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Flowers of Evil, Volume 5 By Shuzo Oshimi,

  • Title: Flowers of Evil, Volume 5
  • Author: Shuzo Oshimi
  • ISBN: 9781935654704
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Paperback
  • SWEATY YOUNG THINGS When Nakamura said to Kasuga that Saeki wanted to have sex with him, might she have been telling the truth
    Flowers of Evil Volume SWEATY YOUNG THINGS When Nakamura said to Kasuga that Saeki wanted to have sex with him might she have been telling the truth

    One thought on “Flowers of Evil, Volume 5”

    1. Saeki is lost She cannot understand this new Kasuga who leans on Nakamura like a crutch She discovers what he is up to, and it shocks her Kasuga, whose face takes on twisted qualities as he continues to spiral downward, commits further acts of perversion while hiding it under a mask of lies He does this with ill conceived good intentions which makes Nakamura happy, but throws Saeki into despair.The previous volume explored the inner mind of Nakamura, so this time the focus is on Saeki, who fell [...]

    2. Saeki is floundering, lost Nakamura is impulsive, bored, slighty psychotic Kasuga has come into himself as a sadist and appears as if he has accepted himself However this book in the series takes complacency and acceptance and turns it on its head I did not think it was as well paced or managed as the other books in the series The actions of the characters seemed surprising even for this author I wonder if this book was not all shock value Anyways, I am captivated obsessed with this series I wan [...]

    3. Flowers of Evil is a manga that, when I started it, I found it interesting, but I didn t fully grasp what all the fuss was about Still, I stuck with it, and reading volume five made me realize why this manga is as well received as it is.First, this is not a starting point, or a jumping on point Every even from the earlier volumes leads right up to here, and the tension that has slowly been building, and the darkness that has been building inside the characters all reaches an emotionally explosiv [...]

    4. This isn t a proper review, just me rambling and musing, trying to figure out how I feel about this bizarre work of art This is one of those stories where I have no idea what to rate it Flowers of Evil captivates me Just how low will the characters go What drives them Are they full of mysteries and pain, or are they just empty husks pretending to have depth I don t enjoy reading it, and that s the point It s like watching a train wreck staged by a master director or artist It s ugly, it s disgus [...]

    5. I really enjoyed the first four volumes which are also shown in the first season of the anime With this volume, I fear the story is losing its coherence to its theme of the relative good and evil of young adulthood I read 5 and 6 together so it s a bit of a blur, but the relatable charm of the previous volumes is gone The characters are frankly, acting crazy at this point It all just feels like the writer has painted himself into a corner and in an effort to escalate the action, the characters a [...]

    6. I was hoping I d like this volume better than the last but sadly it just isn t so I m still going to continue on as I hear it picks up but I m just confused by all the characters and their actions at this point It still kept me turning page after page but I m not quite sure how I feel about the storyline at this point.

    7. Holy crap, talk about turning it up a notch or two Clearly, saeki s got a few issues of her own Even so, she s still not anywhere near nakamura s level We still don t know what s really going on in nakamura s head Also, I m pretty sure this is the first time I ve seen a woman raping a man depicted in comics Intense volume

    8. To be honest, I tore through vol 4 6 in one stretch yesterday So I can t say what much happened in this volume since it s a blur, but it s an awesome blur this series is ridiculous

    9. the shallow pretty mask falls and the deeper self of Saeki san reveals we let others identify who we are, and how is that make us void.

    10. saeki makes slightly sense now but i also had to read a ten page attempted rape scene i remain unconvinced this manga has anything to offer than darkness for darkness sake z out 2 stars

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