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UnStrung By Neal Shusterman,

  • Title: UnStrung
  • Author: Neal Shusterman
  • ISBN: 9780857079893
  • Page: 177
  • Format: ebook
  • How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper In this new ebook original short story, author Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev s adventures between the time he left CyFi and when he showed up at the Graveyard.Lev s experiences on a Hi Rez, an extraordinarily wealthy Native American Reservation introduce him to a teen with remarkable musical taHow did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper In this new ebook original short story, author Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev s adventures between the time he left CyFi and when he showed up at the Graveyard.Lev s experiences on a Hi Rez, an extraordinarily wealthy Native American Reservation introduce him to a teen with remarkable musical talent and whose gifts are destined to end up in the hands of another And it is this teen s heart breaking story that inspired Lev to choose the clapper s path.Pulling elements from Neal Shusterman s critically acclaimed Unwind and giving hints about what is to come in the long awaited sequel, UnWholly, this short story is a must for fans of the series.
    UnStrung How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper In this new ebook original short story author Neal Shusterman opens a window on Lev s adventures between the time he left CyFi a

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    1. After leaving CyFi and before heading to the graveyard, Lev stayed at a wealthy Native American reservation Native American reservations don t participate in unwinding and they sometimes shelter AWOL kids While there, Lev meets a young man Chowilawu, Wil for short, who has an incredible talent with a guitar.UnStrung is an interesting tale that I must admit didn t sound too intriguing I thought I knew enough about why Lev became a clapper and wasn t all that interested in reading the novella Fort [...]

    2. 3.5 stars I m not going to go into any sort of summary or recap for UnStrung because there isn t much to break down when it comes to reading something the length of a few short chapters If you re interested in why I think this series is badass, check out the summary for Unwind, the first book in the series The description alone sells the book.Reading UnStrung didn t do much except to stir my enthusiasm for the upcoming book, as was probably the point At first, I didn t understand why this half s [...]

    3. It s been a long time after I ve finished reading Unwind and I m quite relieved that I still remembered what happen there There is an instance that Lev just appeared in Graveyard after he has been separated to Connor and Risa and this short story told me will tell you the missing scenes of the book what happened to Lev where did he go.I found it fascinating and interesting that this book delivered me to another world of unwinding In the place where Lev has been gone, they used animal parts rathe [...]

    4. Well, well, well Neal Shusterman We meet again.I apologise profusely for my ridiculously slow progress on Unwholly I am enjoying the story, but I think my copy has been reclaimed by the monster under my bed, since I remember it fell on the floor one night, and it wasn t there when I woke up the next day Anyway With the beauty that is an gift card, I downloaded Unstrung, which is one of those odd little 0.5 novellas that are supposed to fit in between canonical events I know Julie Kagawa has so m [...]

    5. 5 5 starsFunny how morality, which always seems so black and white, can be influenced so completely by what you were raised to believe.Unstrung is a very short story of the untold journey of Levi Calder about how he gets so much anger that turned him from a nice religious boy to a suicide bomber It is set duringafter Lev left CyFi and before he arrives at the Graveyard Lev runs away from the authorities and relentlessly seeks for a sanctuary until one day he s saved by a native American tribe wh [...]

    6. So I ve basically arranged my reading and sleeping schedule around the fact that UnWholly comes out on Tuesday, and I ve been saving this novella for today And meh I don t know if I was influenced by the fact that I know it wasn t Neal Shusterman who wrote this, or if the story just isn t up to Unwind standards, but I was neither over or underwhelmed Did Frankie Landau Banks say I could be whelmed Then I am whelmed I don t think it s a MUST READ for Unwind fans the way Ferragost is a MUST READ f [...]

    7. Cool little novella detailing Lev s missing time from Unwind In barely 100 pages I loved Wil, Una and Tocho, felt their love and fear and anger It gave me a chance to find out how Lev as a character made that dramatic shift I have to think that Neal had originally written this as part of the novel, then cut it at some later point because of how well it fits and explains Lev s position It s short and sweet but I definitely recommend it

    8. 2.5 STARSThis was about a whole bunch of rich People of Chance i.e Native Americans protected from the Unwind Accord are living their own personal dramas when a certain Lev Calder dropped in and sought asylum One such drama Lev caught himself in is with a sixteen year old boy, Wil, with a marvelous talent for playing the guitar who only wants to be appreciated by his tribe but isn t because it s considered selfish on Wil s part to expect so Okay, beyond their walls kids are running for their liv [...]

    9. This one is really difficult to rate, because, although it does shed light on a very important decision a character makes in the first book and sets a bridge between the developments of the stories in both books, it felt off I really don t know how to explain it First off, it is obvious Shusterman had very little to do with the writing of this short story He might ve plotted it, but filling it in went to the other author and, while she did a decent job at sounding like him, it didn t read like S [...]

    10. this was short, but so good I m glad we got to find out where Lev went during some of the events in Unwind Wil, on the other hand, deserved his own book in my opinion, he was such a complex character for this novella.

    11. How did Lev Calder move from an unwillingly escaped Tithe to a clapper I figure this would tell me butybe I missed it Don t get me wrong, I liked the story It gives us another side and another view of unwinding The People of Chance have different laws and of course different problems and I appreciated having this glimpse However, I m not sure how that changed Lev into the boy who pops up again in Unwind Where did all the anger come from When did he decide clapping was the answer I dunno.I get th [...]

    12. I don t know what I expected with Unstrung, but it wasn t this It was completely pointless I know that these sorts of in between novellas are usually written to occupy the fans until the release of the next sequel but seriously This was just meh Maybe it was just my dislike of Lev or my confusion with the entire Slot Mongers introduction that prohibited me from liking this but I just couldn t get into it Thankfully it was blissfully short and easy to fly through It wasn t anything special that I [...]

    13. Somehow managed to make me cry in 60 pages Thanks, Neal.I really don t usually get this emotional over books, but something about Neal s style and stories can really do it to me.Great little novella, even though the plot felt a little rushed You should probably read it before unwholly, but if you have already read unwholly I wouldn t worry I read unwholly before I knew unstrung existed, and it really made the same point, just in a different order It s really just a choice of which book you cry o [...]

    14. This was very good, but I wish it was longer It was also kind of sad It tied up a few loose ends on Lev s story in Unwind.

    15. What happens whenever you make a short story between the first and second books in a series You get a 1.5 book After he split up from Connor and Risa in Unwind , Lev went on a journey where he met a person who called himself Cy Fi Eventually, the two of them split up and then many parts of Lev s story was lost and confusing in the rest of Unwind That s what this book is about.After many people and critics asked him about Lev s story, he got so many comments that he decided to write this book Thi [...]

    16. This type of book is a tough sell for an author It tells the story of what happened to Lev from the time he left CyFi to sometime before he appeared in the Graveyard As such, it fills a hole in the story arcs in Unwind But was there a need to fill such a hole If so, then the author is pretty much admitting that he blew it when writing Unwind If not, then what s the point of having this story.Ultimately, I suppose its just for fun And I also suspect that he let this story be released because ther [...]

    17. Oh, myShusterman calls this 1.5 for a reason s a story within UNWINDa story from Lev s point of view that covers time from his leaving CyFi until his appearance at the Camp He ends up in an Indian reservationpposedly safe ground from AWOL bounty hunters There he exposes his initial ignorance and prejudice of native ways, to a deep respect and reverence He meets Wil, a gifted guitarist who is suffering through real identity concernswhere does he fit in How can he contribute How much of the old wa [...]

    18. Pemanasan sebelum masuk ke buku 2 Dan di tengah tengah pemanasan itu, seperti buku pertamanya yang sangat luar biasa dan bikin depresi, kali ini aku harus membaca sesuatu yang membuat depresi di tengah hari hari yang depresi sigh dramaticaly Sejak di buku pertama, selain Connor, Lev memang menjadi tokoh yang sesuatu bagiku Senang rasanya melihat proses bagaimana dia menyadari bahwa apa yang dia percaya selama ini salah Sedikit banyak secara tak langsung aku mempelajari bagaimana caranya seorang [...]

    19. This was a short little story about Lev s time in between CyFi and when he gets to the Graveyard I was hoping it would explain how he got to the Graveyard, but it didn t The story was interesting and a little sad, and I enjoyed the way life was described on the rez, and I liked the characters, but overall didn t add any missing pieces to the story as a whole.EDIT Now that I ve started reading UnWholly I think I get it EDIT again Just finished UnWholly, and while this isn t critical to understand [...]

    20. This was a wonderful surprise I m really glad Neal decided to write this to help bridge the time gap for Lev I m also really glad he included some incite into the ways of life of Chance Folk as well My only criticism is that I wish it could have been longer The peacefulness of the reservation seems like a million miles away from the madness going on outside it s walls I also would have loved Una and Wil to have had of a story as I was really starting to love their characters.

    21. WOW 11 chapters of AWESOMENESS Even brought me to tears We know nowwhy this book is thus titled we know now based on the brief synopsis of UnWholly, this short book will have major implications and I wonder how we seen Risa interact with Conner when he got Rolands arm how we will see Una interact with Cam in the upcoming book and Lev brings such a deep intense depth to this book in which i can relate to.

    22. UnStrung Is a short companion story to Unwind and tells us Lev s story during that book It fit perfectly with the bigger story and showed a new side of this incredibly detailed fictional world It was a nice little story that explained Lev s change and his thirst for revenge in Unwind Despite the fact that this entire story takes place during another book, it stands well on its own.

    23. This short story follows Lev at a point in time when he disappeared during the events of Unwind He escapes into a Native American reserve where he befriends a 16 year old musician and learns that on the reserves, they are mostly safe from being unwound due to signed treaties.It was ok I was actually liking the new setting and characters, but being a short story, it ended too soon, I thought I wanted with these characters.

    24. I wish we d gotten a little MORE into what happened to Lev I love the story that we got, but I d love to see what happens after he leaves the rez until he gets to the Graveyard I was very sad about all the things that went down toward the end, but it does give a little insight into what made Lev so bitter in Unwind A great little addition to the series, if you like getting to know characters better.

    25. I just want to lie down and sob for an hour or two Be back to write a review when I ve composed myself So deep breath This story tells a little about Lev, what happens after leaving CyFi and there is added to why he comes to feel the way he does, why he becomes so filled with hatred that he is willing to sacrifice himself I was not expecting what happens in this story at all.I hope there will be some tie in to the overall arc of what happened here Heartbreaking.

    26. 2 1 2 starsI have had to to revise my rating after starting book 2 Unwholey as this novella is really not as good as the actual two booksThis novella fits in between the first book Unwind and the second Unwholly It gives some insight into an alternative community who do not believe in human unwinding for organ donation and focus on Levi however since starting the 2nd book Unwholley I think its best to read this one last.

    27. DNF at 34%Even if it s a short read, I just can t finish it Simply, it s boring And while I d consider going on with the series, I don t think this novella adds anything important to the story arc.

    28. Only a couple of quick chapters about Lev s absence in Unwind This felt like the filler it was and was completely unnecessary I will try to pretend this didn t happen as I continue through the series.

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