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Éjerdő By Djuna Barnes János Széky,

  • Title: Éjerdő
  • Author: Djuna Barnes János Széky
  • ISBN: 9788071495697
  • Page: 482
  • Format: None
  • Originally published in 1936, Nightwood is a haunting tale of sexual obsession Robin Vote the woman at the heart of this strange and richly atmospheric novel is a woman whose passions are strong enough to destroy The novel circles and spirals as, first, Nora s husband, and then, Nora and Jenny, her lovers, are consumed by her insatiable hunger for human contact.
    jerd Originally published in Nightwood is a haunting tale of sexual obsession Robin Vote the woman at the heart of this strange and richly atmospheric novel is a woman whose passions are strong enoug

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    1. Nightwood is the sound of hearts breaking, written on the page, spread out for all to see, five lives, five people eviscerated and eviscerating each other These people fucking kill me, they are so sad and so full of nonsense and so determined to live in their own personal little boxes, striving for epiphanies that they barely even understand, trying to be a certain idea of What a Person Is Is that what I m like Maybe that s what everyone is like Barnes lays out these characters lives like beads [...]

    2. Rating 1.75 of fiveThe Publisher Says Nightwood, Djuna Barnes strange and sinuous tour de force, belongs to that small class of books that somehow reflect a time or an epoch TLS That time is the period between the two World Wars, and Barnes novel unfolds in the decadent shadows of Europe s great cities, Paris, Berlin, and Vienna a world in which the boundaries of class, religion, and sexuality are bold but surprisingly porous The outsized characters who inhabit this world are some of the most me [...]

    3. 4.9999 5It is wise of me to mention that from here on out, I have no idea what I m talking about Which, admittedly, is the usual truth of the matter concerning these reviews, but this book in particular makes me give a damn about how much knowledge did not or has not yet trickled down and damned up in my mind Not enough to get mad over, or perhaps rather not the right type No, this is a shaft of light breaking into countless beams that my eye has populated itself with multitudes in hopes of catc [...]

    4. The novel that almost ended my book club We d previously read work by Robert Coover, Anne Carson, and Ben Marcus Cormac McCarthy s Suttree and The Story of O But it was Nightwood that most of the usually intrepid group didn t bother to finish, a few unwilling to even venture past the first chapter Bitter complaints of overly baroque language, old fashioned concerns with ancestry, and a story where nothing happened Folks were pissed To be honest, I m still mystified While it took me far longer to [...]

    5. I am a fan of experimental literature since first experiencing the fun rides I got from Postmodernist novels of Barth, Vonnegut, and Pynchon in my college days in the early 70s I recently set out to give myself a dose of ten radical novels ranging from Woolf s first exploration of Modernist forms in The Voyage Out 1915 to a recent example of the new weird , Nell Zink s The Wallcreeper 2014 Among the set I chose, the most challenging to read and digest in my soul was the one on my plate here.Barn [...]

    6. Many of the reviews of Nightwood on this website seem to reflect the same sentiment, how do I even review this I often think this is a bit of a cop out review but in the case of Djuna Barnes Modernist novel from 1936, utter disorientation seems to be the most fitting response.A novel generally follows a basic plot with some semblance of a structure and often has one main character Nightwood begins the birth of Baron Felix We learn about his false patronage and we follow him in his attempt to pro [...]

    7. We are but skin against a wind, with muscles clenched against mortality The language of this novel is outstanding It s vibrant, engaging and utterly confusing It s philosophy made poetry And I am neither a philosopher nor a poet.This book is and will most certainly always remain a mystery to me The plot is the easy part Woman marries dude, has his child, leaves him for another woman, leaves her for another woman, and everybody is friends with the Doctor Not the Doctor, though.What remains in the [...]

    8. I still see far too frequently folks adding the Truncated Nightwood to their reading The one slashed up by Eliot in order to get it past the Uptight Folks If you want Barnes as Barnes wrote herself, you ll have to do better than a slim cheap pb even if it is a New Directions And it s easy enough to do with this beautiful OUT OF PRINT Dalkey ed by Cheryl J Plumb.If you re interested in the controversies about BAN d Books and things of this nature, you ll not be reading that ubiquitous victim of T [...]

    9. It s hard to believe what this book turned into as I got further in In the preface, the book receives copious amounts of praise from Jeanette Winterson She was influenced by the blatant lesbian content Barnes presents here it encouraged her to display the same in her works T.S Eliot even praised it, and T.S Eliot criticised everything to death That first page will, nevertheless, always remain awful But this is a book about appearances it is a book about seeming rather than being, as the book pro [...]

    10. Nightwood is a damned fearsome book It is a crazed electric monologue through the intimations of secret love and the creeping monsters that lurk in nightmares I am obliged to quote T S Eliot s introduction and say that this is a book suited for those with sensibilities trained on poetry This is not just from the beauty of Barnes prose style, but the meaning and insinuation dripping from every word It is a flowing sequence of emotions, mostly traumas Love is seldom sappy here, but an intensely sh [...]

    11. Fourth reading, and it remains just as much a mystery as ever Marianne Moore said that reading Djuna Barnes is like reading a foreign language, which you understand, and while I don t disagree I find that any sensation of comprehension simply feels like entering another locked room to puzzle out of A labyrinth with no exit, and I wouldn t have it any other way Apr 2017 After a second reading was compelled to include the missing fifth star Maybe someday I ll be able to write something that would [...]

    12. T.S Elliot said of Nightwood, that it was so good a novel that only sensibilities trained on poetry can wholly appreciate it It s really like a poetic dream than it is a novel This isn t really because there is no narrative to be found, there is, and what s , there is a clearly defined romantic conflict between the two main female characters, Nora Flood and Robin Vote What makes it poetic is probably the flowery digressions that follow the brief explanations of what is happening in the story Th [...]

    13. My second reading of this, but my first of the Dalkey edition Reading it along with other of her work this year I have no doubt of her place amongst the great literary geniuses of the inter war era She is unafraid of complexity, subtlety and nuance She is unabashedly, proudly, queer and the un censored Dalkey edition does much to bring the transgressive power of this text back to life She has the intelligence, ambition and courage to produce truly great art.This is one of the great books of the [...]

    14. Nightwood plays out lenticularly Christ cum Rasputin like Dr O Connor dominates the central frame with secondary characters phasing in and out in tune with a subtle rotational accretion of meditational om spiked Eurekas.A trifecta of bisexual women in perpetual locomotion seek out a Pythagorian articulation of their triangular saltarello , overseen by the gregarious doctor and overshadowed by a jilted husband This then is the plot, what little of it there is.Character driven in extremis, Nightwo [...]

    15. Night people do not bury their dead, but on the neck of you, their beloved and waking, sling the creature, husked of its gestures And where you go, it goes, the two of you, your living and her dead, that will not die to daylight, to life, to grief, until both are carrion.Nightwood is such a strange book and this isn t so much a ramrod straight person s reaction to gay lesbian literature as the feverish, dream like quality of the text like you ve stumbled into someone s nightmare can t find a way [...]

    16. A short, but by no means easy novel set in Paris mostly in the 1930s It is semi autobiographical and contains some strong and memorable characters My edition has two introductions The first by T S Eliot says that to truly understand Nightwood you have to have a poetic sensibility Well thsnks for that Tom if I don t get it that means I am a complete philistine After that I really wanted to hate the book but sadly couldn t The other intro is an achingly heartfelt and passionate recommendation by J [...]

    17. 1.5 rounded up.Matthew, she said, have you ever loved someone and it became yourself For a moment he did not answer Taking up the decanter he held it to the light Robin can go anywhere, do anything, Nora continued, because she forgets, and I nowhere because I remember She came toward him Matthew, she said, you think I have always been like this Once I was remorseless, but this is another love it goes everywhere there is no place for it to stop it rots me away I honestly feel that I have failed t [...]

    18. The reading gods have a lot of time on their hands They conspire, they do How else to explain that two of the last four books I ve read were hi jacked by characters who went on essentially book length perorations InEmbers by S ndor M rai, an old man invites a very old friend to dinner and then, for 120 pages, tells him the story the friend already knows Here, in Nightwood , characters find themselves drawn to Matthew O Connor, a cross dressing, tortured alcoholic, playing at a doctor, who has bo [...]

    19. I enjoyed the style and originality of Nightwood, but didn t love it, for two reasons The first is that it is very much of its time The novel feels like a push back, a response to the status quo, an attempt to embody some form of modernity I felt I lacked context I found it difficult to meaningfully relate to this narrow, obsolete zeitgeist The second reason, is that I could not connect deeply enough to the characters especially to the three women to feel involved in their minds and the inner wo [...]

    20. Everyman dies finally of that poison known as the heart in the mouth Yours is in your hand Put it back The eater of it will get a taste for you in the end his muzzle will be heard barking among your ribs I wish I could say something clever about this book I ve put it off till now because I m at a loss, as I so often am Some novels force the breath out of your lungs, they force you to breathe the air they breathe, to live the life they create for you and to believe in the things they tell you Whe [...]

    21. First star for the disappointment Second for the use of the language, the cadence of sentences, and the use of punctuation, semicolon in particular I think I ll start showing fragments of Nighwood to my students, who mostly only believe in commas, to show them how punctuation adds clarity and tension.He was usually seen walking or driving alone, dressed as if expecting to participate in some great event, though there was no function in the world for which he could be said to be properly garbed w [...]

    22. La notte dei modernisti pi scura rispetto a quella romantica, o alla nostra notte fasulla, eternamente illuminata da qualche orrendo lampione La notte dei modernisti non mai secca, silenziosa e riposante c sempre un filo di nebbia puzzolente, rancida, una risata roca che rimbalza e che sembra uscire dalla Piet di Kokoschka La notte per sua stessa vocazione portatrice di delitti, metamorfosi impensabili nelle ore diurne, di figure slanciate prima di scoprire che, in realt , lo slancio dato dalla [...]

    23. Sab a que El bosque de la noche me iba a gustar, pero no imaginaba que me iba a fascinar Djuna Barnes Cornwall on Hudson, Nueva York, 1892 Nueva York, 1982 pone en boca del personaje bisagra, el que sostiene toda la novela, Matthew O Connor, el doctor irland s confidente de Nora trasunto de la propia escritora , unas analog as endiabladamente gr ficas entre el reino animal y el sexo femenino Da la sensaci n de que Djuna Barnes entiende mejor a los animales que a las personas Salvando las distanc [...]

    24. An interesting story of a fake baron, three women who have affairs with each other, and a cross dressing doctor who rambles endlessly and ties the four other characters together A favorite of T.S Eliot and Dylan Thomas although Eliot does say it needs to be read several times.

    25. A strange and oddly removed portrayal of chained relationship collapse Or not so much collapse, as the structures seem never so well built as to merit the power and finality of a collapse Instead, constructed of ephemeral and ill defined desires, these relationships barely exist to begin with, already well into their inexorable fade into nonexistence The strongest structures about them were always the bitter unflagging despair of a human connection that will never, never be found Even when we cl [...]

    26. This definitely feels like an Important Book You read it and you think I ve haven t read anything like it before So part of your enjoyment comes from the element of novelty And it s a difficult novel, which automatically makes it exciting But there are difficult novels that are stimulating and rich in ideas, and difficult novels that weigh the reader down, instead of lifting you up on a happy cloud of fulfilment, they wear you out For me, Nightwood falls into the latter category It has many good [...]

    27. I have been loved, she said, By something strange, and it has forgotten me Here is something strange, a 1936 landmark of modernist gay poetry disguised as a novella It s written with unstoppable confidence and verve and the dangerous knowledge that all people are possible, and any of them may be geniuses It follows a love triangle of three women as they pursue each other hopelessly around the world A gender fluid doctor provides commentary and impenetrable advice I have a narrative, he says, but [...]

    28. I m evidently just not brilliantly smart enough to enjoy this book as I couldn t see the point of it at all In a way it reminded me of Shakespeare, extemporising on themes of love, sexual jealousy and personality in flights of poetry But remember why Shakespeare is a little bit obscure and difficult, because we hear it through the long shadows of the centuries a couple , I read, and we ll have to translate it, like Chaucer Nightwood is dense and difficult at eighty, presumably because it wasn t [...]

    29. Lyrical and mesmerizing but apart from a select few passages, I can t say I fully comprehend the book spiritually Its hard to follow, and not in an Ezra Pound way but in a somewhat staccato ebb and flow that prevents a smooth flow I enjoyed reading it, but I have already forgotten it completely.

    30. Nightwood is one of those literary books where the power is all in the prose, and you read it for the experience Of plot there is very little, and the characters are grotesque sketches Robin Vote is an American in Paris She marries a Jew and self styled Baron named Hedvig Folkbein, bears him a sickly child named Guido, and leaves them both abandoned and ruined when she runs off with another woman, Nora Flood She and Nora enjoy a tumultuous, passionate and dissipated affair before Robin runs off [...]

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