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This Shattered Land By James N. Cook,

  • Title: This Shattered Land
  • Author: James N. Cook
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eric Riordan doesn t look for trouble, but trouble has a way of finding him.Two years have passed since the Outbreak After joining forces with his friend Gabriel he has managed to stay alive by fleeing to the peaks of the Appalachian mountains With supplies running low, and enemies gathering, the two survivors are forced to begin their journey west to Colorado Along theEric Riordan doesn t look for trouble, but trouble has a way of finding him.Two years have passed since the Outbreak After joining forces with his friend Gabriel he has managed to stay alive by fleeing to the peaks of the Appalachian mountains With supplies running low, and enemies gathering, the two survivors are forced to begin their journey west to Colorado Along the way they will find unexpected allies, reunite with old friends, and make deadly new enemies As difficult as life has been, the most dangerous times lie ahead Nothing is ever easy at the end of the world.
    This Shattered Land Eric Riordan doesn t look for trouble but trouble has a way of finding him Two years have passed since the Outbreak After joining forces with his friend Gabriel he has managed to stay alive by fleein

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    1. This Shattered Land by James Cook is the second book in the trilogy of Surviving the Dead I downloaded the first book in the series for free and soon discovered that this unknown author had a talent for writing I thoroughly enjoyed the first book, finding it engaging and entertaining Mr Cook had me hooked and I quickly purchased and downloaded the next two books, confident that I would enjoy them as much I was not disappointed.In book two, we learn that after two years from the outbreak, the zom [...]

    2. After reading No Easy Hope, I thought going in to this that there was no way James Cook could top the first one I stand corrected The characters are well developed,his writing to me just flows like poetry,but not at the stories expense It had plenty of action and heart You get to know the characters on a much deeper level,and new characters are introduced You will really love the direction this story goes and I just wish the next one was already out THIS GUY CAN WRITE YOU WILL GET LOST IN THIS T [...]

    3. As somebody with a military background, I could really appreciate this book There ve been too many zombie books just lately the market is over over oversaturated and quite a few are written by people who don t know the difference between a gun and their own backside The author s remarkable attention to detail makes the story spring to life this is a mature, intelligent take on the zombie apocalypse theme that makes it sound too real prophetic, even touch wood Overall, an excellent novel worth ev [...]

    4. The editing of the second book in this series was better than the first, but that s really not saying much as it was virtually nonexistent in the first And again, this is a book in desperate need of a proofreader It is obvious that whoever is doing the proofing, if anyone, is someone who has read previous drafts of the manuscript How else to explain words that are missing or out of order other than a proofer who is seeing the words on the page as they should be and not as they actually are The g [...]

    5. Decent enough for a light read If zombie end of the world as we know it books can be considered light reading.This built on the first book well enough The narratives for continuity were kept brief and to a minimum.This one switches point of view between the two main characters It makes for some interesting differences in perceptions of the same situation.

    6. This was a great follow up Only problem not long Enough and the ending was kind of sudden and annoying But this is a great series Focusing on the people than the gore although there is a lot of that Cannot wait for next one Come on James get on with it

    7. Eric and Gabe make friends with a family of 3 and together start their journey to Colorado They run into trouble, manage to get through it without getting killed and fall in with a decent group of people with a somewhat stable post apocalyptic community This community has a looming danger from a nearby militaristic group and they d like Gabe to stay and help them with that Will Gabe and Eric remain to help this community with this battle or will they continue on to Colorado We ll find out in the [...]

    8. Wonderful bookThe two protagonists become old friends with the reader in this book You cannot help but feel a connection with them and wonder what comes next as they work hard to survive the dead.

    9. Damn, this is a great series The characters are described and written about so well that one would think that they are real The storyline and ACTION is out of this world I can t wait to start book three Mike Hansen, Nuneaton, England

    10. Great seriesOn j e of the better post apocalypse series I ve read so far The author keeps it simple and brings up important details about certain things that we take for granted.

    11. This is not a review This is a synopsis.The book opens during spring time with Eric and Gabriel out searching for supplies They happen to see three people cross the road below them They track them for a few hours back to their camp Their camp is only a few miles from Eric and Gabe s cabin Eric and Gabe go cautiously approach their camp and introduce themselves It is a family Tom dad , Sarah mom and son Brian 12 Eric and Gabe come back the next day and have a fresh Venison dinner with them The da [...]

    12. This Shattered Land took the Surviving the Dead series to another level altogether The characters seemed to grow and the author obviously put a lot of thought into their growth and the direction the story would take Eric and Gabe are all set in the cabin Gabe had prepared for the long haul They had pretty much everything they needed, including solar panels, hot water, guns and ammo What they didn t have, they foraged scavenged for in the neighbouring towns.But, as can be expected, it was not an [...]

    13. This was an improvement over the first book I found the character development to be better and the details about all the various weapons was not quite as overwhelming and annoying, although the author did still spend what I considered an inordinate amount of time describing them You are a gun buffwe get it already The zombies didn t dominate quite as much in this second book Oh, there were several encounters with them, of course, but the survivors are getting better at eliminating their threat, [...]

    14. Very good readCan t wait to see what s next I think this is the best series of survival in a post apocalyptic world I have ever read and I have read a lot over my years as an avid reader.mi don t just read about the apocalypse, I read what readers in general read, but I always come back to this genre.The characters are fleshed out nicely, the action is paced nicely as well There are moments where you have to suspend your beliefs a bit but that makes for a very good story, written or film.This se [...]

    15. Coming right alongyou know how some Z books are all about run run, bang bang, and run some Well, I gotta hand it to Mr Cook here, he is writing a heck of a story The core characters really have some substance Eric I picture him as Bradley Cooper in my minds eye and Gabriel, as the author pointed out think Hugh Jackman, only bigger Have survived the outbreak They ve traveled together, and every group of people they meet, the two leave a lasting impression Battle hardened, they March their way th [...]

    16. It took me forever to finish this because it really began to drag at the end At least three of the last several chapters could ve been condensed or even omitted to move that plot along it dragged this down from a solid 4 stars to 3.That being said, this one s definitely an improvement We re introduced to plenty of new characters, including a whole new town Which reminds me somewhat of the town in The Walking Dead minus the questionable of the Mayor s actions There are chapters from Gabe s POV t [...]

    17. James N Cook continues to impress me His debut novel before this one was amazing and this one did just as well, if not better I can t go too into the plot without giving spoilers away One big difference is that the story is not only told from Eric s point of view, but also Gabe s The story switches back and forth between the two I ve learned a lot about survival reading these books as well and added what I ve learned into my BOB gear binder There were minor grammar errors, but better than the fi [...]

    18. I teetered between a three and four star rating on this book I liked it a lot, but I didn t REALLY like it I d give it a 3.5 star rating if I could I missed the first book and got this one as a freebie, but I ve purchased the next book Warrior Within in the series and that ll be the next book I read Although I could tell there was some history behind the major characters, I was able to read this as a stand alone book and enjoy the tale The characters are well drawn for this genre the story is in [...]

    19. Good sequel I enjoy the story and am looking forward to reading the next one in the series The character development is great and I m invested in the characters plight I do wish they had picked a better editor though SPOILER I still don t understand why there was mention of a survivor on the dock in No Easy Hope that ran off and no further mention of her in that book or this one I kept thinking she would pop back into the story, but when I realized she wasn t going to, it felt like a let down Th [...]

    20. This shattered land picks up a while after the first book No Easy Hope ends The book stands alone so you don t have to read the first one but it s helpful if you do The story and the writing are very good, but this book is much slower than the first The zombies aren t as present as they were in the first book although they re around a lot, but I found the story to be very interesting If you re looking for a mile a minute zombie thriller this probably isn t the book for you, but if you like the P [...]

    21. The is the second book in this series Phenomenal And thats not something I say easily about any book This book starts two years after the first book ends Both men are holed up in a cabin, waiting out the zombies and is mainly the story of them traveling and the adventures they encounter.I must say that, even with some new added characters the book is still mainly about the two men and their relationship with each other and everyone else I found the characters are well developed and the story is [...]

    22. This second book lowers my rating to 3.5 stars It feels as though the author took a break and we re running in place waiting for the action to resume The book revolves around a survivor family of three joining up with our hero pair, Eric and Gabe, accompanying them on their quest to Colorado Ummat s it basically What s pretty funny is that here we are in the midst of the zombie apocalypse and our boy Eric still scores with the ladies in both towns he lays over in pun intended Way to go Eric I ho [...]

    23. First book caught enough of my interest, and combined with being home in bed with the flu, this was just light enough entertainment to work Storyline is still good, characters are still two dimentional, even though they have some depth in them pacing is good and the entertainment value is in it self worth than three stars But still this is far from good literature I m comparing this with being the male equivalent of romance novels Still one of the better Zombie end of the world serials out ther [...]

    24. Granted, This Shattered Land is only the second installment to James N Cook s zombie series, but I have to say the story left me satisfied It s okay to have adversities in a zombie book, but when only bad stuff happens and all the great characters die, it makes me lose faith and hope in both humanity and our individual chances at surviving some catastrophic event So far, James has not snuffed out my flame of hope I shall she what he has in store in book three.

    25. Well James you did it again Great book, gave it five stars probably 4.5 but the firs book was the same and I gave it four, the law of averages.The story continues, new characters added and enough ever changing challenges to keep the pages turning I ll read the third As Yoda said Always pass on what you have learned The two best Zombies series IMO White Flag for the Dead and James s.

    26. One of the better apocalyptic novels I ve read recently and definitely the best with zombies, which normally are not my thing Good characterization with interesting people, though definitely some stereotyping and although the storyline wrapped around the usual quest pattern, it worked for a good read.Got this one as a free download but I expect to purchase additional books in series.

    27. Actually turned out to be a good read It kept my interest throughout the book I am actually interested in reading the other books in the series The author made the book realistic Definitely worth the time to read it I got the book while it was free But I wouldn t have a problem paying for these books I am going to buy the first book now.

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