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Card Captor Sakura Perfect Edition, Vol. 12 By CLAMP Yupa,

  • Title: Card Captor Sakura Perfect Edition, Vol. 12
  • Author: CLAMP Yupa
  • ISBN: 9788864203607
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback
  • Solo in fumetteria ULTIMO VOLUME Ora che le battaglie sono finite e la verit su Eriol stata svelata, tempo di sistemare qualcosa di molto, molto importante Gli affari di cuore Infine, anche gli ultimi tasselli della storia della nostra Card Captor e dei suoi amici andranno al loro posto, regalandoci un romantico finale assolutamente da non perdere
    Card Captor Sakura Perfect Edition Vol Solo in fumetteria ULTIMO VOLUME Ora che le battaglie sono finite e la verit su Eriol stata svelata tempo di sistemare qualcosa di molto molto importante Gli affari di cuore Infine anche gli ultimi

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    1. Qu ternurita tierna _ muy bonito final para una historia tan dulce aunque haya momentos que Pedobear aprobar a, cosa que voy a dejar pasar No esperaba que view spoiler el pap de Sakura ahora vea el esp ritu de Nadeshiko hide spoiler y me tom con la guardia completamente baja Espero que los cabos semi sueltos que quedaron se retomen en Clear Card Hen Hace falta m s Sakura, menos mal que volvi

    2. It s 3 AM and I can t stop crying I dearly loved the anime so much, and I wanted to re live my childhood days so I watched the last episode last Tuesday, I think It left me crying so hard and think about the cliffhanger Sometimes, I cry because I want the old anime s backIt brought me to read the manga I didn t expected too many changes, but after its last volume, I was so grateful for the different ending At least, it s satisfying compared to the ending of the anime Maybe I ll watch the movie [...]

    3. Han sacado el nuevo anime y no me acordaba casi nada del manga original U Lo lei hace muchooo tiempo atras y decidi re leerla para refrescar.Las Clamp son unas de mis autoras favoritas y de vez en cuando re leo sus obras al tenerlas a mano en la estanteria 3Sakura es una obra muy bonita y tierna

    4. Yesteday I watched for the 2nd time in 10 years the last chapter of Cardcaptor Sakura So today I decided to read the last volume of the manga There are a couple of differences, some I liked better in the anime, some I liked better in the manga.Syaoran tells Sakura he loves her OMG, he is so sweet In the anime at least, in the Spanish version , he tells her he likes her very much , so to tell her he LOVES her is so cute, and much better.More about Touya and Yukito I love this couple so much They [...]

    5. 2 3 15 rereadNew Rating 2.5I read the whole series again and enjoyed the extra info I was sad with the whole tomoyo and eriol thing but it s fine there were messages conveyed that I hated the whole elementary kid and her teacher getting engaged was horrible I don t care how mature she is I was a mature kid doesn t mean I have the hots for my teacher The same goes for eriol and Mizuki I don t care he is the reincarnation of an older man Don t get me started on how I hated the whole saoyran being [...]

    6. When asked what my favorite manga ka is, I d have to say CLAMP without a moment s hesitation When asked what my favorite manga by CLAMP is, though, I hesitate It s so hard to narrow it down Ultimately, though, CCS is definitely in my top five This manga is so damn charming The main character is wonderful, delightful, and so strong, her supporting cast is memorable and beautiful The manga covers many themes and motifs, but the one that s most compelling to me is the concept that love comes in all [...]

    7. Drowning in my tears All I can say is if I can t find a love like this, then I want to write about a love story like this, that makes people feel as much as I did when reading that last page Basically a sobbing mess with too many feelings anyone should ever have for fictional characters I loved that we got to see the other pairings in the end and that Sakura gained some advice from them, even if I thought they were rather obvious things Honestly, though, CLAMP captures the very best in people an [...]

    8. This is the first manga that led me into Clamp s world and also one of my most apppreciated ones Though some of my perspective on the content and meaning of this manga have changed, it still remains as a beautiful work of art to me, from the drawing styles of the author to the concept and the meaning of the world that Sakura lives in Many complains that this manga is dull because there are actually no devils, no one of the bad side.But I consider this world as an ideal place for mankind as a bac [...]

    9. A sweet ending for both, Sakura Shaolan and Touya Yukito But I had to take a star off for the perverse creepiness of the other relationships, namely Eriol s and Rika s they are ELEMENTARY school kids yes, Eriol is much older, but he s still in the body of a small child , and yet they re both in a relationship with an adult person That squicks me out so much

    10. Thank you, CLAMP, for making a story that would be so touching to me in my younger years, and even now throughout a second read Beautiful artwork and story Who doesn t hope for Sakura and Syaoran LOOOVE

    11. The end is the best I love how Syaoran changed through the volumes His drawing changed too He is kinder, softer, mature I love the way he looks at Sakura The ending was so beautiful I just wish there was a happy ending for Tomoyo too.

    12. Aqu si me gust m s que el anime, m s completo, hay conclusi n de las parejas en los personajes secundarios, cosa que se censura en televisi n Tambi n la forma en como Sakura va descubriendo sus sentimientos y el final pfffff es que aqu si hay una final que cierra un ciclo Me la pas muy bien, una historia sin prejuicios, donde lo m s importante es la evoluci n de los personajes y la acci n es un buen complemento.

    13. Finally I finished this re read I wanted to watch the new anime and I had forgotten so much Even 20 years later I m so old I still love it It s one of the most heartwarming and less violent stories by CLAMP and I ll always cherish it

    14. One of my all time favorite anime when I was a kid Baca komiknya sendiri baru sekitar 3 atau 4 tahunan lalu pas baru baru kenal mangascan hihihi Still one of my favorite even if in my 20 s D

    15. sniffle sniffle that was so cuuuuuute I watched the anime before I read the manga don t judge and after reading the mangas I truly believe that the anime doesn t do the series justice I understand that the audience Includes little children and they probably wouldn t understand it, but there s just SO MUCH MISSING like for example I was shocked to find out that Sakura s dad and Eriol are two halves of clow reeds soul doesn t that theoretically make sakura Clow Reeds daughter and in a way doesnt t [...]

    16. Tengo que decir que ha sido perfecto leer Sakura Cardcaptor En serio, que maravillosa manera de empezar el a o Que final estoy estoyLeer este manga ha sido una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado no se la raz n por la cual no lo hice antes porque ha sido lo mejor que he le do en un tiempo El arte es hermoso La historia aunque menos larga que en el anime es igual o m s completa que en el mismo, me encanta que no dejen cabos sueltos.Me encanta como termina todo es tan hermoso Hay partes que me [...]

    17. Awwwwwwwh, one of the best endings ever I finally finished my favourite childhood series, although some parts turned out to be creepy af, but the sentiment is still there I love how innocent and pure Sakura can be, in a very good way, I don t find her annoying at all Syaoran is still cute as ever, such kind hearted boy is hard to get I liked the part when Sakura s dad got to see her mother again, one of the best parts Toya is the best He remained as my favourite character the whole time, I just [...]

    18. I stayed up all night reading through all 12 volumes I shed a few tears during the last few chapters CLAMP did an amazing job with this one The story is sweet and touching CLAMP s concept of love is a pure emotional bond where two souls are bound to each other transcending gender, age, death, species and in some cases time As a kid, Cardcaptors was probably one of my favorite animes before I knew what anime was It was wonderful reading the manga and reliving those childhood memories All the blan [...]

    19. Cardcaptor Sakura was part of my childhood, with Sailor Moon were my favorite anime and still are The manga didn t live to my expectations, usually, there s information and different scenarios plots in mangas nothing important changed in these volumes, but I did find them boring in contrast to their anime Also, Meilin doesn t exist in the manga universe, and I freaking love Meilin.The relationship between her and Syaoran it s kind of the same, yet Syaoran falls faster than in the anime, and for [...]

    20. clamp memanjakan fans nya dengan kisah pure tanda kutip manga yang satu ini begitu manis, menampilkan banyak tokoh manis, kostum manis, ekspresi manis, adegan manis, yah apa pun lah yang manis.ceritanya sendiri bergenre fantasi supernatural, karena erat kaitannya dengan magic dan magician mengambil setting di tokyo agar seperti komik komik yang lain, clamp bisa menampilkan menara tokyo kura card captor bercerita tentang gadis sd yang memiliki kekuatan magis dan mendapat tugas mengumpulkan kartu [...]

    21. Nope, it wasn t Sakura s mum who showed up like I thought it was Miss Mizuki, Sakura s old teacher who went to England Not as exciting, but oh well, the mother is dead afterall Nothing magical really happens in this final volume of the series, so it s a bit disappointing, but I guess that they needed the space to clear up all the love triangles that were going on Toya and Yukito are together, Eriol goes off with Miss Mizuki, and Sakura and Sayoran finally confess their love for each other Maybe [...]

    22. Aun no me creo que lo haya terminado tan r pido, pero no me arrepiento, ya que fueron tomos increiblemente adictivos y fue increible recordar ciertas partes de mi infancia que aun recordaba aunque el final es diferente al de la serie y la pelicula.Y mi uno punto negativo seria donde esta Mei lin esa peque a loca si que hacia falta en lo que transcurria la historia En fin, fue increible, y cualquiera que no lo haya leido debe hacerlo y enamorarse de la ternura de la peque a Sakura

    23. Ending was WAY better than Tsubasa In Tsubasa it was like I love you But I have to travel worlds forever and be away from you, but I know we ll see each other again NOT A HAPPY ENDING AT ALL Cardcaptor Sakura ending I have to go back to China But I will come back YEARS LATER Come back holding Sakura s teddybear Sakura I finished what I had to do in China Now I moved back Sakura crys hugs now we will be together forever HAPPY FREAKING ENDING Me feeling like Im gonna die of happiness

    24. Estoy llorando, les juro que est n cayendo l grimas por mis ojos Lloro de felicidad y emoci n Esto demasiado hermoso Tengo una enorme sonrisa en mi cara mientras me seco las l grimas que me produce esto Todas la estrellas del mundo Todo se cierra de una manera tan perfecta pinches CLAMP, a pesar de lo perfecto que termin siguieron con la historia para agregarles m s drama y feels El tomo 13 me est matando Ya lo dije en mi rese a del tomo 6, pero necesito volver decirlo es hermoso el mensaje de q [...]

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