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The Duck Commander Family By Willie Robertson Korie Robertson Mark Schlabach,

  • Title: The Duck Commander Family
  • Author: Willie Robertson Korie Robertson Mark Schlabach
  • ISBN: 9781476703541
  • Page: 339
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet the Robertsons in this personal behind the scenes look at the stars of the exploding AE show Duck Dynasty.Faith Family Ducks in that order.This book gives readers an up close and personal, behind the scenes look at the family in the exploding AE show Duck Dynasty This Louisiana bayou family operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has mMeet the Robertsons in this personal behind the scenes look at the stars of the exploding AE show Duck Dynasty.Faith Family Ducks in that order.This book gives readers an up close and personal, behind the scenes look at the family in the exploding AE show Duck Dynasty This Louisiana bayou family operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has made them millions You ll hear all about the Robertson clan from Willie and what it was like growing up in the Robertson household You ll sample some of Willie s favorite family recipes from Phil, Kay, and even some of his own concoctions and you ll get to know the beautiful Robertson women You ll hear from Korie about the joys and hardships of raising a family, running a business, and wrangling the Robertson men while staying fashionable and beautiful inside and out Discover about the family dynamics between brothers Willie, Jase, Jep, and parents Phil and Kay You ll even meet a fourth brother who isn t in the show The popularity of Duck Dynasty is skyrocketing, garnering a Wednesday night top two finish in all of cable.
    The Duck Commander Family Meet the Robertsons in this personal behind the scenes look at the stars of the exploding AE show Duck Dynasty Faith Family Ducks in that order This book gives readers an up close and personal behind

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    1. My husband and I have gotten hooked on this reality show Who da thunk it But one of the things that impressed me from the first time I watched it is that they pray together as a family at the end of every show I downloaded a sample of the book on my Kindle Started reading it one morning on the way to work I ride the bus and was again impressed that every chapter began with a scripture I love that they don t take themselves very serious but they do take their Lord very serious and give Him the cr [...]

    2. I couldn t put this book down after I started reading It was soooo good I could start it over right now seriously, that is how good it was Great God loving family, all of them

    3. This is another one of those if you like the TV show, then you will enjoy this book The book reveals interesting things about the Robertson family that you don t get from the show It was a fun read Willie and Korie go back and forth with the writing, but what I enjoyed most is their strong faith in God, and respect in the family Some good solid advice is also included in this book I could care less about the recipes that were added at the end of each chapter, but it did add a uniqueness to the [...]

    4. Disclaimer first I am not a Duck Dynasty TV show fan I am a vegetarian, non hunting, beach girl, this is not my lifestyle I have seen maybe 4 shows and really enjoyed Si, and his offbeat ways,which made me curious Then my much loved and repeated neighbor said he loves the show and the family and gave me this and another book written by family members He talked about where this family came from with admiration in his eyes so I gave it a read I thoroughly enjoyed their story and gained respect for [...]

    5. I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty What you see on the TV show is real The Robertson family does not put on for anyone and that clearly comes through in this book It was a good book that flowed extremely well Kudos to the writer This family struggled for many years trying to build their company There are so many things in the book that needed to be said Example I learned much about Korie s successful family and how they worked with the Robertsons to achieve a goal that Willie was sure was doable Th [...]

    6. Story Description Howard Books October 9, 2012 Hardcover ISBN 978 1 4767 0354 1Faith, Family, Ducks in that order.This book gives readers an up close and personal behind the scenes look at the family in the exploding A E show Duck Dynasty This Louisiana bayou family operates Duck Commander, a booming family business that has made them millions You ll hear all about the Robertson clan from Willie and what it was like growing up in the Robertson household You ll sample some of Willie s favourite f [...]

    7. The Duck Commander Family How Faith, Family, and Ducks built a dynasty, This book is about a family who starts out poor and troubled, and find their way to riches and fame But they didn t just stumble into fame, they worked hard for it The main characters are Phil dad , Kay mom , Willie son of Phil and Kay , Jason son of Phil and Kay , Jep son of Phil and Kay , Korie Willies wife , Also Jase s wife, Willie and Kories kids etc The Family started out poor and barely getting by, when Phil had the i [...]

    8. Korie and Willie Robertson have written a feel good, syrupy tribute to their family success at both running a business and maintaining strong family relationships THE DUCK COMMANDER FAMILY is not momentous or literary, but it s honest and uncovers some history we might not know about.The book is a blueprint for those who have watched the hit TV series and wondered how such nonsensical antics translate into a multimillion dollar business Strength in faith and family unity is the key Willie and Ko [...]

    9. I almost want to be part of this family after reading this book The thing holding me back is that I have a really awesome unique family of my own already I definitely want to be a neighbor to and friends with the Robertsons The subtitle of this book is How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty I m going to do this review broken into those same categories See Even the subtitle is perfect and helpful Faith The Robertsons have faith in abundance without coming across as preachy or self righteous [...]

    10. My love of Duck Dynasty has proven to be the biggest surprise of 2013 Seriously There is no way that I could ve predicted my love for this show and this family In a world starved for TV shows and books about family, faith and valuese Robertson family delivers I love who they areI love what they stand forI love that they wear their faith brightly and for the world to see I absolutely love it The TV show shows them at their most zany but I have since watched many interviews with them as they talk [...]

    11. I think most of the reviews before me said it best this is a book for people who like the show, and the people on the show It s built of anecdotes from Willie Robertson s life, including some of Phil and Kay s history In the beginning his wife, Korie, gets a few chapters, then she just interjects in Willie s chapters as the book progresses Overall, it is a light hearted read that strives in every way to show everything in the best possible light I m sure a lot of drama got glossed over in Willie [...]

    12. I was not sure what to expect when I started to read this book Autobiographies are a hit or miss and I wanted this book to be really good It was not good, it was great The book was well written and perfectly organized by different stages in the history of the Robertson family You will learn so much about the family They don t leave any rocks unturned either You learn that they don t see themselves as celebrities, but as ordinary people like you and I You will also see so much of yourself in thei [...]

    13. If you love the Robertsons and all their unique personalities, you will enjoy this book It s a great read for any DD fans wanting to know about what it was like growing up with Phil Robertson as your dad I enjoyed this book and devoured it quickly I know it was written by Willie and Korie, so most of the focus is on them which is fine But for me personally, Jase is my favorite Robertson and I would have liked to learn a little bit about him than was included Also there isn t much mention of Un [...]

    14. 3.5 starsI confess that I have not seen their show But I ve certainly heard of it I think everybody and their brother has I ve been curious about it, so I figured maybe a look into their family life might be interesting I was right It begins from both Willie and Korie s childhood and continues until present day The Robertson family has certainly had it s fair share of ups and downs I really enjoyed hearing about their adventurous beginnings Because adventurous they were When hunting is than a s [...]

    15. AudioBook Review Stars Overall 4 Narration 3 Story 4So you found me out One of the only reality shows that I will watch, and we watch it voraciously, is Duck Dynasty following the Robertson family, owners of the Duck Commander franchise I expect that I am not alone there is something very sweet and honest about their family, even when they bring the crazy out to celebrate Like any who have watched the show, there are frequent references made to the before , before the business turned over millio [...]

    16. Lawson Tyrone The Duck Commander Family How Faith, Family, and Ducks Built a Dynasty, by Willie and Korie Robertson, truly gave me an insightful view in to the life of the Duck Commander family I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is a fan of their show Duck Dynasty You may not know it by looking at them, but the group duck slayers is actually a very spiritually based family Willy and Korie stress throughout the book about the importance of staying strong in one s faith, and that you sh [...]

    17. Okay, so it is not most thrilling prose in the world, and I read the entire book in just a tad under 4 hours, but I have to admit I enjoyed every minute of it I know these folks, intimately, oh not the actual people in the Robertson family as shown on Duck Dynasty, but my husband s parents, his sisters, his brother, his aunts, uncles and the whole passel of twice related on your mama s side relatives that come along with them There is something infinitely comforting in reading of folks who think [...]

    18. Written by one of those bearded duck guys, Willie Robertson, and his wife Kori , this book tells the success story from their perspective The Robertson family s success is much than their 15 minutes of fame.Phil, the Robertson family patriarch, conferred the CEO position on his son, Willie Willie describes the efficiencies and changes he attempted to effect despite the negative feedback from many valued customers Kori came to the defense of her husband by writing and posting a message on the Du [...]

    19. When I first watched the TV show Duck Dynasty, I thought it was silly, but as I watched a few episodes, I began to appreciate the values being portrayed in this reality show My husband really laughed watching it, and I became a fan, too So I ordered this book for us to learn about the Robertson family After reading it, I can say that I really admire the values of this family I like their motto of family first, and family, faith, and other virtues I enjoyed the down to earth story telling of Ko [...]

    20. Duck Commander fans will enjoy these easy read and learn about the entire Robertson family as well as a few of their recipes As a fan, I did enjoy learning , the section of pictures, and the back and forth style of writing between Willie and Korie But while the stories were entertaining and felt like a chat between friends than reading a book both good things, in my opinion , I felt like tying each chapter up to fit the recipe theme made it feel a bit like a collection of high school essays Th [...]

    21. As a new fan of the Duck Dynasty show on television, I was excited to buy a copy of Duck Commander Family because I wanted to know about the Robertson clan This book definitely did not disappoint me It s well written, honest and very entertaining.I loved the fact that Duck Commander Family is written from the points of view of both Willie and his wife Korie There is definitely a difference in the way they were both raised as children, so to get the two perspectives enhances the reality of the b [...]

    22. 3.5 stars Quick read, I enjoyed it Not sure if one would like very much if you didn t like the show Definitely emphasizes the family s faith and close ties, which was nice Virtually everyone who works for Duck Commander is family, an old friend, or has some family connection Theirs is truly a story of a small family business that has now exploded to the mainstream I liked learning about Willie and Korie s relationship from the start and their kids The family pictures are great Willie was SO cut [...]

    23. I resisted the whole Duck Dynasty thing for a long time thinking it was just a gimmick redneck show My family really wanted me to watch it with them and it turned into a fun family activity for us I was hooked after about 3 episodes and I really liked it It was funny, and I liked that it promoted a family dinner and prayer at the end I wanted to know about the Robertson s and their background so I read this book It was enjoyable and I loved how they give all the credit for their success to God. [...]

    24. This book is different than the other two because it reflects on the Robertson family as a whole instead of stories being told by an individual perspective It really goes in depth on the family, like sharing how Phil s boys grew up It also has pieces of Korie s growing up years and what was different about her family and Willie s This book was interesting, don t get me wrong, but there were some things that I didn t really like The book didn t really have any exciting parts It was kind of a lon [...]

    25. Ok I m a fan, so maybe I m a bit bias but I really love this family The word that keeps surfacing as I read about them or watch the show is real How do I mean that in this context Yeah, they tell the good and the bad, that s part of it But what gives them the depth and I believe is part of their mass appeal is they are comfortable with who they really are and they are happy to share that with you.This is not great literature, it s great conversation It s inspirational but only in the sense that [...]

    26. If you love this show like I do, then you ll certainly enjoy the book It only goes a little into the actual show, but it does give a good background of most of the family and how they got into the business and how they developed their strengths More refreshingly, they attribute all their success to God and the blessings He has bestowed upon them The book drives home a lot of great points, such as the importance of faith, family and forgiveness Fun read for the Duck Dynasty fans.

    27. I just read an amazing book It was Duck Commander and it was by Korie and Willie Robertson I like this book because it shows how the Robertson s live It has many recipes that they use and some VERY funny pictures It tells how they live their life and how they got Duck Commander started Willie and Korie have 5 kids I recommend this book to all of my friends and family I already have a list for people that want to read it.

    28. Really wanted behind the scenes and never came out and said they went to White s Ferry Road Church of Christ Just Whites Ferry Road Church I did like that they had Bible verses all throughout the book Lots of church of Christ people are thought of as being members of a cult and this book could ve cleared up some misconceptions Overall a great read.

    29. Loved it As a fan of the show this filled me in on the background of the family that has become a popular favorite of reality tv without the drama, lies and filth some shows thrive on Highly recommmend for fans of the show and Christians who understand struggle and success in a family Each chapter is followed by a recipe.

    30. I have a Duck Dynasty Obsession I read this book in a couple hours Loved hearing about how the Dynasty was built Reading about the early days of Phil Kay s Marriage, along with Willie and Korie I would have liked to hear about Jase Seeing as how he is my favorite, but I still enjoyed this book very much All you Duck Dynasty Fans Read this book

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