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Dead Aim By Thomas Perry,

  • Title: Dead Aim
  • Author: Thomas Perry
  • ISBN: 9781400180264
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Robert Mallon has lived for ten quiet years in affluent Santa Barbara, California, when an encounter on a beach with a mysterious young woman shatters his peaceful, carefully constructed life Despite Mallon s desperate attempts, he loses her and becomes obsessed with discovering why He hires detective Lydia Marks to uncover the secrets of this stranger s life, and what tRobert Mallon has lived for ten quiet years in affluent Santa Barbara, California, when an encounter on a beach with a mysterious young woman shatters his peaceful, carefully constructed life Despite Mallon s desperate attempts, he loses her and becomes obsessed with discovering why He hires detective Lydia Marks to uncover the secrets of this stranger s life, and what they learn propels them into a terrifying world of sinister secrets and deadly hatreds.Targeting Mallon is the master hunter Parish, a man with an expert understanding of evil who preys on rich people s desires for dominance and revenge Mallon is drawn into a lethal struggle with this deadly adversary and then another, and another, and another.
    Dead Aim Robert Mallon has lived for ten quiet years in affluent Santa Barbara California when an encounter on a beach with a mysterious young woman shatters his peaceful carefully constructed life Despite

    One thought on “Dead Aim”

    1. Well done The characters pop again the plot is twisty as can be Great clues along the way the guns were well done for a change Loved how he did the contracting knowledge the ending, too.The basis of the story was pretty wild, but actually makes perfect sense A decade seems a bit long for someone to drone out, but it s crossed my mind What if I was suddenly rich didn t have to work What would there be to strive for I don t think walks on the beach would be it, but it would certainly be a quandary [...]

    2. I m currently on a roll reading books by Thomas Perry I thoroughly enjoyed DEAD AIM I like his books with people plots much better than those that involve the Mafia.

    3. An engaging read, where Perry doesn t bog you down with police minutiae Maybe I ve just read an excess of thrillers and willing to allow certain author lapses the ones mentioned in the low rated reviews to keep me from harping over needless drivel

    4. I wish all novels of suspense could be as taut and exciting as Perry s This novel appears at first to be an ordinary detective novel, but soon turns into a complicated cat and mouse chase Perry never disappoints.

    5. One of the least credible endings I ve ever encountered The mild mannered construction company CEO sneaks into the complex where the professional killers are entrenched in the vague hope of finding evidence against them and ends up killing them all, one by one You ve got to be kidding me.

    6. I was reading the reviews and suddenly realized I have read this one The guy just doesn t write bad books That said, I did have a few creeping credibility issues with this one My favorites of this author s are The Butcher s Boy and the Jane Whitefield series The JW books perhaps should strain my credibility, and yet they don t A great writer can make us believe just about anything This one was good I was never inclined to abandon it or let it sit around long once begun but he s set a high standa [...]

    7. Four and a half really Love Thos Perry, love his hit man stories, love his characters who are not superheroes or gorgeous dames but who get confused and make bad choices This story suffered a little when the everyman main character who was bumbling along for most of the book does turn into a superhero with prescient instincts in the showdown at the end Story main character rescues a drowning woman who is trying to die and succeeds shortly thereafter He has the money to indulge his curiosity and [...]

    8. Except for the fact that I found it hard to believe that Fallon could become such a tough guy when he started out so meek, this was a great book Perry is a master at getting the detail precise and accurate.

    9. This is one of Perry s earlier books Very interesting to see the genesis of the characters he uses in later books, as well as the plot structure Made me want to write some .

    10. I found this one when I was going through the library and re reading all of my Thomas Perry favorites It s a great cat and mouse game of suspense and thrills.

    11. WowzerI have always been a Thomas Perry fan, and love his books The way this book started I was pretty sure I had it figured out early in the book, but I was much too confident in my ability to see what was coming This book was a real page turner and I loved it I recommend it highly.

    12. Preety good book, I liked it better than the Jane Whitfield books, but not quite as well as the Butcher s Boy.

    13. Well, this is a great book in my opinion, has everything one may look for, a great plot, great characters, suspense and mystery, some humor here and there and in a nutshell is a great book, very pleasant and entertaining.I won t spoil your fun, but to give you an idea as of why I like it so much, here is my take on it.It s written in a very unique style, at least to me seems unique, comparing with other similar books in the genre.What is unique to me, is the plot and the way it evolves It s a mu [...]

    14. Just a note It wasn t killing her boyfriend that bothered Miss Catherine, it was her team killing the 6 and 9 year old kids and their parents two doors down that bothered Miss Catherine At least, that s what I think Her boyfriend knocked her teeth out and dislocated her shoulder, for goodness sake I don t approve of her actions, but I don t think she regretted them, either.I approve of novels that don t try to force a romance into a life or death thriller suspense scenario Most life or death thr [...]

    15. Surprisingly for a Thomas Perry novel, Dead Aid , falls somewhat flat I had a hard time getting into the plot At times the story was just stuck in mud and not moving at strong enough pace A couple of times in the murky middle I almost put it aside to start something else Protagonist fluky millionaire Robert Mallon saves a young woman from committing suicide by walking into the ocean Mallon takes the woman home and nurses her back again After they have sex, she disappears out of Mallon s life The [...]

    16. This was a typical Thomas Perry book involving someone being caught in a game of deadly pursuit.Robert Mallon is a wealthy retired contractor living on the California coast One day, during a walk along the beach, he encounters and saves a young girl attepting to drown herself After taking her home to recover, she seduces him then disappears After she turns up dead a few days later he becomes obsessed with why she left and what happened to he He enlists the help of his ex partner Lydia Marks who [...]

    17. Excellent pace, excellent plot and, as always, a great ride Robert Mallon has tons of money after retiring early He saves a young woman from committing suicide in the ocean, develops a rapport with her, and is devastated when she kills herself the following day He becomes obsessed with trying to find out why He hires a detective, his old friend Lydia, and they try to piece Catherine s life together Then Lydia is murdered, and Robert is convinced it s related to her investigation of Catherine The [...]

    18. I love Thomas Perry books Dead Aim is about Robert Mallon, a man who made enough money to be able to retire in his forties He lives at the beach in California One day while walking along the beach he notes a woman who appears to be committing suicide Flashing back to his own sister s death, Mallon feels an overwhelming need to stop her Following that, he ends up taking her back to his home and having an intimate evening with her As a result of this, a story begins that covers her back story as w [...]

    19. Who doesn t like Robert Mallon, Perry s protagonist in this novel He s kind, helpful, smart, etc but so one is trying to kill him because saved a beautiful girl s life who later committed suicide What s going on In this plot too much time was given to the school of hunt and kill A school designed to teach how to kill someone and get away with it Not my cup of tea I like Perry s Jane Whitefield series better.

    20. Let me say up front, I ve never picked up a Thomas Perry book that I didn t just love from word one to word last and this one is no different It is not part of his series but a stand alone thriller Robert Mallon made his millions and now he s enjoying them in his own way quietly and simply One day on the beach he saves a girl from suicide and, in the process, turns his back on quiet and simple.

    21. Definitely worth reading if you like Perry he s a favorite of mine , though not in the highest tier of his works The Butcher s Boy and the sequelSleeping Dogsare still tops IMO Interesting plot angles, but some holes improbabilities.

    22. I enjoyed listening to this book With a Santa Barbara setting, I had to read it I could visualize many of the places Life s six degrees of separation definitely has a haunting effect as a suicide circles into a link to an Ojai camp that trains people to hunt large game other people who have done them wrong

    23. I am new to this writer but I LOVED this book I was up all night reading it I loved how beautifully damage all the characters were It kept me on pins and needles I found my self talking out loud to the hero Mallon This is a stand alone novel, but I wish he would write a I m just not ready for it to be over I found a new favorite writer The God for the public library.

    24. I listened to the end of this library audiobook, so it rates at least a 3 But the most of the strong characters were distasteful, and there were too many beautiful and accomplished martial artist women who were effectively sociopathic serial killers I finished it, then I actually had to go back to the final 15 minutes to remember how it came out.

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