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Dead Ringer By Allen Wyler,

  • Title: Dead Ringer
  • Author: Allen Wyler
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • While speaking at a Hong Kong medical conference, neurosurgeon Dr Lucas McCrae slips the cloth off a cadaver s head during a routine medical demonstration, and is overwhelmed with the shock by what s staring back at him His best friend, Andy Baer.Stunned, McCrae races back to Seattle to discover that Andy is in fact missing and may have been murdered by a gang of body snWhile speaking at a Hong Kong medical conference, neurosurgeon Dr Lucas McCrae slips the cloth off a cadaver s head during a routine medical demonstration, and is overwhelmed with the shock by what s staring back at him His best friend, Andy Baer.Stunned, McCrae races back to Seattle to discover that Andy is in fact missing and may have been murdered by a gang of body snatchers who operate a legit funeral business and make a fortune by selling recovered body parts to medical researchers.McCrae teams up with an unlikely pair a beautiful but hardnosed female cop and a gang member whose family was victimized by the body parts ring to try and expose a macabre web of corruption that involves law enforcement, politicians, funeral home curators and murdered prostitutes.Internationally renowned neurosurgeon Allen Wyler takes us deep into a nightmarish scenario, shockingly ripped from recent headlines, and delivers a horrifically plausible, page turning thriller.
    Dead Ringer While speaking at a Hong Kong medical conference neurosurgeon Dr Lucas McCrae slips the cloth off a cadaver s head during a routine medical demonstration and is overwhelmed with the shock by what s

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    1. Check out the complete review at Dead Ringer ReviewDead Ringer is a thriller with a different concept of crime The concept of crime goes to a different level and a different logic altogether The story is nice but it could have been better It felt a bit slow with not too much action, but only a lot of thoughts and planning With a bit of action, it could have been so much better.The story does not start till almost 60% of the book Till then, the characters are just speculating and throwing theori [...]

    2. Writers are always told to write about what you know and in the case of author Allen Wyler, that phrase hits its mark.Wyler is an internationally renowned neurosurgeon and he has created a realistic and likeable protagonist in the form of neurosurgeon Dr Lucas McCrae, the lead character in his latest release, DEAD RINGER McCrae is a well developed character with flaws and issues giving him a average guy feel that superior surgeon.The story begins with a typical medical conference in Hong Kong w [...]

    3. We start when Lucas is preparing to use a cadaver s head to teach other neurologists a specific technique When he uncovers the head, he is looking at his best friend, Andy Becoming obsessed, he questions the courier about where the head came from He also tries to get his wife and Andy s ex wife to check on Andy since he cannot seem to get him on the phone When Lucas gets back to Seattle, he keeps looking for Andy Not finding anything, he finally goes to the police to report a missing person.Dete [...]

    4. Review After reading Allen Wyler s previous novel, Dead End Deal, I was excited to sample another thriller fit for the big screen Dead Ringer and I was not disappointed Wyler s ability to capture the reader s attention with the first sentence and hold it until the last is remarkable I almost did not want to put the book down for trivial things like sleeping or eating because I might have lost out on the tension that had been building up The characters and plot line were well developed and expert [...]

    5. The story begins with neurosurgeon Lucas McCrae in Hong Kong, about to perform a medical demonstration Lucas soon discovers that the head that he is using for the demonstration is that of his best friend, Andy Baer Lucas doesn t believe what he sees before his eyes, and when returns to Seattle, it s confirm that his friend is indeed missing.Meanwhile, Seattle Police Department s Sergeant Wendy Elliott is searching for her friend who has also gone missing Wendy wishes she had a better lead than a [...]

    6. When neurosurgeon Lucas McRae goes to demonstrate specialist procedures at a symposium in Hong Kong, he is horrified to identify one of the cadaver heads as belonging to his best friend, Andy Could this really be Andy whom he saw a couple of weeks ago looking healthy On returning to the U.S he can t get hold of Andy and no one seems to care that he s missing, until he meets Detective Sergeant Wendy, who has been following a trail of missing prostitutes Could these disappearances be linked This f [...]

    7. This subject matter is beyond deplorable yet Wyler handles the situation with ease The pages just seemed to turn themself as Lucas McCrae s world is literally ripped away from under him The characters are believable and I found myself despising the bad guys exactly what you want to do when you read a good book I loved the fact that Wyler is also a Sandford fan and he mentioned him several times in the book.I highly recommend reading this book

    8. Allen Wyler is a neurosurgeon and teacher of neuroscience and has now decided to try his hand at a medical thriller that will have you questioning what happens to your body after you die Dr Lucas McCrae is a well respected neurosurgeon who has managed to specialize in some very difficult specific surgeries, therefore, he is often sought after to give demonstrations world wide Right now Lucas is in Hong Kong getting ready to demonstrate the techniques he has mastered, but he has felt a pit in his [...]

    9. May have slight spoilers.I kind of went out on a limb when agreeing to read Dead Ringer and I really wanted to like it It is not really a genre I read much of not unless there is a lot of romance in the main plot I didn t dislike this book I want to say that first of all, if you are looking for a straight forward mystery novel I think you might really like this but for me the book was just okay.The basis of the plot is that there are people mostly homeless people and working girls disappearing b [...]

    10. In Dead Ringer, neurosurgeon Dr McCrae sees the head of his best friend at a medical conference demonstration in Hong Kong This is unsettling, to say the least because the last time he saw his friend, Andy, he was alive and well and living in Seattle McCrae later discovers that Andy is indeed missing To get to the bottom of it, McCrae gets together with Sergeant Wendy Elliott and a gang member, Ruiz, whose sister is also missing The three determine that a funeral home is murdering prostitutes an [...]

    11. Every once in awhile, a book comes along that gives you the creeps, right from the start Dead Ringer is just that kind of book A dark, ill formed premonition punched Lucas McRae in the gut so hard it stole his breath This is the novel s first sentence, and it means trouble for McRae, who finds the severed head of his best friend waiting for him on a dissection table in Hong Kong McRae is from Seattle, and he just saw Andy not 24 hours before flying to Hong Kong to stage this surgical demonstrati [...]

    12. This was a very engaging and readable mystery It begins with neurosurgeon Lucas McCrae doing a demonstration in Hong Kong and seeing that the head he is using is that of his best friend Andy He can t believe that this is possible and the man who brought the heads from Seattle insists that it is not his friend When Lucas gets home, he immediately begins trying to contact Andy with no success Andy doesn t have anyone else to care about him Lucas wife hates him, his ex wife hates him, his employers [...]

    13. Neurosurgeon Dr Lucas McCrae is in Hong Kong to carry out what should be a routine medical demonstration When he uncovers the cadaver head he is to perform the demonstration on he is shocked to discover it is his best friend Andy Baer He convinces himself he must be wrong but a niggling concern grows out of control when he returns to Seattle to discover Andy is missing Elsewhere Detective Sergeant Elliott is looking into the disappearance of a prostitute she has befriended while working undercov [...]

    14. Unlike Dead End Deal, another Wyler book I have read and reviewed for this blog, this story doesn t wait to let loose From chapter one the mystery begins Finding your best friend s head or really anyone s head that you care about on your demonstration table is such a frightening and brilliant plot idea Add the fact that the main character is having distracting marital problems and you have a very interesting book that ties all the side stories to the main plot perfectly The buildup of suspense i [...]

    15. From the premise alone I was excited to read Dead Ringer, and I m glad to report that I wasn t left disappointed.You re pulled into the story from the first page There isn t a horrific back story info dump, or drawn out, worthless descriptions of the setting From the first page you re met with a story in motion, nicely blended with description, dialogue, inner monologue, and setting It was a pleasant change to read a book that moved at a good pace from the beginning.Writers write best when they [...]

    16. MY Rating 4.5 STARSThe book opens with gifted Neurosurgeon Lucas McCrae at a conference in Hong Kong He is there to demonstrate a new procedure he developed and perfected However, he gets a severe jolt when he discovers what appears to be his best friend s head on his demonstration table Lucas returns home only to find his friend Andy missing and nobody but Lucas seems concerned about this disturbing news.This story was easy to read and highly addictive Once I began I did not want to put the boo [...]

    17. Dead Ringer was gripping, entertaining and a welcome addition to the medical thrillers family.Lucas McCrae is one neurosurgeon you don t want to mess with Not only is he brilliant, but he s also fiercely loyal to his friends After the shock of seeing his best friend s head on the demonstration table he s determined to find out not only why his friend is dead, buy also how he died Lucas is the type of character that you admire He is down to earth, caring and compassionate He s your everyday good [...]

    18. This is the first book I have read by Allen Wyler It was an interesting story and does make a reader think about how easy it could be for someone to harvest body parts for medical schools for the purpose of teaching.Neurosurgeon Lucas McRae discovers his best friend Andy Baer s head is on his demonstration table in Hong Kong At first Lucas thinks he is imagining it but when he gets home he is unable to locate him His wife and Andy s ex wife could care less about what has happened to Andy Lucas o [...]

    19. First the pharmaceutical companies now the body parts business Wyler once again has made me a little freaked out about what goes on within the business of medicine This is the second book by Allen Wyler that I have read and my favorite It starts off with quite a surprise.What happens when not enough people are donating themselves to science Where do the cadavers and body parts for research and education come from Dead Ringer shows how easy it is for people to disappear off the streets and end up [...]

    20. I didn t know what to expect with this book, the author is a neurosurgeon and that sounded well boring to me I was wrong OM the book started with a splash and just got better from there You know what it s like to run into people you know when on vacation Strange and yet somehow interesting well this is even interesting and yet disturbing at the same time Have you even seen someone that looks just like someone else and yet they aren t that person you know Strange and yes it happens, we call them [...]

    21. Dead Ringer is one of those books that grabs you right from the beginning and does not let you go until the last page has been turned I started reading Robin Cook many years ago and got hooked on this type of story Dead Ringer is about the body part business and how a good thing that can help many people with legally donated body parts, turns to something sinister and evil All for someones greed for money Allen Wyler is a gifted writer who is able to tell a great story with the knowledge that co [...]

    22. DEAD RINGER was a great medical thriller I was hooked right from the first page It was definitely a page turner and the author did a fantastic job keeping my interest The characters were well developed and I felt a part of them It was a tough book to put down but I did need to sleep One of the first books that I have ever wanted to stay up and read all night It is a definite must read Rating 4.5Reviewed by KellyRRECEIVED FROM THE PUBLISHER FOR AN HONEST REVIEW BY MY BOOK ADDICTION AND MORE

    23. I wasn t quite sure I was going to like this book I thought the medical side of it might turn me off, however this book was great I received it as an ARC from the publisher, and it needs a bit of finishing work, there is a few places where the wrong word is used the instead of they for example but I m sure that will get picked up in final edits This book was definitely a little outside what I would normally pick up, but I really enjoyed it, and will consider Wyler s other novels as future reads [...]

    24. Fun little mystery thriller, first I ve read by this author.Mr Wyler starts out kind of rocky with a repetitive boiler plate template to develop his character s personalities and idiosyncrasies However, after the first couple of chapters he really hits his gears and the rest of the story has excellent writing quality.I love how he gave the story a twist at the end It s always fun when the unexpected happens.

    25. Dead Ringer defines justice versus law.This is a good medical mystery involving body harvesting via a murderous funeral director and his loyal henchman The characters are believable in their hero or villain roles The ending comes down to a pay back scenario rather than a drawn out court room showdown.

    26. A fabulous medical mystery thriller This one is about the illegal harvesting of body parts A neurosurgeon goes to Hong Kong for a demonstration of a procedure only to unwrap a fresh head and to find it s his best friend s Thus starts his quest to find out how it got therea fast paced whodunit and much I loved this book.

    27. One of WYLER s bestMoves right along You may think you have it figured out, but then again in the end, maybe not Good summer read

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