One thought on “Poems”

  1. language, any language seemed to meso treacherous a code, every wordan alien vibration, world in itself,about several nuclei indefinable,that my phrases,uttered in an access of muscular euphoria,would instantly float away, silvershivers recedinginto the sea of air, their meaning all butunseizable, nowiseanythingI might mean so that I have been reducedto an essential muteness,emptymindedly watchingmy sentencesbubble away pg 14 It s not that you are bad.I could have given youmy sympathy understand [...]

  2. This book took me a while to read because I found it largely formless and slightly borring I was never really sure that I understood what Brecht was doing besides writing poetry He was not trying to tell tales, or meet women, or change things he was just expressing himself poetically, which I think has a lot of value, but is not really what I am looking for in a book of poems.I read this as part of the City Light Pocket Poet series, which I am still trying to work my way through making progress [...]

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