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Exclamation Mark By Amy Krouse Rosenthal Tom Lichtenheld,

  • Title: Exclamation Mark
  • Author: Amy Krouse Rosenthal Tom Lichtenheld
  • ISBN: 9780545436793
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the bestselling creators of Duck Rabbit , an exciting tale of self discovery He stood out here.He stood out there.He tried everything to be like them.It s not easy being seen Especially when you re NOT like everyone else Especially when what sets you apart is YOU.Sometimes we squish ourselves to fit in We shrink Twist Bend Until a friend shows theFrom the bestselling creators of Duck Rabbit , an exciting tale of self discovery He stood out here.He stood out there.He tried everything to be like them.It s not easy being seen Especially when you re NOT like everyone else Especially when what sets you apart is YOU.Sometimes we squish ourselves to fit in We shrink Twist Bend Until a friend shows the way to endless possibilities.In this bold and highly visual book, an emphatic but misplaced exclamation point learns that being different can be very exciting Period.
    Exclamation Mark From the bestselling creators of Duck Rabbit an exciting tale of self discovery He stood out here He stood out there He tried everything to be like them It s not easy being seen Especially when you

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    1. A dear friend who inspired me to go after my dream and become a school librarian gave this book to me as a gift I found it on my computer in the library on my first day It s a beautiful allegorical story about standing out and being a leader I love the book, and its presence at my desk always reminds me of how much I appreciate this friend who has also been my coach and cheerleader.

    2. This is a cute and simple book that all ages will love My not yet reader liked looking at the story by herself and understanding it through the pictures before I read it We talked about why the exclamation mark might feel sad being different shown in facial expressions on the dot at the bottom from the periods He tries to fit in and eventually realizes his unique potential.My older kids really like it and got the humor That book is really funny said the 9 year old.

    3. I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from Mr Schu The amazing AKR never disappoints Her simple texts have powerful messages that speak to readers of all ages This title is another example of a must have AKR book I can not wait for the book to be released We all have an inner Exclamtion mark

    4. The creators of Duck Rabbit return with another book filled with bold but simple illustrations This book is about an exclamation point that is just trying to be like every other very stable period around him He tries everything to be the same, but it just doesn t work He meets a question mark who is also very different, but he s really bothered by all of her questions So he yells at her to stop Then he tries out other exclamations, realizing that he s suddenly discovered exactly what he s made f [...]

    5. A great one about being yourself, even if what you are is different from the rest Our preschool class adored this one.

    6. I love the wordplay in this book I think it might go over the heads of the young children who will be reading it, but it certainly made this English major grammar fiend giggle, and I think that it will please parents too The story itself is a good story to be telling children It is a story of a punctuation mark who feels like an outsider in a world of periods He tries to fit in, but he just can t, and that upsets him Then he meets another outsider the question mark The question mark badgers excl [...]

    7. LOVE LOVE LOVE This is one of those brilliantly simple books that make you say YES FINALLY A BOOK THAT UNDERSTANDS ME The plot exclamation mark doesn t fit in with all the serious periods in his her life And then one fateful day She meets QUESTION MARK Who asks a ton of QUESTIONS Excellent Just Excellent I would definitely and will definitely share this with school aged kids they will enjoy the whole idea of the story, and get the joke A fun read

    8. This is one of the sweetest allegorical books you ll ever read, as well as a darn clever story.Recommend to teachers in grades 2 8 for a brush up on punctuation that brings a smile to your face Kids even younger and adults of all ages who stand out in the crowd will enjoy it immensely.Amy Krouse Rosenthal has long been one of my favorite authors, and this book cements her top tier standing in my book Read this, then go find as many of ther other books as you can You ll be glad you did.

    9. I love this book I think it s delightful Actually, I should say, I think it s delightful There s a sad exclamation point, content periods, and a curious question mark and they all work together to figure out where they fit in the grand scheme of things.There s some fun wordplay and that makes me happy All the punctuations have cute little faces It s quick and easy yet joyful.I would totally read this out loud, especially because I d get to yell a lot, and really, what s better than yelling while [...]

    10. I thought I was until arrived I m totally A lonely and confused exclamation mark, living in a world of periods, finds his place and purpose The text is clean, crisp, and occasionally bold with ample white space The illustrations, though minimal illustrations, are interesting and move the story forward The book can be used to teach punctuation, synonyms, and embracing individuality.

    11. If I had a kid, I would definitely get this book for him or her.I really appreciate the use of punctuation as a way to celebrate uniqueness, maybe because I m a proofreader who is, if I may say so myself, quite unique

    12. Such fun, such great design and word play I love that its accessible to young kids just figuring out reading and punctuation but also fun for older kids who love puns.

    13. Exclamation MarkReview by Anastasia HutsonThe book begins with an exclamation point surrounded by numerous period points From the start this exclamation point new he was different, he tried everything he could to fit in with everyone else but nothing worked He just wasn t like the others So he ran away, one day he bumps into a question mark From there the questions go on and on about who he is and what he likes to do The exclamation point couldn t take it any and exclaims, Stop with all his migh [...]

    14. In a world of periods, exclamation mark really stood out.And he didn t like it one bit He felt confused and befuddled He didn t fit in and he wasn t sure how he could Then one day he found the answers he sought from a new friend question mark She helped him find his purpose in life and he was free to express himself with gusto With sparse text and simple black and white line art so simple I m guessing at the gender of exclamation mark and question mark , Amy and Tom deliver a clever story of the [...]

    15. The book Exclamation Mark is a book about an exclamation mark He feels as though he does not fit in with all the periods, then a question mark comes along and asks many questions Exclamation Mark is annoyed by this, so he yells and unlocks his true potential.I was drawn to this book because it looked very unique When I picked it up, I flipped through the pages and was intrigued by the illustration.The plot of this book is a lost exclamation mark who sticks out and just wants to fit in Because th [...]

    16. Exclamation Mark is a book written by Amy Krouse and Tom Lichtenheld, this book has an underlying meaning of just because you re not like everybody around you doesn t mean you re not something great We re all here to put our stamp on the world It starts of with an exclamation mark in a world of periods, he was sad, hurting and in the dumps because he just couldn t fit in no matter how hard he tried One day he met a question mark who definitely knew his job, questioning everything from ice cream [...]

    17. Many children struggle with finding themselves and learning how to fit in as well as being proud to stand out This book does a wonderful job at addressing these issues with children in a creative way In the beginning the stands out among all of the other punctuation no matter how hard he tries to fit in Then he runs into a who frustrates him enough to yell STOP That is when he truly finds himself, regardless of the fact that he is different The other punctuation marks are all accepting of him an [...]

    18. Rosenthal and Lichtenheld have created another winner with Exclamation Mark Books that address the subject of fitting in are popular and it isn t easy to emerge from the pack, but this book does Exclamation Mark is used to hanging out with periods and although he looks a little bit like them, he doesn t really fit in and he considers his options When he meets a funny looking mark that can t stop asking questions, Exclamation Mark finally finds his identity and his voice grows strong and clear as [...]

    19. Exclamation Mark knew from the beginning he was different from the Periods He tried very hard to act like them, but no matter what, he always stood up And that of course made him feel worse But one day he met the talkative Question Mark He asked so many questions Exclamation Mark felt dizzy And he needed to SHOUT At this moment it was clear to him all the potential he had inside So many Happy birthday , Congratulations and Way to go have been trapped in his throat for so long It felt good to be [...]

    20. An adorable picture book about an exclamation mark that feels like he doesn t belong amongst his period friends It s not until he meets the chatty question mark that he realizes his true strengths in yelling and regains his pride.The art is endearly simple and fits well with the brief simple story This is a quick book that can easily be read to a young age group FYI There is a small, cute scene at the every end that many many miss if they do not read past the copyright material It marks the char [...]

    21. This is a very simply illustrated story about an exclamation mark who just wants to fit in With the help of another piece of punctuation, he learns that the things that make us different are the things that make us special I really loved the message in this book, that it is okay to be different, and that standing out isn t necessarily a bad thing The clever word play makes it fun to read out loud again and again , and the book s pacing combined with the illustrations make it captivating for pre [...]

    22. Exclamation mark stood out from everyone else He was just different, period He felt all alone until he met question mark, and her constant queries led him to discover his talent exclaiming As we have come to expect from the fabulous team of Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld, this book is a true winner The text is clever, the illustrations on elementary style lined paper, no less are expressive Any classroom learning about the exclamation mark or punctuation in general will want to take th [...]

    23. In a world of periods, the exclamation point stands out and deservedly so Despite his best efforts to fit in and conform with those around him, he just can t be like everyone else When he meets an annoying question mark filled with plenty of questions, he is finally able to get in touch with his true nature As is usual with this talented, witty team, the book is filled with clever word play and visual puns The background employing the exact type of paper employed by students learning to write th [...]

    24. This book is very cute and clever However, just as I have noticed with other Amy Krouse Rosenthal titles, children don t really get the humor With this title in particular, because children are just learning how to read and write, they don t really understand the significance of the question mark, exclamation mark, and period For that reason, the personifications of these punctuation marks are probably going to go over their heads Children may still relate to the narrative of not fitting in and [...]

    25. Exclamation Mark is a children s book in which an exclamation mark the punctuation is having trouble finding his place among the other types of punctuation It is not until he meets a question mark who annoys him with an abundance of questions that Exclamation Mark is able to find where he belongs at the end of exclamations, hoorays, and other noteworthy sentences This book is about finding one s place in the world, but it also serves as a great example of when to use exclamation marks This book [...]

    26. A short picture book about an exclamation mark who couldn t understand why he looked different from his period friends With all his effort, he tried arranging himself in different sequences but he still stood out He turned, squished himself, twisted up but that didn t work either He became confused and felt misplaced until one day he meets an overly friendly question mark that helps him understand what he is capable of This tale has a simple story line that goes along with its bold yet clever il [...]

    27. Ah, we LOVED it My fifth graders really noticed the illustrations and the embedded puns in this fantastic picture book

    28. In the illustrations of this book Exclamation Mark tries to make himself like the others, yet he is always different No matter how hard he tries, he always stood out Yet, in the end, he finds the excitement in being different For teaching voice, students tend to compare the way the write to other students when they must understand that their voice should be reflective of them as a person, making it distinct and one of a kind By using this silly, funny, and goofy picture to illustrate the major n [...]

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