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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Band 1: Im freien Fall By Andrew Chambliss Joss Whedon Georges Jeanty Karl Moline,

  • Title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Band 1: Im freien Fall
  • Author: Andrew Chambliss Joss Whedon Georges Jeanty Karl Moline
  • ISBN: 9783862010974
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • Es ist eine neue Welt, in der sich Buffy zurechtfinden muss Ja, es gibt noch D monen und Vampire, aber dank Buffy gibt es keine Magie mehr, die die Monster leitet Das macht die Gesch pfe der Unterwelt wilder und unberechenbarer als je zuvor Ohne die Armee der J gerinnen und ohne Gang bleibt Buffy nur eine M glichkeit, dem entgegenzutreten als das, was sie schon immerEs ist eine neue Welt, in der sich Buffy zurechtfinden muss Ja, es gibt noch D monen und Vampire, aber dank Buffy gibt es keine Magie mehr, die die Monster leitet Das macht die Gesch pfe der Unterwelt wilder und unberechenbarer als je zuvor Ohne die Armee der J gerinnen und ohne Gang bleibt Buffy nur eine M glichkeit, dem entgegenzutreten als das, was sie schon immer gewesen ist die Einzige, die Auserw hlte, die J gerin
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Band Im freien Fall Es ist eine neue Welt in der sich Buffy zurechtfinden muss Ja es gibt noch D monen und Vampire aber dank Buffy gibt es keine Magie mehr die die Monster leitet Das macht die Gesch pfe der Unterwelt

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    1. WrensReads Review I m sorry can we just TAKE A MOMENT FOR THE LAST WINDOW HOW DID PEOPLE WAIT FOR THE NEXT VOLUME WITH THAT KIND OF AN ENDING Oh My Word Buffy is not ready for that No one is ready for WAIT WHO IS THE I CAN NOT I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT.Ugh Grr Let me bring myself in.We see The First again.The world is without magic and everyone blames Buffy because, well, she kind of made it that way And now vampires are animalistic than human looking and acting And then someone betrayed her Oh and [...]

    2. Season eight of Buffy got a little too full of themselves No budget Let s throw everything in that s too expensive to film but still ended with an interesting hook magic has been destroyed And that s where we pick up here Willow has no magic to draw on, vampires are turning feral, and demons are cut off from their home dimensions The last one leads to the best scene in the book The main drive of the story is watching Buffy try to build a normal life and fail completely Great cliffhanger at the e [...]

    3. I accidentally just devoured this I literally picked it up from the library and the next thing I knew I was picking up volume two Buffy, I ve missed you and you re real world problems Season Eight was a fantastical blast but we re getting back to the basics now SO PHENOMENAL.

    4. Because this is my time This is the blossoming of Buffy The Bluffoming I wouldn t bother patenting that phrase Come on, this is so Buffy circa season 1 I love it It has the fun side of first seasons with a just a dash of darkness of season 4 More please.Over and out

    5. Um no This is still terrible You re telling me that after leading a Slayer army, being a general and commander, the best job Buffy can get is in a coffee shop Even with vampires out in the open, even with magick gone, and vampires falling out of the public s good graces which, btw, was REALLY STUPID in the first place Buffy can t even get on with the military or be some sort of vampire killing consultant No, just a coffee shop This is so OOC annoying, badly written regression by season seven, Bu [...]

    6. Review for issue 1 This was amazing Reminded me so much of what I loved about the t.V Show Awesome start to a new season Review for issue 2 just like episode one of this season it reminded me of the tv show Which is great because I love the tv Even the bad episodes of Buffy I still find a way to love except episode one of season four That was just a terrible episode IMO if you re a Buffy fan you should totally check these out Where comic season eight went comic book extreme this season is start [...]

    7. Finally dipping my toes back in to the Buffy comics after being burned by the end of Season Eight And I didn t hate it Wooo If I m being honest, the only reason I finally caved is because I heard the thing I really hated has been reversed.

    8. I m Buffy Followed by the words chosen, and one The Buffster is back, and she is as normal as ever The whole Scoobie gang is super normal Xander and Dawn are giving it the old college try ew still , Willow is back to being a computer wiz that pays the bills, Andrew went all bad ass and started an organization with the help of the trained slayers, Spike is being a bug leader, and Buffy works in a coffee shop bookstore, or something We are back to the basics where the biggest bad of any given nigh [...]

    9. Book source LibraryFrom Season 8 ended with a bang that cut the world off from magic culminating in another set of world ending problems Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and brought an end to a millennia long tradition of superpowered girls By day, Buffy is a twenty something waitress with no real direction, and even though magic is gone, she s still a vampire Slayer by night Bigger problem Vampires are becoming an epidemic of zompires First, the artwork love it Most of the ch [...]

    10. it s San Francisco magic is gone from the world, and Buffy is thinking of giving just being a girl a try no slayer, no chosen, no one results so far mixed, what with the party hangover, her face on the wanted posters, the way too much slayage even yet, and the evil student loan demon but the new roommates are cool, the coffeehouse gig at least has coffee, and her and Willow are trying to deal where there s blame Spike is also trying to keep his distance, so she can try some normal life meanwhile [...]

    11. Great comics show what the medium can do They tell stories in ways that incorporate the best parts of film and prose and visual art and transcend all of the above when they get it right.This is not a great comic The best I can say for it is that it s better than season eight The writing relies on the art to tell us who is who, and on our previous experience with the characters to fill in the gaps Unfortunately, this artist s renderings of some characters leave me wondering who they are New chara [...]

    12. The Season 9 premiere arc, Freefall, works a lot like the Dracula episode at the beginning of Seaseon 5 on TV it s fun, but only gives us small hints as to what the focus of the season will be.I hated Season 8 It felt like some evil demon had come into the world and decided to destroy Buffy the show and everything it stood for They got carried away with doing fanciful things that would never happen on the show due to budget concerns, and the plot was absolutely ludicrous The end of season 8 prov [...]

    13. Same great writing and wit as season 8 The characters looked less like their tv counterparts in this one than season 8, except for the cover art pieces, those were much life like Willow got a snazzy new haircut though and she s handling the world sans magic surprisingly well Must ve been all those lessons in meditating from Giles Season 8 Spoiler view spoiler C mon, someone in Buffy STAYING dead Let s not start with Giles hide spoiler Lots of returning characters, Xander is very him but Dawn is [...]

    14. Every new Season of Buffy manages to find a new spin on the formula and Season 9 is certainly no exception The post TV show world of Buffy dabbles with big world changing concepts rather than strong character based big bads because, in a way, the different form of storytelling makes it an intuitive option But the formula of everything being shaken up and Buffy being confused not coping remains the same and this time we ve got an older battle scarred Buffy who seems less jokey and grit And the [...]

    15. I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show My first ever idol was Pippi L ngstrump aka Pippi Longstocking aka Peppi Pitk tossu a little girl the world s strongest little girl living on her own and coping just fine She was created by Astrid Lindgren as a feminist icon and I think watching Pippi is my first memory When I first saw Buffy I recognized the same feminist message in her Naturally I embraced it There was a lot to Buffy than feminism, of course The community of the Scooby gang, the dialog [...]

    16. I love that Whedon is treating this comic series as an actual TV show season just as the seasons of Buffy were distinct from each other on TV, season 9 here is very clearly doing something quite different from season 8 After the cosmic chaos at the end of season 8, we re left with a very different world for the Slayers Instead of secret castle control rooms and epic battles against all sorts of monsters, everyone s now forced to find a place in the real world Sure, there s still plenty of myster [...]

    17. It amazed me how even in panels and ink, Buffy s voice comes across as authentically as it did when Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke the words So in my trademark fashion I started at the start of season 9 and will now work my way back to season 8 Only because this first volume of s9 was interesting enough for my brain to demand a back story because of all the unanswered questions.Such as heeey, how come everyone knows about vampires And there is no magic any And what in sweet heck is Dawn doing with [...]

    18. Despu s del descuajeringamand bulas final de la 8va temporada, uno pensar a que una 9na ser a una idea rebuscada, retorcida y algo fuera de lugar Error, la serie sigue manteniendo el mismo alto nivel de siempre.Eso s , no s porqu Xander se jacta de haber inventado el t rmino Zompiro Si es tan fan de los comics como dice, deber a saber que a Morbius se le ocurri antes.

    19. I m back on the Buffy bus This was pretty good 3.5 stars I wasn t sure if I wanted to continue after the way season 8 ended, but I think season 9 is going to be good I just love it that they continued the series in comic book form after the TV series was canceled It s been great to have new stories about my favorite monster fighter.

    20. Some of the art is just wrong But I do love the Buffy speak dialogue y I m not sure I love this story arc, particularly because the Twilight seed arc of Season 8 felt waaaay off track, but I m hopeful, as always.Also 22 for the year, 2014, just under the wire I hit my reading goal Huzzah

    21. Buffy starts to deal with the fallout of destroying the world s magic as she tries to live a normal life Buffy gets arrested and blames for all these bodies the police have found of former vampires On par with Season 8 of the series.

    22. Some major drama for Buffy in the works I d heard about this controversial issue The new magic less world is interesting as well and the new monsters developing as part of it.Full review here tinyurl oqqhxjp

    23. A come back to form after the insanity that season 8 was and a welcomed one At least for me.Buffy goes back to her roots, the day to day dealing with slaying and trying to have a life.

    24. With Laugh My Ass Off, Oh My Gosh, and What the Hell is Going On moments, Freefall continues Buffy s story with witty dialogue, beautiful visuals, and so many twists and turns along the way.

    25. Wow, it s been several years since I read Joss Whedon s Season Eight continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer So I finally started in on Season Nine.It s a good start Season Eight ended in kind of a mess, after dramatically expanding the scope of Buffy s powers until she was basically a full fledged superhero, the writers have now scaled her back And magic is gone, which means Willow is sulking around guilting Buffy It turns out that when Buffy destroyed the source of magic on Earth, it had othe [...]

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