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The Lucy Variations By Sara Zarr,

  • Title: The Lucy Variations
  • Author: Sara Zarr
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lucy Beck Moreau once had a promising future as a concert pianist The right people knew her name, her performances were booked months in advance, and her future seemed certain.That was all before she turned fourteen.Now, at sixteen, it s over A death, and a betrayal, led her to walk away That leaves her talented ten year old brother, Gus, to shoulder the full weight ofLucy Beck Moreau once had a promising future as a concert pianist The right people knew her name, her performances were booked months in advance, and her future seemed certain.That was all before she turned fourteen.Now, at sixteen, it s over A death, and a betrayal, led her to walk away That leaves her talented ten year old brother, Gus, to shoulder the full weight of the Beck Moreau family expectations Then Gus gets a new piano teacher who is young, kind, and interested in helping Lucy rekindle her love of piano on her own terms But when you re used to performing for sold out audiences and world famous critics, can you ever learn to play just for yourself National Book Award finalist Sara Zarr takes readers inside one girl s struggle to reclaim her love of music and herself To find joy again, even when things don t go according to plan Because life isn t a performance, and everyone deserves the chance to make a few mistakes along the way.
    The Lucy Variations Lucy Beck Moreau once had a promising future as a concert pianist The right people knew her name her performances were booked months in advance and her future seemed certain That was all before she

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    1. I love Sara Zarr s writing and I always will At my very first book club meeting with the fabulous ladies of Fairfax Forever YA, I listed her as one of my favorite YA authors this after being told that I would be judged based on my answers I even got my club to go rogue one month and read Sara Zarr s How To Save A Life instead of the Forever YA selection I love that Sara Zarr s novels will always find a way to reach right under my rib cage and rip out my heart, no matter how little I initially re [...]

    2. Yes, the world was beautiful But music made that beauty personal Nothing else could do that Nothing What I love about Sara Zarr is how she can manage to fully reveal her characters emotionally I mean I can feel with my heart the genuine emotions these characters carry with them, either it s joy or grief It s contagious, too, that made me get attached or connected with them in any way possible.Sara Zarr wrote about life issues and she was really good at it Her novels I ve read were moving, uplift [...]

    3. It appears the three of us Catie, Flannery and I are pretty much on the same page as to why this new Sara Zarr novel didn t work for us Pardon me for repeating what has already been said.Generally, it s a good thing when authors try to experiment and explore new points of view and styles of writing But sometimes when they try something new, it just doesn t work as well as the old This is the case with The Lucy Variations I think The thing I disliked the most about this novel is its POV, specific [...]

    4. This book is my first book of Sara Zarr,and I think reading this novel made me fully understand now, why my friend NEIL had fallen in love with this author This is a story of a 16 year old pianist sensation,who struggles to reclaim her love of music and herself.Lucy Beck Moreau came from a musically inclined,well known family,so Lucy at a very young age is already a star and became famous at the age of 15,until she quit on stage one day before an important performance And this had cause a big is [...]

    5. Anyone who has ever created something or pursued a passion knows that sometimes you hit that flow and nothing else in the world exists because what you re doing is the best thing there is and it fills you with everything you need And anyone who has ever created something or pursued a passion also knows that it can be the MOST SOUL CRUSHING THING IN THE WORLD That you re never good enough, that you ll never be good enough, that it s all just a fleeting sort of thing that you get lucky at doing we [...]

    6. 4.5 StarsThe Lucy Variations is such an emotional rollercoaster This book about grief and self discovery has so many layers The main character is a piano prodigy who quits and struggles to figure out who she is I found the writing absolutely beautiful and recommend this book to everyone.This is such a complex and emotional book It tells the story of a piano prodigy who quits piano and tries to figure out who she is and what she wants I loved the piano aspects in the book, and I feel like it is a [...]

    7. I m not going to give a synopsis of THE LUCY VARIATIONS because the publisher s cover copy at the top of the page does a pretty darn good job of bringing us up to speed Instead, I m going to give three reasons why everyone should read this book 1 It s by Sara Zarr It s no secret that I m a fan of Sara Zarr Enough of a fan that I begged Little, Brown to send me an ARC of THE LUCY VARIATIONS Which they did, because they re nice like that Lucky me Very, VERY lucky me.My two favorite authors are Meg [...]

    8. I was cautiously optimistic about this novel my very first Sara Zarr book My friends had read her previous book and loved it immensely so I decided to request this one because I cannot resist books about music prodigies Especially ones who are mistaken and full of angst and feelings It s a thing.And for the most part, The Lucy Variations delivers The writing is crisp and infused with sharp wit The friendships portrayed are varied and interesting and the family dynamics are complicated enough to [...]

    9. Another Zarr treasure, unafraid and unashamed to make readers uncomfortable by inviting us simply to look at real life through the lens of fiction Life and relationships are often uncomfortable, messy, and full of misunderstandings Main character Lucy s feelings of confusion, shame, hope, burnout, regret, pride, and rekindled passion in the wake of a possibly career ending decision at a prestigious piano competition are authentically tangled and explored As an author, I especially connected with [...]

    10. Rating Clarification 3.5 StarsIt could be a depressing thing to believe, at sixteen, that your best years were behind you.The Lucy Variations is Sara Zarr s newest YA contemporary novel that gives her readers a glimpse into the life of the musical elite We get to witness firsthand how musical prodigies practice and compete, as well as how they struggle with the everyday pressure of perfecting their craft Through Lucy s perspective, it s evident that it s not all glitz and glamour when faced with [...]

    11. Perhaps I m not the proper audience for this book, but, being who I amI can say that it didn t sit well with me Not only because Lucy had an unhealthy obsession with older men, but because of Will s unhealthy attraction to a teenage girl The relationship dynamic between these two turned my stomach, and the reason I kept reading because I wanted to see just how far the author would take things And now that I ve finished, I m still not sure if it was intended for them to appear as than friends or [...]

    12. The Lucy Variations is a raw, powerful portrayal of the life of a teen girl after she walks away from the thing that defined her As with all of Zarr s novels, I loved the way she navigated complex family relationships in this novel All of the characters had a different dynamic with each other, and it was interesting to see their relationships evolve or maybe not so much the relationships themselves, but Lucy s perspective on them I was particularly moved by Lucy s relationship with her grandfath [...]

    13. I have the overwhelming sense that this is a book I was supposed to love That everyone in the book world community will love it it will have a blurb in the NYT book review, and it ll be one of the spring It books for realistic fiction But the truth is, reading it gave me this icky, slimy sensation, like tolerating a slug on my leg for an extended period of time I can t say what it was specifically The relationship between Lucy and Will was definitely part of it not only was it inappropriate, but [...]

    14. This is a novel about first world problems Lucy is a highly regarded pianist who stopped playing when her grandmother died last year Her family is in the 1% in San Francisco mom, dad, grandfather, all manage the careers and the money, her little brother is now competing and performing Lucy s best friend s parents are going through a nasty divorce.Zarr has some lovely things to say about art and music, but the plot, the characters there s an Asian male friend, too , the angst all feel predictable [...]

    15. Originally published at Book Harbinger.Sixteen year old Lucy Beck Moreau isn t concerned yet It is true that her ten year old brother Gus has taken over as the budding concert pianist in the family, but he doesn t seem to be practicing his life away He hasn t even had a messy boy phase, so she figures hers may be enough for the both of them As far as she knows, as soon as she quit the stage at the prestigious piano festival in Prague which only accepts fifteen pianists from her age group in the [...]

    16. One word Perfection.There s just no other way to go about describing a Sara Zarr book Every one has been different Every one has been beautiful I don t know what else to say about this I sometimes like to picture Sara, with a cup of coffee in one hand, sitting down at the computer and saying, Well, it s time to start my next work of PURE FRAKKING GENIUS And then she starts typing PS It s not available yet, I managed to score an ARC because I m lucky, lucky, lucky

    17. What I liked1 The writing was excellent Zarr has a way of making things flow Even though I didn t love the story, I can appreciate the talent behind it 2 The side characters Reyna, Cameron, Lucy s Dad they created a great cast of extras I enjoyed them than the main characters.What I didn t Like1 Lucy So annoying She was a whiny pants the entire time Rude, selfish and obsessed with older men 2 Will Uhtaking advantage of a 16 year old girl is NOT okay I thought Lucy and Will were both to blame, b [...]

    18. Once upon the time, I was somewhat serious about music Went to college for it, the whole nine yards I was never as serious as Lucy or Lucy s family in The Lucy Variations, but I did see a lot here that I recognized from others, and this story was both wonderful and heartbreaking because of that.Lucy quit music months earlier due to how she felt her priorities were being governed following the death of her grandmother Worse for her family, she quit right before she was going to take part in a maj [...]

    19. As a lover of classical Music and a piano player myself, I enjoyed the plot wholeheartedly It was a pleasure to see famous music pieces scattered here and there within the narrative Lucy s playlist at the end of the book was a beautiful accompaniment to the story.The story centers in San Francisco, a favorite city of mine, so it was fun to revisit places like Pier 39, Embarcadero, Haight Ashbury, through reading All the characters were very realistic, and somewhat resemble people I know or have [...]

    20. 1.5 star rating Climb on the stage stairs Go to the piano Sit on the bench adjust the pedals Because you re on the program Momentum Decisions made for her, performances planned a year in advance I don t want to go, she d told her grandmother You have to, her mother said My expectations of reading something by Sara Zarr go lower and lower each time, mainly because I m disappointed every single time The Lucy Variations was a book that was like a piano mellow, and soft But at the same time, it was [...]

    21. Good read about a talented girl who loved to play the piano but stopped because of the burden and pressure that comes with it.

    22. Un tr s bon roman jeunes adultes Evidemment, le rapport la musique m a plu mais j ai surtout aim les personnages, les th mes tels que trouver sa voie , le lyc e, rapport parents enfants Un peu faible au niveau des descriptions du d cor et j ai regrett le c t amourette qui est vraiment de trop heureusement, elle n arrive que vers la fin et elle aurait pu tre plus lourde mais de trop quand m me Une auteur que je retiens.

    23. 4.5 stars.See at 60secondrecap potw lucEven occasional visitors to 60secondrecap may be aware of the fact that I am a bit of a Sara Zarr fangirl So when I heard was it eight, nine months ago that she had a new title coming out this spring, I put in a request for a review copy IMMEDIATELY.Unfortunately, due to the timing of the book s arrival, I didn t get to read it right away, and by the time I began, there was already a significant amount of chatter on about how The Lucy Variations wasn t liv [...]

    24. Full review appears on my blog, YA RomanticsI ve read and enjoyed all of Sara Zarr s books, but this one might just be my favorite The Lucy Variations is a beautifully crafted coming of age story, but also a deeply moving exploration of joy and its connection to the creative process.Lucy Beck Moreau is definitely very different from the characters Sara Zarr usually writes about The protagonists I remember from her earlier books Jennifer in Sweethearts, Sam in Once Was Lost, Deanna from Story of [...]

    25. We don t see ourselves as others do it s certainly true for Lucy and her family And that s the point, yes That perspective is what they all needed some of First there s her not wanting what they want and then there s them wanting for her And then there s her focusing on what she d lost out on and them seeing things passing her by In the mean time, there s me not loving any of them At All It s a difficult read at points because they each made valid points How she could be spoiled and bratty as [...]

    26. Lucy Beck Moreau was considered one of the top concert pianists Now at age 16, she has abruptly left the concert circuit and doesn t play the piano at all Instead she is attending school just like any other teenager, doing homework, and listening to her younger brother Gus practice his piano pieces When Gus aging piano teacher dies, she is replaced by Will, a young teacher who was once himself a child pianist and recommends plenty of time away from the piano for Gus, including once forbidden vid [...]

    27. I had to think about this book for a few weeks before I rated it It pains me to give something by Sara Zarr two stars As a novelist, I adore her As a person who used to be one of my few female colleagues in a very boys clubby arts discussion forum , I admire and respect her But Lucy just didn t do it for me The writing is as evocative as ever, modern without dating itself The characters are fully realized, fully human I couldn t stop turning pages But the plot, and the way it resolved or didn t [...]

    28. I really didn t like this book The writing was good but I didn t care for the premise, the way the story played out or any of the characters I didn t even really feel that the scenario was plausible or that the reactions of anyone in the story were the least bit realistic view spoiler If your grandmother is put on life support and they dies when you re supposed to be doing a piano recital and you walk off stage people know There are memorial services and obituaries The timing would be apparent e [...]

    29. The Lucy Variations was amazing I thought I wouldn t like it, but once I started reading it, I could not stop.

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