, knowing the consequences, and not giving up Th [...]

    28. Nobody s Slave is a book about slavery and the consequences of it on everyone concerned It is a story about Africans, Europeans, human suffering and cruelty, but also of hope and judgement When I first started reading it, it had the ring of Roots, but very soon it diverged The message of this author was different.The story was well told, and both the protagonists, Tom and Madu are both well etched characters and their stories run parallel to each other, till the very end The other characters are [...]

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