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The Red Poppy By David Hill,

  • Title: The Red Poppy
  • Author: David Hill
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “The Red Poppy”

    1. The illustrations in The Red Poppy are absolutely stand out It s the kind of book you want to buy on the basis of the cover alone, and if you do you certainly won t be disappointed Having said that, I did drop a star Why Well, the truth is I felt as though the density of the text detracted from the pictures I wanted to appreciate the detail of the artwork, to soak up the illustrations and immerse myself in the harrowing world depicted but the words kept getting in the road.That s not to take any [...]

    2. Other reviews have said it, but the illustrations really sets the tone for this story.The story of two enemy soldiers, injured at war, find themselves stuck in the same trench With the help of a war dog and a red poppy, these two enemies become allies in their hope for survival.Te Popi Whero doesn t read like a childrens book I found myself getting distracted by all the words, especially for a picture book But I don t think have any less words would ve told the story as vividly and engaging as t [...]

    3. A story set in World War I, where the public enemy is not always the private enemy where red poppies are not always a symbol of death And a little dog knows Could the ravages of war possibly hold some beautiful moments The illustrations by Fifi Colston are a delight My poetic review appears on my blog Songlines on the Winds.

    4. This is a simple but very moving tale of two soldiers who start the day trying to kill each other and end up helping each other to survive It s WWI and all along the Western front, hundreds of thousands of young men are waiting in muddy trenches, surrounded by the dead bodies of their friends and the rats that feast on them, for the chance to shoot the enemy Jim is on the Allied side, struggling to remember that the men he is aiming his rifle at deserve to die The Allied troops attack, supported [...]

    5. WWII This picture book really puts you into the grim situations soldiers came into on the battlefield during the war I never read any books about messenger dogs before, how they would be trained to quickly run messengers from troops on the battlefield back to the trenches when help was needed, etc little Nipper was the main dog in this story It was touching to see how two soldiers from opposite sides could figure out how to communicate and help one another This is another beautiful story that I [...]

    6. A great picture book describing WW1 and what is was like as a soldier It tells a story of a young man in the trenches having to fight It includes a war dog that was used for passing messages And a story about the red poppies that grew in the field of battle Would be a great pick for a shared story during a war themed study for children.

    7. A well crafted story A poignant message without being too didactic Illustrations were superb but only supported the story, without adding another dimension of moving the story forward It also fell slightly short in terms of fully conveying the intensity of war and the disorientation caused by the noise and chaos in the middle of the action.

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